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  1. I heard Rush's therory and I thought, "Damn, we're good!" Like you said Bane was created in 1993, by a politically conservative artist. So, that is the latest we could have put this plan into motion. We had to rig Hollywood and the Republican Primary. First, we had to make superhero movies popular again. The Avengers: that was us. Then we had to get this particular comic turned into a movie and make sure it got released this summeer. At the same time, we have to make sure Mitt wins the nomination. We had to knock out the other candidates one by one, while making it all look natural. I'm just saying, if we pulled that off, we should be in charge. We're good!
  2. Sorry! I would never mean to mislead. But that would be a good website, too.
  3. I was hoping to find some help here. I started a new blog. http://bunniesforbarack.blogspot.com/ I'm looking for bunny pictures. With Obama backgrounds or props or photoshops. You know, have fun. Also, drawings, paintings... Hell, you can write a hiaku if it's about Bunnies for Barack. And they don't have to be your pet bunnies. It could wild bunnies. Everybody knows wild bunnies are Democrats. Original work only, please. I don't want to deal with any copyright problems. Who does? Thanks!
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