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  1. You should be confused. Liberals, being individuals, are nearly impossible to clearly define. This is one of the major differences between them and conservatives, who are rigid and hidebound acolytes by definition
  2. I got a job. Conservative's women pay me good to satisfy them while their menfolk are off killing lions because their morals keep them from getting it up, and it's so small nobody notices when they do. They'll take it from our infrastructure. Families that die when bridges collapse should be PROUD to help bring the Beacon of Capitalism and Christian FFREEEDOOOMM to the poor benighted Shitholians
  3. No doubt FEMA will coordinate them with the contingents of the Red Army they have hidden in caves. Do you think they might have gotten a little pale by now? This is all bushwa for the masses, of course. Everyone knows the Red Army conscripts were all used as food for the Lizard Men in 1989. Obama's Demon is the signal, btw, the Lizard Men's mothership is behind the Perseids and Earth is doomed, but it should be a spectacular show. Nothing remains but to send me all your earthly possessions (rendered into convenient monetary form of course), put on your tenners and drink the Special Trump Martini you got in the mail. Oh, and I hope you got the operation, as only castrati spirits will be admitted to the Soul Train.
  4. You think you can "die for you own survival??? And I"M the one who has to think things through??? Remember Patton's famous quote, "The Objective of war is not to die for your country. It's to make the other poor fool die for HIS country." You can't really die FOR anything, as your death, in and of itself accomplishes nothing. Indeed, how can it? How can you protect your children when you're dead? Even the most heroic death is still just death, and death ends your ability to do anything beyond that. It may inspire others maybe, but how much more would they be inspired by your courageous survival. Soldiers fight to survive, this is why they try to win rather than just fight. An essential weakness of the Japanese soldier is that he wanted to die, rather than living to fight another day.
  5. In re your user name. It is a truism that the least manly men are always the first to question other's manhood. That especially applies when they are anonymous and will never have to back up their accusations like all Internet Tough Guys. Stop embarrassing yourself, because you surely aren't bothering anyone else.
  6. Have to agree with personreal as to Ben Carson. He still says lot of strange stuff but seems to eschew both foaming at the mouth and asking for an "Amen" after every third sentence
  7. In re post 6 Wasnt' the Miniseries "V" based on that?, or was it another Upton Sinclair book? (Or maybe it wasn't Upton Sinclair at all. I forget where I read it and it's not worth looking it up In re 18 You have to keep in mind that the Nazis very rarely spoke of killing all the Jews. Even in Mein Kampf Jews occupy only a few pages. As late as 1939 Goering was suggesting that the Jews be deported in reality, to Madagascar. Hitler's speeches sound very similar to Ronald Reagan, they talk about economy and "getting things done" etc. Jews (and many others) as the main problem seldom come up, though there is an undertone of constant "bashing" whenever the opportunity arises. (Very much as Republicans do now, but Reagan did not) Hitler DID get things done. Even Star Trek had an episode on how the Nazis transformed Germany from an economic basket case to the most prosperous nation in Europe (before they killed 40 millions and destroyed their nation utterly in the most insane and evil plan imaginable) Your last 4 Republican tactics are, in fact, a textbook case of how the Nazis came to, and kept , power. It seems you are basically agreeing with me. The Republicans, and the Tea Party in particular, seem similar to the Nazis because they are. Does anyone know how to make the Quote function work, or do I still have some corrupt files? I can't get the standard cut and paste functions to work either. I thank anyone for any help.
  8. The term put a sock in it means to be quiet as you are becoming annoying. I, personally, hope Republicans keep it up. Bill Maher said that ALL the participants in the Republicans debates seemed unaware that women could vote. Loaded to be misleading polls aside the tide is not turning against women's rights in this country. It is the Republicans who are turning more and more against America, Freedom and even basic human decency more and more every day. Women in 2016 remember this. You don't HAVE to get an abortion if you don't want one. You may still have all the children you desire, that is your CHOICE. Do you want yourself and your sisters, friends and daughters to be FORCED to have a baby, even if they were raped and at the cost of their lives? For make no mistake that is what the Republicans want in the end. It is the ONLY thing the religious fanatics will accept and the Republicans are all religious fanatics in this respect. (If not most others as well)
  9. I've never heard much discussion of rights of any one ethnic group or another. Most of the discussion is of Natural Rights, Lawful Rights, Civil Rights etc, types of right rather than rights of various groups In other words, I will concede your point, but wonder what the significance is of it. I've not seen that many arguments that come right and say that one group has more or different rights than any other
  10. I have NEVER understood why it seems that the most staunchly homophobic Republicans are almost always closet gays themselves but there it is. I always thought the repressed/denial business was supposed to be UNCONSCIOUS. Are Republican pols so used to being flat out hypocrites that they can't even recognize cognitive dissonance anymore, or what? Could be, Rush Limbaugh was busted for taking enough "Hillbilly Heroin" to kill a small elephant while going on about how anyone possessing a seed should get life. He STILL says that, and his acolytes still eat it up. Conservatism is truly either a form of mental illness or a type of mental retardation, I don't know which and don't care. It just shouldn't have ANY place in our politics.
  11. Sorry, seems I misread your post, and yeah, I agree. I hope Colbert will bring some really needed actual THOUGHT to nighttime comedy
  12. Carson is my choice as the greatest stand up comedian who ever lived, his monologues probably funnier when he "died" than when the jokes were good. As a host he was not Mr. Excitement but a host is meant to bring out the best in his guests, not himself, and Carson's mastery of that too has set the standard there ever since. I don't know what you go on about Vegas for. The majority of acts there are like Brittany Spears, washed up has beens who were just overblown trailer trash even in their heyday. With the exceptions of Don Rickles, Bob Newhart and Rodney Dangerfield every Vegas comedian I've ever seen has seemed to be of the "unfunny" school without meaning to. While not in comedy, the quintessential Vegas Performer before he started buying Casinos instead of performing in them was Wayne Newton, which should give you some idea of Vegas "entertainment"
  13. Colbert was very funny on the Colbert Report. He is among the best political satirists I've seen, being good enough that he has actually convinced some conservatives he was real on several occasions He's not anywhere near as good as Johnny Carson, but no one ever has been. He approaches Letterman on occasion and he's at least as funny as Kimmel and Conan, who are both really just silly a lot of the time. He's rarely silly. And he sure as hell beats the horrible abomination, the Forever Nameless AntiChrist who sits on the bones of the Late, Late Show like a bloated and malignant toad, kissing the asses of an endless string of vapid celebrities who obviously only put up with him because he's the only man in show business who can actually make them look smart. God, he is just so damned BAD, an endless no talent huckster sucking all life from what used to be the best thing on television. If HE is what the present money demographic really likes then they do indeed have a lot to answer for.
  14. Yes. And if it's fake time will unravel, we will go back to 2008 and begin President McCains 1st term. Our economy will collapse due to $20 gasoline in January of 2010. After McCain escapes to Saudi Arabia with most of the US Treasury the military will overthrow what remains of the US Government and the new Christian Taliban will bring in ISIS operatives to institute a Christian Sharia law. Computers will be declared ungodly and the internet will be blasphemous. Most all of the members of this board will be beheaded but will survive and escape to become demonically powerful revolutionaries due to their brains being located elsewhere. 4
  15. I have no problem with trophy hunting. I personally think all hunting is cowardly and "trophy" hunting shows one has other issues too, but if people want to do it in a humane and sustainable fashion while contributing to conservation, good for them. That was very clearly not the case here. There is really no comparison
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