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  1. You are so wrong. The national stage WILL see these two ideas fought over. If not this time then soon. I would rather get it over with.
  2. Doubtless everyone is a Nazi who doesn't share your world view. Yes picking fruits is unskilled labor. With virtually no training anybody can do it. How efficient? Depends. Now can anybody program robots with pretty much no training? Ya. Think before you talk.
  3. Interesting that somebody who doesn't carve out their living by giving healthcare services can declare it should not be for profit. What does that cost you? Nothing. Can you promise with certainty that lives that would not have been saved in our for profit system will be saved under Bernies? Can you assure us that lives that are spent under Bernies plan could not have been saved under a for profit system?
  4. Well when we can accurately predict local weather maybe I will take more seriously the predictions on a global model.
  5. Consequences shouldn't come down on the kid. She's just a pawn
  6. Unions destroyed Michigan man. Not federal policy. It's decline was managed by Democrats who have always been in power until just recently. How do you square that? Bern it all down for all I care. Bern bern bern. I don't even like country anymore. To many faggots and tranny's.
  7. You guys are some phucking scumbags. That's a little kid. It's not her fault she is being ruthlessly exploited exploited. I feel terrible for her.
  8. Ya? Don't you love when unskilled immigrants come in and are exploited for cheap labor? Don't you love how that drives wages down for the poorest Americans?
  9. I doubt it. Probably. That's right. Which is exactly why left wing socialists push it. Why? I can just walk outside and clearly see there is no problem.
  10. Tell the families of terrorists that killing the terrorists saved lives? Ok, where are they I will tell them.
  11. Yes, I understand the distinction. You think "Old school" conservatives will? They aren't going to vote for Sanders man. It's a pipe dream.
  12. Old school conservatives? You think old school conservatives are going to stay home when an open avowed socialist is running? Really?
  13. Billions had a B. Trillions has a T. 28 trillion a year is the projection or more. Kinda want to see the math.
  14. One way or another it will be decided. Trump vrs Sanders is the referendum we have all been waiting for. Either populist capitalism and protectionism wins, or Euro globalist socialism. It's time to decide. If you win well.....we had a good run. If we win, it will only delay you winning down the road. Socialism is inevitable in this country. With plummeting white birth rates, and the managed decline of the west, whites will be inevitably pushed out and the entire country will be raped of everything that ever had value to the cheers of the crowd. I will never understand why liberals think we have magic dirt, and that just by stepping foot on it with a piece of paper you are an American. You will give it all away to the very people we fought wars with to get it in the first place. Let in BERN! BERNNNN! Sometimes I wonder what the point of fighting it is. You only have to win once.
  15. What kind of crack are you smoking. Plenty of dip s hit azzhole officers to it there. They stay that way for life. When the phuck were you in the military? Where did you come up with this s hit? Well considering how wrong you tend to be using your "police instincts" I would say the guy was a phucking general. General blue helmet (snicker)
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