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  1. Um noo. Not what happened. I also don't care to get Into it. If you really want to donate and you really want us to this stuff for you it's not a problem. I'm not doing a PO Box again and that's that. There is literally no reason not to donate using PP.
  2. Wait, I didn't see anything about a PO box. Ya right. I'm not doing that again. Foll me once shame on you.......fool me twice...... There is literally no reason not to donate via PP. Not a single one. It gives me literally zero personal information.
  3. Let him in the back rooms too Ahahabahahaha. Fuck you Cannonpointer...have a ball. That outta start a good old fashioned site war.
  4. Will somebody make that fucking idiot cannonpointer a mod already? The gag is getting old sheesh. Or start a site war....one or the other. Either a site war or just mod the loud mouthed fuck.
  5. I appreciate the fine leadership and changes Lucy has made to the forum. I am unlocking the rest of the admin privileges so he can do more yet. I have not been present much as I have many different ships I am sailing right now and have to delegate many roles to trusted individuals. I love this forum and always have clear back to when I bought and made so many of the great changes we all enjoy so much. I apologize for my lack presence. I still stop in daily and try to read what's going on. It's doing swell to be honest and most of thay has to do with Lucy. I thank you very much and the mods as well.
  6. I think.....yiu are likely right.
  7. Hello all. Your favorite site owner here. Need to collect to those willing to donate again. We sure appreciate it and it keeps the site going. It's growing and growing and that's a great thing.
  8. Welp let's look at this logically. 1. Membership is always gonna be 25 to 1 male to female so tailoring anything for female consumption is kinda useless. 2. The kind of women that would mix into NHB are not the kind of women that are gonna care about this. 3. There's never been a single change done to the forum you have approved of.
  9. My question is also genuine. Would you look to banned from the site forever? If so keep asking questions about money. It's not your concern. Mind your own ficking business. Or you will be minded out of business. Call my bluff.
  10. I don't fucking care. Talking to Lucy. He runs the joint.
  11. Honors his bets. Can confirm Good day cowboy.
  12. Double or nothing was the bet. Good day.
  13. Still 35 bucks from the goal. Everybody I said thank you too needs a status update.
  14. I think this isn't going to go well for your side.
  15. Here we are. https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-executive-branch-18fb12993f05be13bf760946a6fb89be
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