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  1. Questioning the official narrative makes you a science denier.
  2. Ok. Well,you know where the exit door is if I do.
  3. No. It's NHB. Use a different room.
  4. If the United States stopped sending aid to Israel would you still demand they send aid to Palestine?
  5. You do realize that its almost statistically impossible for Biden to win in a landslide right? I would temper your expectations.
  6. How do you feel about putting up quotes I have already debunked. This makes you stupid. You are to stupid to check your own information.Right here from Snopes. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/1998-trump-people-quote/ You are pathetic and advancing fake news. Like the quote above. Learn to vet your sources.
  7. How the fuck do you know what other countries are doing? Hardly. Trump can't stop your ilk from licking toilet seats and partying on beaches. Actually be responsible for a global pandemic and a lack of ventilators. Start with that.
  8. Like the Manhattan project? Sure,go on thinking conspiring doesn't happen or that governments are bad at it. They aren't.
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