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  1. And Robert E Lee didn't own slaves. No joke. Shut your fucking mouth.
  2. But don't you? You cared when protesters went to thier capitals.
  3. Do you think all the blacks protesting right now will contribute to Covid19?
  4. Because questions like that help flesh out positions. It seems you mostly avoid them because you become concerned they put your position on rocky ground. Take Johnson example. Your point is to say he isn't racist cause of legislation. Even though the way he spoke was obviously racist even for the time. So I ask you a question about if racists passing anti racist legislation. The answer is yes....we both know it ...but you don't answer because you know it's being attributed to Johnson and you don't like that shit. So,you purposely reframe it,redirect it, and don't answer it. To make it worse you then claim you did when everyone can clearly see you didn't. It's why debating you never feels honest. It's like a point system instead of a conversation.
  5. So blacks should not be out protesting right now is your opinion?
  6. You guys went apeshit when there were protests at the capital in Michigan and said they were going to spread around Covid-19 Will you publicly condemn these black protests for the same reason? Or is it ok for them to spread this disease and kill more people cause they are mad?
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