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  1. I agree. I don't think they believe that though. They really believe the stuff they say and I know that for a fact. So let them do it.
  2. I also found that shocking.
  3. More importantly. They can have socialized medicine right now. All of them. So why don't they just do it?
  4. Ok so try to answer the question....Why don't you guys just do that? You could.
  5. He bribed them????BUHAHAHA! Which ones and how. "Insert no answers to these questions here"
  6. It was destined to be a loser. They picked the wrong issue to make a stand on. Most people don't give a S HIT about Daca.
  7. Ok, you guys want socialized medicine right? All of you to my knowledge have advocated for this. Higher taxes and socialized health care. Here is my question, Why can't you guys just do it without conservatives doing it? Is there any reason the left can't start a FREE HEALTH CARE for all insurance company? Then all 160,000,000 of you could pay the same percentage you would in taxes for socialized healthcare into that system giving free healthcare to all the members who can't pay on your dime! It't totally doable....so why do you INSIST we MUST also pay for socialized medicine? What the hell do you need conservatives to fund it at all? Plenty of countries with far less population than 160,000,000 do it....why don't you? Can somebody explain this to me? Wouldn't Conservatives be f ucked then? We would have evil, nasty, private insurance. We would all die and you would thrive.
  8. Really? I don't hear him trying to make people love him, just respect him. They do. Nobody is Bad wording with the Trump. He does what he wants and you can't touch him.
  9. Why does it concern you that people who don't give a Bad word about you dislike your president?
  10. Respect is different than being liked or loved. Ask your Dad how that works sometime.
  11. Ya, an America FIRST policy will piss off non Americans every time.
  12. This is how democracies die

    WTF are you talking about? Are you still trying to justify your fake quote?
  13. This is how democracies die

    Nopes. You asked me to name a president that profited while in office. I did. The link was just icing on the CAKE!
  14. This is how democracies die

    Ruh roh....Turns out that while trying to deflect from the humiliation of believing a fake quote by trying to correct my grammar that you still f ucked up. The term, which functions as both a noun and an interjection, is sometimes treated as two words, but the one-word godspeed is about five times as common in modern writing. Some publications always capitalize the g in godspeed, and some don Oops. Looks like it can be used either way. So what was it you said???? Ahhh yes" Not at all, and grammar is important, infant. Learn it." Perhaps take your own advice dummy. By the way....I know you will forget soon all this happened.....But I will remind you from time to time I promise.