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  1. It's true. It's not a logical fallacy to cite Nasa's work. Who said it was I wonder?
  2. Nice to see you cite two countries that have almost no minorities or illegal immigrants in comparison to the United States. In fact, Japan is almost homogeneous.
  3. Coward, Run from a bet on your own convictions. You disgust me.
  4. Man, you are talking about the video I shot from my massive house that I own, even though I am half your age? That video? Hey you should make a video and compare your house to mine. That might be fun lol.
  5. Correct, @RollingRock you lost due to your inability to answer a question. Forum rules are clear on this. However you can invoke this rule yourself in the future with @kfools if you would like a ruling yourself. If you think you asked an unanswered question I will rule on your behalf as well.
  6. Others disagree. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/479678-gop-warns-of-drawn-out-executive-privilege-battle-over-bolton-testimony This is what the courts are for.
  7. It wasn't with the impoundment act specifically nor did I say it was. https://www.heritage.org/crime-and-justice/report/the-obama-administrations-defiance-inspectors-general-faulty-opinion-the https://www.govexec.com/management/2015/02/obama-administration-frustrates-inspectors-general-records-access/104496/ https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jul/23/obama-restricts-investigative-powers-inspectors-ge/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/federal-eye/wp/2015/07/24/justice-dept-watchdog-says-agency-ruling-undermines-his-job/
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