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  1. You realize that makes 0 sense?
  2. How can a black man be a billionaire? He doesn't have white privilege.
  3. You don't know s hit blue helmet. Out of the two of us I can promise you only one of us ever fired an actual weapon at this countries enemies and that person was ME. I was an actual soldier not a pussy blue helmet. Phucking puke! Hypocrite too. You are proud to be an American but not proud of your race? Your excuse for your race is because you can't help how you are born. Ya, duh azzhole! You also can't help WHERE you are born. You are such a hypocrite it's disgusting. You make me sick. Just another U.N. scumbag globalist.
  4. Y? Because I point out that you are hypocrite. Phuck you blue helmet.
  5. Why are you proud of that? You couldn't help it any more than being born white. More hypocrisy.
  6. HAHAHAHA! That's exactly our point LMFAO! Glad to see you agree with us.
  7. You are adamant about people not questioning your service. Perhaps it is a courtesy you should also extend.
  8. This ^^^^^ doesn't actually say anything. You realize that?
  9. What the phuck are you talking about? All you have done is explain over and over that you think whites are in charge and oppress minorities! You say over and over that ALL whites are the beneficiaries of this system. How can you not be ashamed of that if that's how you feel?
  10. Yes, Your hatred for whites is plain for all to see.
  11. Is that only U.S.A specific. Can the Japanese who have no diversity at all have pride in their nationality and cultural background? What about China? Or Guatemala? Or any south American country for that matter?
  12. It does make sense. We all know it makes sense. Your position on it doesn't make sense. When pressed you can't even be honest about it. What you just said was that whites shouldn't have any pride in being white but every other demographic should. That was YOU who said that. So why not be honest about it?
  13. Your the racist. You hate whites.
  14. So to sum up.....you think every demographic except white can and should show pride correct?