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  1. 1. ALL ak47 parts are interchangable in all variants including the Mac 90 Look it up if you don't believe me. 2. Ar15s are not stamped AR15 in most variants of the platform either except armalight. 3 You will find more compatibility issues with mil spec AR parts than ak47 parts. You don't have to believe me. I been building them for years. The only real difference between stamped and milled is one has a press fit barrel and the other is threaded. I prefer the stamped to b honest w u.
  2. ? Sin is a religious term. There is no moral relativism associated with it. Is that so? Having sex is a choice. Tell me it's not. Having sex with men is a choice. Tell me how it isn't? Ahhh so lame. "If you don't think like me you are gay" that's literally what you are saying here. Proof? Because women vote with emotions not with logic. By the way....you only have minority women. White women still go republican. Hahaha. No. Maybe 1 to 3 percent are gay. 10 percent? That would be millions and millions. Most of your source claim women who are bisexual. That's not Peter pumpers guy. Post the link showing the percentage. Liar. You are the expert. So. A few out thousands. Whyppdy freaking do. You are a projection machine. There is no gay Gene ..look it up. So how is it not a choice?
  3. Welp. You are wrong. An ak47 is a platform rifle just like the ar15. They come in all types of variants same platform.
  4. That would be the Democrats pushing gay marriage through the supreme court. How does that not promote sin? No, they don't. Democrats for sure got that rainbow on their minds. HAH. That is super rare which is why it's ALWAYS news worthy. Maybe it's proven by statistics you made up.
  5. Meanwhile, every law to promote faggotry or little boys turning into little girls is pushed by Democrats. There is no sin to Democrats. Gtfo with that BS.
  6. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/louisiana/articles/2018-04-24/bid-to-toughen-louisiana-anti-bestiality-law-draws-pushback And here is the law they are worried about being invalidated. https://rlp.hds.harvard.edu/news/louisiana-republicans-fight-keep-unenforceable-anti-sodomy-law
  7. They don't want sodomy to be legal in that state and the sodomy law is tied to the bestiality law. It's no more complex than that.
  8. Well you need to check again. There are very few AK47 "Machine guns" automatics in the United states. Almost all variants are semi automatics and the ones who own the automatic versions aren't anything you need to worry about. They are regulated to death. I don't think it's a solvable problem. At all. Half the country hates the other half. The only real solution is likely to stop having the media cover these events. That seems to be the primary reason these shooters have a go at it in the first place is to get their message across using the media.
  9. Hardly anybody owns a machine gun now. What are you talking about? Maybe like 25,000 people or so actually own a machine gun. They damn sure aren't using them for crimes.
  10. Let me ask you a question. In this quest for public safety by disarming people who have done nothing wrong what do you give up? You ask us to give up our rifles what does that cost you? Must be nice to ask other people to give something up when it costs you nothing.
  11. I have been in sustained gun fights. So let me give you some advice. If you are dealing with multiple armed men all you have going for you is superior fire power. Why do you think police carry Rifles?
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