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  1. kfools

    Political Correctness

    PC culture is a strangle on society.
  2. Why double down, you are caught? It's embarrassing.
  3. Like I said. You win. I can't debate with somebody that won't tell the truth. You can have a different world-view and I will debate it with you. However, your above post and especially your screenshot prove you are not honest. good night.
  4. HAHAHAHA! OMFG! I'm done. You win. LMFAO.
  5. Do they have to pay tax? Do they have to abide regulations? Do they have anybody in charge that makes more than somebody else?
  6. Wow....your wealth of knowledge simply has no equal. Why, I think I could list any form of knowledge under the sun and you would have heard of it and seen it before. So, tell me, what's your favorite Ehrman presentation? What makes the guy tick you think? Why we are at it, tell me about black holes in the universe and how close we are to cracking quantum theory. I have a feeling you know all about it!
  7. Never lost a debate eh? So you have seen them all I take it.
  8. The second government is involved there is no more free market now is there? It's the only test. Capitalism cannot exist without a free market or you end up with crony capitalism like we have now.
  9. You never even heard of that guy before. Admit it. You were googling reasons I am wrong and he came up. Isn't that what just happened. Be honest.
  10. He is the go to new testament scholar? Says who?
  11. So hitler believed in the free market then?
  12. Of course you think you are winning the debate. You are who I am debating with lol.
  13. I haven't attacked you at all. See what I mean? You don't know Hitler was anti capitalist did you?
  14. Do us both a favor and don't lie. It's a bad trend. It was from memory you wouldn't have said "They both seem like the same book to me" Contextualize that.
  15. That's not what's funny. What's funny is the amount of mental gymnastics you will use to put every conceivable evil at the feet of people who have politics you don't like. Like "Hitler had pure right wing policies and you would have loved him" Ok well......what about his anti capitalism views? Oh, I am sure you will associate those with being right wing too yes?