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  1. More than enough for what? Why is it a problem for Trump to build a tower in Russia? Phucking loonies round here.
  2. She must have figured out how to pay for an apartment.
  3. I have never seen so many people try to link together unrelated events to fit a conspiracy narrative in my life. You leftists sound like tinfoil hat wearing crazies. Here is what happened and it's sooooo simple even an idiot can figure it out. Podesta got him email hacked because he fell for a stupid phishing scam. The emails proved Democrats rigged thier own primary so Clinton would be the nominee. In order to take the heat off of that the left came up with some crazy ass conspiracy that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. In a fervor to prove this absurd concept they have looked in every hidey hole imaginable to find Russian sabatoge. Thus far here is what we got. Fraud and perjury for manafort. Perjury for Flynn. A bunch of indicted Russians firms that don't even bother showing up for trial. Where the phuck is the collusion with Russia to steal the election? Trump paid a hooker? Rigged polls???? Where is the phucking Russian collusion that stole the election Jack azzes?
  4. Don't have to be a painter to know when a painting is bad buddy
  5. Ha. You are redeemed. That was funny.
  6. You had plenty of time. You could have made that whole poem better.
  7. Didn't make Macron any smarter either. The public in France is pretty upset with him.
  8. He is proud of it. He is proud he is making a stand on the wall.
  9. Ok. So how is not pushing through a critical agenda item for Democrats in exchange for a measly 5 billion dollars not standing up to Trump? They have him in a great position to actually get him to go along with something they want and they are blowing it. Like I said.....stupid.
  10. Then prove it. Let Trump build it and let's see if it works.
  11. Ya right. They could turn in around in two seconds to get something you people actually want. Like how is this for a deal, when Ginsburg dies or is off the court (likely) Democrats can hand Trump a list he HAS to pick from. That seems like a good deal for Dems. Nope. More important to make Trump look bad. Whole thing is stupid and your talking point makes no sense.
  12. Hard to say if he is a good negotiator or not. I can only say for sure the Democratic party sucks at it. Trump wants 5.1 billion dollars. That's not a lot. Democrats could use that to push all kinds of Democratic agenda policies he would agree to. Nope. They want him to look bad more than they want thier agendas pushed through.
  13. So. My understanding is that Cohen hired a company to write a program that would vote for Trump over and over on some conservative websites polls. And? Not only is that not criminal but who cares? You can vote as many times as you want on many of those sites and the polls are unofficial. Why is this a big deal to you?
  14. Well.... Democrats are seated,how come they aren't doing it?