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  1. He doesn't. He just has this thing called common sense. He knows as do all reasonable people that western culture is not compatible with people who defecate in their drinking water. Bringing those people here and giving them welfare is a joke.
  2. You want to give white nationalist a Homeland only for them? Lmfao. Gee whatever will they do?
  3. Do you honestly think that there are real people posting here on the Russian payroll?
  4. You know it's kinda funny. You call Alex Jones the enemy of the people. Yet, infowars has been right about so many of their so called conspiracy theories that I wonder where the MSN was? Do you know where it was? I can guess. It was busy sucking the cock of it's corporate masters. Which news agency told you the president was illegitimate I wonder? Wow! You said it. Right there in the red. You can't say something that stupid and ignorant and expect to be taken seriously. Are you seriously saying the United States government has no history of taking away freedom? Isn't that the very argument you are making on behalf of illegal immigrants? That the government is caging them? Make up your mind.
  5. Do you even know the background on that statue? It's not what's happening. Obviously. Demanding a stop to unfettered illegal immigration is wise.
  6. “We will defend… the migrants of the world who, by necessity, have to leave their villages to seek life in the United States; it is a human right that we will defend.” Migrants. Not refugees.
  7. We will see. You may be right. I am still willing to see what happens.
  8. I already posted proof that the governments of these countries sanction and aid these crossings. That is proof of invasion.
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