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  1. everybody plays the fool.. sometime or other no exception to the rule ignoring murder and selling them weapons is new to me Your intellect is wasted dude.. you have no orogon ending or begining.. you are like eternity.. there but not
  2. Five By Five

    "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    yep diversify or die not a peep of music from me sweet baby
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    1% Record tax revenue 2018
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    One of my bosses made many ads for my qualifications to help make hundreds of millions of dollars of guns for Saudi Arabia I don't know anybody that contributes to arms for Mad Men to kill innocent people that can sleep well at night We are a very intelligent human race and acting very petty
  5. Five By Five

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    The hell they don't you all are messing this place up big time I'm Siri is golf boy you got a look at your damn self and figure out what the hell you're doing because you are making things worse every day I guess it's OK that the prince of Saudi Arabia decides to kill a political opponent and will just overlooked it because we have to sell them on them so we can Bad wording kill people innocent women and children you are H you piss me off so much this is Bad wording Hitler Bad wordthis is Bad wording Hitler Bad word You crazy national populist nationalists white racists up there in Boise need to be eradicated from the United States
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    Political T-Shirts :)

    I'm on a planet with about7 1/2 billion people that are about to go insane because we're going to go to 12 and it's not easy I could end uphomeless or even worse in an insane asylum Like Heather Locklear I'm serious liberal mental disorder is a disease and Trump has accelerated it's inoculation of humanity Trump is breeding destruction he wants the worthless to die there's a lot of them He has graduated to launderings holes for the devil
  7. I heard rush say the oil is continuously replenished I heard rush say the oil is continuously replenished I guess the ideas of the rates of things as they happen are too complex for Rush Limbaugh mathematics seems to be beyond his comprehension and it is beyond comprehension of many Americans unfortunately and Betsy Devos he's going to make sure you believe Donald Trump's numbers
  8. The prince of a foreign nation may be implicated in a murder and you're going to sell him $110 billion in weapons come on old Mac wake up This is real crap going on not your ultra liberal diversion technique Bob Dylan was a piece of work I'm gonna be greater than Jesus and Elon musk
  9. I will bet 1000 NHB points that Mueller ends up doing nothing Except let the shadow linger I am just a fed up as conservatives this has to end this is just dumb we can't keep investigating everything forever or we will never accomplish anything We are not going to make a successful economy with political investigations And I mean anybody that wants to open up an investigation of uranium one is wasting Americas time
  10. The deep state will not allow America to be embarrassed by Donald Trump He will be in until 2020 It is time for the brainwashing to begin and for everyone all of the 7 1/2 billllion passengers on the 5 billion your old spaceship to admit that Donald Trump is the greatest human that has ever existed If we don't we could all be gone in 48 hours
  11. What triggered this brain fart was that I recommended this movie to cry me a river a minute ago and also it was required to be watched in class one day at the urban studies college level course
  12. I wish I had paid closer attention they predicted Facebook Google Twitter and that everybody would be interconnected globally and how it would affect the world A lot of the class was about how Detroit turned into a dump Is it still a dump? The learning agent talked a lot about how to revitalize urban areas I think we should expand to rural areas Off grid subsistence living has to be possible people are trying to live on Mars and in the ground bunkers in the Antarctica and on the move in on the space Trump Tower
  13. I read that somebody a guest on Stephen Cole bear show made a joke about Melania is Jenna Tallia The place was stone cold silent nobody laughed Even Colbert was caught off guard I got a look that one up in the man got had I want you to know whatever happens I'm not afraid of anything I saw the movie Brazil in the 1980s and I know Robert the Nero will come down in the cooling tower and save me if worse comes to worse If you haven't seen the movie Brazil I highly recommend it with the 2018 perspective on a 1980s movie you might get a kick out of it and you might even cry a river of tears of laughter If I could pay you to YouTube to 99 for a copy and share it with everybody here I would
  14. Five By Five

    Political T-Shirts :)

    IPhones in Google the not mix We should really tell the FBI somehow I destroyed five of the Google pixel 2s So damn hard to get an image on an iPhone on this website I couldn't post the politics are allergic picture because I think people that ignore politics are an allergy and a sickness on humanity I talk so much about politics and I think this is five is going to pull up knife out of her purse and stab me she is just hating me