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  1. sole you don't fight for mankind you fight for yourself and you say we're going to be destroyed who wants to talk to somebody like that? get some peace and go in and be one of the peaceful 7.5 billion passengers on the 5 billion year old spaceship
  2. Don't stay up all night thinking that you are bad etc., climate change is not your fault, the climate has always change and will continue changing without you.  it's still very odd we busted 400 parts per million carbon dioxide after eight hundred thousand years below that coinciding with the Industrial Revolution I'm hoping we can deal with the climate on some of Jupiter and Saturn's moons and harvest some of the undersea protein there
  3. I bet they were screwing each other and she got pissed off and killed him Then again Brent Kavanaugh is a sexual saint
  4. Five By Five

    sighted in my 7mm08

    Hey good luck hunting do you hunt elk?
  5. Obamacare is still in place The wall is a joke Kim Jong moon is building nuclear-tipped missiles The budget deficit is increasing from 666 billion to 980 billion this year China is going to walk all over us in the trade War The national debt continues to increase at the same rate it did under Obama and has passed 21 trillion Please see your 9 please show me graphs of economic prosperity in America. show me who's benefiting from the tax cuts and who is making the most money and tell me that the 1% is not getting richer
  6. How you doing today happy Rippy? Ain't the trumpocalypse wonderful? Annoying music video emitted
  7. sure the same reward system works for children that works for dogs that works for anything you want to train what's really cool is they figured out how to make computers reward themselves
  8. I see you're learning how to speak Soul result?