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  1. I think I just slapped someone in Stockton thread.

  2. PS OLD MACK I am an old MCK. McKinleyville HS

  3. I try to be funny. The libs are so easy.

  4. I do as well. I attempt humor, even with the jerks. God Bless Brother

  5. Thanks for visiting Creation. That was my OP in here. Any additional input supporting Creation Science is appreciated.

  6. Im not a dumbass sir. I was using a cheap tablet that didnt open this area up to me. Thanks for caring enough to insult me. Love in Christ Jesus. The1

  7. Love your posts keep it up.

  8. FORMING A COMPLETE WORD WITHOUT SOMETHING STUPID LIKE A SYLLABLE TO CHOOSE FROM SLOWING DOWN THE DECISION? Did I get the right answer, or hmmm, what do you think? Should we form a commttee? I can........t.....Breathe from ROFLMAOing. I have two other challenges going and they are 0fer on both What job skills did oblowme have in 07? In CREATION thread I asked the libidiots, "where is any evidence of evolving species in the fossil record"? Nothing. No free thinkers by the libidiots anywhere I can find. All cowards who hide stupidity with name calling they never grew out of cause they never got spanked or disciplined at all. Children with no direction loosed on society. Yet they wonder why bullies rule school. Etc..
  9. When in doubt, libs just pout. :-((( JAYC, I HATE TO BREAK THIS TO YOU. 2 YEARS OLD IS NOT NEW. Stop vegging on NBC. They NEVER MENTIONED F&F UNTIL LAST WEEK, NOT ONCE.
  10. You ever try to get video OF Aliens? Much less FROM them?
  12. BI-YA ZIMMERMAN DOES NOT have to convince a judgeof anything. A prosecutor MUST PROVE HIM GUILTY OF, lying? Nope, being outside his car? Nope, doing community organizing? (WELL MAYBE, THAT DESERVES THE CHAIR). NOPE, MURDER2. The judge dont mean squat! Dumb stuff. ROFL, NOW truth matters to you? OJ, CASEY ANTHONY, CLINTON, WEINER, ALL LIARS ALL FREE FROM ORIGINAL CRIMES.
  13. You need to read byias statement in one of your posts jus recently, Never seen anyone, YOU DIDNT SEE ZIMMERMAN EITHER but you sure know all the facts. Lying isnt murder If it was byia just made you a murderer
  14. It is funny, liberals are the first ones to hide behind the law when THEY get away with criminal behavior, and the first to try to circumvent it when it holds them to it.
  15. BI-YA & TECHYYY, WHAT is MOST important is WE are ALL innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of public op.. no thats not it, lynched in the str..... nope thats not it, umm murdered by relativ......nope,OH WAIT, IN A COURT OF LAW! NOW what were you claiming as "most important"? LYING IS one of your talents so it surely is NOT IMPORTANT TO YOU, why is it now MOST important?
  16. YOU have no 'evidence of what Martin did at all, zero, zip, nada, nuttinhoney, every position you defend proclaiming murder is totally unsubstatiated. PEER-E-UD!
  17. Martin? His day in court. No wonder. All yall been screeeemin bout is JUSTICE, what if the court lets Martin & Zimmerman walk! Awesome judge, healed that kid and set him loose, to bash heads agin!
  18. THE EVIDENCE AGAINST CASEY ANTHONY IS STRONGER,CNN introduced her back intoo society like their heroin. Not heroine. She walked. Judges opinion is not proof of squat. Funny stuff you libs spew
  19. Hey dumbphuck he isn't using stand your ground cuz he was On the ground. Now GRASS busted Zimmermans head. And as usual, you have first hand knowledge of the FACTS of this case,ergo YOU MUST be the killer. I saw That on CSI TOO, which must be where you gt your "facts". You are reall pathetically funny.
  20. AHA!! YOU JUST HUNG YOURSELF! NOW when the court exonerates Zimmerman, you cant beyatch any more. Deusch! COURT WRONG TRAYVON NOW ADULT! MAKE UP YOUR FLIP FLOPPING MIND Trayvon ws an ahole punk who jumped a neighborhood watchman. Not a hoodie getting jumped but a punk thug getting what he was selling
  21. Wow even your insults are proof of your reading skills. Would &"hurler" be easier for you? Lower the THRower. Doh! Eggshell implying you were hatched, and thick like your skull. You cant use that immense t-cell brain to put two and two together, just convict quite probably an innocent liar.
  22. Wow,you heard all that on the tape? It actually said george is murderring me make him stop? Where TF is YOUR open mind? You ALLREADY convicted him !!!SHUT UP OPEN MIND OMG QUAID,,,, OPEN YOUR MIND!!! You are a joke! OPEN MIND? WTF are you babbling? QUAID, OPEN your BRAIN CELL. You have a conviction of murder, zero evidence, and a mind tighter that MR.TIGHT OBLOWME himsrlf. " You are a joke! OPEN MIND? WTF are you babbling? QUAID, OPEN your BRAIN CELL. You have a conviction of murder, zero evidence, and a mind tighter that MR.TIGHT OBLOWME himsrlf. "
  23. Biya somtimes I gotta be an ass to crack through your thick eggshell membrane just to free your mind. American is my first language, but Id love to watch you type on a tablet after 5 carpal tunnel surgeries. Insults only lower the thrower.
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