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  1. Great post on the board tonight!

  2. Nice thread you got there!

  3. You can still get the jump on liberals in no holds barred. I accidentally posted in LO once, and got the same warning.

  4. my friend, I truly care what happens to all of us. I mean you and yours no harm. My message of peace is true. I have human frailties, but the love of God in me is real. I extend it to you. my prayer is for a great America. Peace.

  5. LIBERALS, THE OTHER DARK MEAT( no you racist, gray brain matter), EVERY DAY. THEY ARE TOO TENDER TO IGNORE.
  6. I see a wad stuck on your shoe now that your on your butt. KNOCK OUT! And steals 716 Billion from medicare. Liars and thieves. You are a Nightcrawler. Oh that's what you are wiggling too. Ahahaha.
  7. The only prediction I ever made in football was in 1972. I bet a H.S. aquaintance that IF Miamii beat the Baltimkore Colts in Baltimore, the Dolphins would not lose a game. That [male organ] still owes me 5 bucks. I about puked when Bob Griese broke his ankle early. Earl Morral saved that season. For the uneducated in football, Miami had the ONLY undefeated team in NFL His Toe Ree. Injuries and free agency makes it too tough to predict now. JERRY JONES IS A RICH BASSTURD. HATE HIM LIBS!!!
  8. I have a twelive inch tongue, and I can lick my eyebrows. Tee hee.
  9. If I was Sean Connery, I'd have to say "pushy galore", since I am not, I have to say liberals.t
  10. I think I'll have the dalmation steak,with biden jizzsauce. "I'm baaaarrry oblowmeeee, and I approved this menu." Romney was only caterring to the white powder house.
  11. I thought it looked like a prosecutor trying multiple inane trick questions to trip up Einsein. Totally a setup handled brilliantly. Here is a prophecy for you. Tel Aviv will not get nuked. Jerusalem, might but the damage wil be supernaturally limited to the Dome of the Rock. Solomons temple must be rebuilit. Jehovah will shroud Israel, oblowme won't.
  12. OBLOWME INSERTED HIMSELF IN TH op with executive treason, I mean override, privbullsheet
  13. HARRY REED, I mean shoot no! (Hairy Read allowed)? I got a milion of em. I'm the Jeff Foxworthy of moronic politicians names.
  14. You can say PELOSI on here and not get sensored? Wow. NANNY PEELOUSY still sounds better.
  15. I think I just slapped someone in Stockton thread.

  16. PS OLD MACK I am an old MCK. McKinleyville HS

  17. I try to be funny. The libs are so easy.

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