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  1. Howdy neighbor. Thank you for your blessed assistance last night. You were great. God Bless brother.

  2. At least you have them curious. Peace!

  3. you just showed some vegetables, for a brain. or are you on the scotus
  4. It is not a matter of who is hotter right now, but who will be hotter in Heaven or in hell? Chickie is Heaven bound, I do not know Tarheel, even though I was born there.
  5. I used to roast whole chinckens for 6 hours in a smoker, never saw chicken fall off the smoky bone like that ever. YUM! (smoker is in Oregon) :-( You may be a token "hot chick" but you are a legitimate beautiful woman.
  6. Gonna roast a whole chicken on the bbq with Rosemary and garlic, w/dash of red pepper, salt, & black pepper.
  7. It is such a better thing than the evil hate in the forum. I am blessed by you also.

  8. I love you like a brother in Christ. I have known who you are since the initial day of my participation in this forum.

    1. Spirited1


      I shall love you likewise forever more.

    2. Chuck!


      Like wise, friend,

      And Thanks!!


    3. Chuck!
  9. Go Dolphins, you still have a shot at the #1 draft pick!
  10. Ditto to you. I had a wonderful time with darlings family. I hope you had a great vacation. welcome back.

  11. I enjoyed your post, and the silly threats from fools.

  12. the next four years will be the Start of the tribulation. You have no prophetic insights. obama will continue to spend us into oblivion and you will continue to bleat right behind him like the sheep you are. your homo wallow in your own miserable stupidity that's just fine with me. I warned you about obama, I never predicted any winners, you lost, you are just too stupid too see it yet. LOL rolleyes moron!
  13. I'm not having it tonight but here's a fav. Garlic broiled chicken breast skinned and deboned. Liberal amounts of fresh crushed garlic, mixed with juice of 1 lemon and 1 tbsp of dijon mustard. experiment with these to taste. Fantastic flavors.
  14. That's me, since I saw my first 1 @ 15 yrs old. Fortunately I later learned they do not all smell like rotten tuna.
  15. Probably slow roasted pulled pork BBQ. Come on up to Humboldt county. We will show you the wonders of Trinidad and the redwoods. I can carry that 3 pounds for you on an earlobe. Is there such a thing as a vaginaterian? Darlings, no one else's, I am a DEVOTED, loving partner to her.
  16. I did it! Thank you!!

  17. How can we be sure that dude IS ES??? He doesn't look like fidel castro!??
  18. Having a great day on twitter chiding the great satan barry sotero

  19. How do you feel about the vote destruction when obama loses?

    1. Rebelitarian


      It's going to be a slo motion destruction as we head into 2013 !!!!!!!!!


      Everything just going to hell, until the states decide to print their own money.

  20. I was born in Fletcher N.C. is that close?

  21. hate begets hate.

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