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  1. That's nice - I hope it is agape love and not bathroom love or priest love.


    So you forgive me, for praying against you? :)

    Nothing to forgive, brother. I just wonder, who you prayed TO?


    My wife's surgeon - Dr. Boachie , Hosp For Special Surgery, Manhattan, took Medicare as payment in full ( spinal revision ). He saved her life for sure. Bent 90 degrees for 5 years - rolling walker; and now straight as an arrow.

    wonderful testimony, thanks.


    another little pussy that is just tired of having his small brain constantly demolished by cannon. does he really think that all the desperate attempts to demonize cannon do not tell us so graphically that he knows he doesn't have the brain to articulate any complex idea. "Cannon is a poopoo head, waaaaaaaaaaaa" he makes you look like a blithering idiot on a regular basis.

    Yet you manage to do it to yourself, all alone.

  2. Ow.... How did you do that?

    I was speared in the lower back of my right side by a guys head after a play (of FLAG football in P.E.) was over and I hadn't gotten to my feet yet. He fractured my L-5 vertebrae. This happened 40 years ago. The repairs were performed on April 8th 2013. Dr John Aryanpur spent 4 hours and from all reports a whole lot of work in that time putting me back in shape enough to even go for walks. I couldn't walk 50 yards without hunching over in pain before April 8. Thanks to all who prayed and especially to Chickie for giving me so much confidence in the Doctor as well. Your claims that he is a great Doctor are well founded. God Bless everybody!

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  3. I don't know why your setting was different from everybody else's , but it said "disable from status updates" and was checked "yes" instead of no.

    I think that every time I looked at it before, I wasn't reading it right, thinking that "yes" meant it was OK to do, not disable it.

    I finally checked your settings against someone else's line by line in separate tabs, until I found the discrepancy,,,,




    Nice follow up Chuck.

  4. I liked your post just to mess with you.

    I like the quote. obama is on a quest for ultimate power. the only love he has is for himself. Boy is he gonna be mad when he finds out Jesus is the Messiah, and he is just the hot mess. In hell.



    Like and dislike work fine on sites where people have no idea about the poster. Most of us know who we like or dislike and that will affect the way we vote. Like rebublicans pretending to hate republican plans because Obama approves of them. Know wha I mean?



    or liberals who "evolve" (like the Kenyan tri-breed) on every topic every day, you can never tell what they support, give them time, they will grow out of it, or into it.. Is that what you mean? I know it is.




    Well, thanks for your,,,, uh,,,, input, I guess


    Doesn't explain the "freezing" or your supposed trouble quoting,,,,

    I guess I would have to say, as long as poster can't boot someone based on someones hatred of others topics, I would be fine with it.


    Tell me, pigslop, do you REALLY think this strategem is going to work?


    Do you REALLY think I am going to track down the pigslop flavored hate-aid you've posted all over this board, and dickslap you with it? If so, you pathetic little masochist, you have me mistaken for someone who thinks you worthy of a thorough and valid refutation.

    bring it on you lazy bum. I do not fear my old posts. Why do you continue to prove my correctness with your vile, hate filled crap? You are the fool I was referring to in the OP, along with about 100 of your evil satanic playmates.



    You are one paranoid fu-ck. I didn't look at your profile on purpose....I accidently clicked on your name, homo.

    And tell us again how Bruce is a washed up has been. LMAO. That was a good one.


    His most recent album DEBUTED AT #1. LOL

    accidentally? like when your mama slammed your head with the toilet seat to get you to stop eating?



    Stay out of wet places and wet faces.


    If you can't take the crap, stay out of the shithole.


    You'll find compassion between "cocksucker" and "cunt" in the dictionary.


    Is this any help? It helps me, but then I'm a shallow prick (at least that's what it said in my profile at one time).

    you will find meaning between your hate and vile vomit you spew.




    The ratio of lib racists to con racists is 1 / 1,000,000 if that many. Probably more like .001 / 1,000,000

    you are really terrible. At math too.


    Quiet, homo.

    you are a quiet homo? I doubt the quiet part.


    Just STFU nightslapper you already admitted that you're a loser bi-tch. Post again and I'll punch you in your beady-eyed little puzzy face.

    You wish you could shut me up punk. However, my God is too strong for you weaklings. He GAVE me the right of free speech. So suffer you putrid little satan worshipping fool.


    I'm still shaking my head at the way the RW media and some politicians are trying to rewrite history with the Bush Lie-Bury. You'd think he was some amiable, well-meaning b-student who did "his best and loved murica". Peee-uke.


    anyway spirit you're a vile, hate-filled bastard. STFU.

    You crack me up with your puny threats. You will NEVER get your wish, I will stay here and be your mirror of the hate you spew. You continually prove me correct every vile hate filled day of your miserable existence. You are a servant of evil, and most likely demon possessed.



    Go fuck your mom, pigslop. :)

    more proof from the outhouse basement. I am almost sorry I gave you pigs this platform.


    hey dumbazz...


    dont be looking at my profile


    I am not here to hook up and I dont like you homos


    now please explain...



    ES thinks AZ is a sanctuary, safe from the IRS


    east coast losers are such dumbazzes ...




    defend your position or stfu






    he can't ever defend any of his positions, he has blockage from his hamster days. He's ready to move up to gophers.

  7. I am almost sad to be back in here.

    I must do what Jesus commands.

    Try loving each other once in a while forum folks.

    Stand back from your venomous keyboards and really look at the sad and negativity in practically every single OP. Why so much hate?

    Do you, (or I) hate and spew vitriol like this to people around you?

    I did, and nearly destroyed a relationship. With Jesus, and with a dear loved family member just from being riled up in this hate inferno.

    God bless you all.

    Peace and love to you, just for a day.


  8. But she is a proven liar. :mellow:

    And she has proven that she does not follow Jesus; except in name only. :mellow:

    I am afraid have some serious explaing to do if you want to avoid breaking the Ten Commandments with your post.! :o

    Jesus and the Frog are in the Hizzy!

    Show us some Fruit, baby. :glare:

    you just showed some vegetables, for a brain. or are you on the scotus





    hard to stay mad at you when you post stuff like that. :D



    yep. female, hot, but not overweight. not ever. perfect, curvy size 7. :wub:



    TarBaby is a sok of "Southern Indep". wake up, morons. you've been PLAYED!

    It is not a matter of who is hotter right now, but who will be hotter in Heaven or in hell? Chickie is Heaven bound, I do not know Tarheel, even though I was born there.

  10. I used to roast whole chinckens for 6 hours in a smoker, never saw chicken fall off the smoky bone like that ever. YUM! (smoker is in Oregon) :-(

    that sounds really good, too. people are still bringing food and my house is already full of it. i like the warm, cheesy, spinach-artichoke dip



    You may be a token "hot chick" but you are a legitimate beautiful woman.

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