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  1. I can say something more ... they sure voted themselves a lot of big-government benefits and passed the tab on to their kids.
  2. Then sounds like you need to get help, get over it, or at least quit wearing it on your sleeve. Think you're the only guy been off to war in all of human history and maybe seen or done terrible things? So many Viet vets I've known wearing it produly on their sleeve for years & years & letting folks know about it every/any opportunity (and a lot of 'em worked at a supply depot or something, never fired a shot, & were in country less than 12 months.) I guess now we're gonna have to listen to all the Iraq/Afghan vets cry & whine for the next 40 years or so - at least most of them were in-country longer than most Vietnam vets. Man up, America!
  3. Lived in KCMO for 8 years. Have a lot of friends still down in Springfield & Ozark, I like it a bit better down in south Mizzou than up in the central & northern part of the State.
  4. Lived all over the country .... roads always kept taking me back to the Southland. You can't understand till you've lived here a bit - then, once you "get it", it never leaves you.
  5. " the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." What part of "shall not be infringed" do you folks not understand?
  6. The Tesora Logistics pipeline is 20 years old. The Pegasus pipeline that ruptured is almost 70 years old! Why do liberals oppose the buiding of newer, safer, oil pipelines? They must hate the environment.
  7. Being a mass murderer has about zero to do with one's religion. Shall we start compiling a list of Christian mass murderers for you?
  8. Your religious exemption will have to be specifically approved by the government. Sorry. Try again. (btw - why don't you want to have health care?)
  9. About what? Gods? I've heard no credible evidence that would lead me to believe in the probability of such things.
  10. The House of Representatives is not bound by funding decisions made by previous sessions.
  11. The Senate and Obama need to pass the spending bills to fund the rest of government on which they have agreement with the House. Then they can hash out something with the House on ObamaCare later. It's wrong for the Senate and the President to hold hostage and shut-down the rest of government all because of one pet program.
  12. And on top of all that .... his birth certificate is a fake!
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