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  1. We have always been cannon fodder for profit. And the same lowlife scum use us for personal political gain. I still can't understand why so many in the military lick the same boot that tramples on us all.
  2. The plight of muslim women is their problem and theirs alone. The US is not the global standards committee. CONtards just can't help but meddle into everyone elses business.
  3. Obama Derangement Syndrome is alive and well on .org. Maybe Big Pharma will design a drug to treat it.
  4. The BLM is only there because this squatter free grazer stopped paying fees in 1992 and now owes over a million dollars to the government. 16000 other ranchers who pay fees to use federal land to graze catlle are doing just fine with the fee. Bundy was paying until the BLM reduced the land area in order to help protect an endangered species. Stop lying.
  5. I'm betting the next ploy by the CON's on the ACA will be to complain that they have a better plan that they will reveal as soon as they take control of the senate, one that covers far more people for free than the ACA, one that brings back unregulated underwriting by the insurance industry. Even though right now they're saying the ACA is anything but free.
  6. I was wondering when sombody would ask about this. I bet there aren't a handful of people who know about "21" I mean, why else would the CON's try such a stealthy diversion as hating the ACA at first, try desperately to repeal it, failing over 50 times, watch the websie immediately fail and rather than celebrate, feign outrage over its failure, then, later on as the ACA began to reach it's intended goals, switch to bitterly complaining about how it wasn't helping nearly enough people?
  7. Not only that but he is reportedly also painting action pictures of his military service days in the Texas Air National Guard that fill the void of that missing period where he went AWOL. Next up, pictures of those 1800+ vacation days on the ranch doing presidential work.
  8. You CONtardos are stuck on stupid. You didn't want the ACA. You tried to repeal ACA. Yet when it launched and the website FAILED you should have been elated, it was what you wanted, instead you were outraged! Now that it has signed up and enrolled millions, you're upset because it hasn't signed enough! They said they have nearly 7.1 million, and you're complaining these are the wrong 7.1 million! And you still don't see what you're saying and doing! CONtards are a Psychiatrists dream test group.
  9. Thats a lot of anger for someone not having to worry about it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
  10. If you CONtardos hate the ACA so much, why is it you're enraged that it's not reaching its goals?
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