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  1. I started laughing at "Politics is a noble profession". BWAHAHAHAHAHAH Politics does not help humanity. LOL The greatest cause of suffering in the world has always been politics.
  2. I don't consider it "serving" the country if you are in politics for 45 years. I HATE lifelong politicians. They are corrupt and pathetic. They only serve themselves. Only a dumb fuck like you could think it is noble to only be in politics all your adult life.
  3. Says the guy who loves golden showers from government officials telling how to live his life and what to do. Fucking pussy ass leftist authoritarians.
  4. Only when they are attacked. They do not initiate the attack. Go blow your propaganda up someone else's ass. LOL
  5. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH Being a leftist means lying from the womb to the grave. Only a leftist could believe this propaganda. LOL
  6. Yea, I'm not surprised there aren't any women in your life. LOL
  7. Israel doesn't lob rockets into the terrorist territories, so don't make shit up. If one jew goes into the terrorists territory, the terrorists say it is jewish aggression and start blowing shit up and themselves up. Fuck you and fuck your terrorist buddies.
  8. Oh so it's ok to lob rockets aimlessly into civilian areas, just as long as you get lucky and no one gets hurt. You are a fucking anal wart. 🤣 🤣 🤣
  9. What kind of women are in your life that would be so stupid as to get involved with the police?
  10. His knee did not cause Floyd's death. That is a scientific fact. The most he should have been charged with is manslaughter.
  11. Funny how this is the ONLY thing you will talk about that was wrong. LOL! You are doing this so you can justify a literal insurgency in Seattle. They took over the area by force after attacking the police station. The police were told to stand down by the Mayor. The locals wanted them GONE and you supported this literal insurrection. You are a fucking disgusting human. I condemned the rioters at the capitol building but you were silent all summer long about the riots and murders from leftists all across the country. FUCK YOU you lying piece of shit. You belong in the shithole known as Seattle.
  12. I said this months ago you dipshit Was the 2000 election stolen? Was the 2004 election stolen? Was the 2016 election stolen? Your side said they were all stolen, especially the 2000 election. Yet you lose you shit when MAGA supporters say the 2020 was stolen.
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