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  1. This brilliant bit of stupidity can only come from a dumbass like Thomas Friedman. This guys has spewed more stupidity over the country than American Airlines flies across it. He said Trump has an "unfair" advantage. Thomas, go FUCK yourself you leftist hack. Imagine if a Republican said they would not debate. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/opinion/biden-trump-debate.html The truth is Joe should not debate because he will be looking for his Gummie Bears on stage the whole time.
  2. That isn't true. They killed each other, made slaves of each others and had very robust STONE AGE TECHNOLOGY!
  3. No, no there wasn't. That is the revisionist history the left pushes. The reality is people were starting to go to the GOP in the over jobs two decades earlier. It had nothing to do with race or the southern strategy. Your side has been running from the democrat's racist past and the only way they can get away from it is to say they switched. It is one of the biggest lies the left tells. The Dixiecrats were democrats through and through.
  4. They have a 23 point lead. It looks like Arsenal wont win fourth place this year. LOL He is a pretty talented footballer Liverpool: You'll never walk alone
  5. Thank you for posting scripture. I enjoy reading it.
  6. LOL! No wonder you were confused. For the rest of us, it's formatted correctly. LOL
  7. Look at LA over the 4th weekend. The blue flu stuck and people died.

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