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  1. So all judges and cops are racist. LOL! What a way to view your own country. Go move to Iran or North Korea and git ur self some justice there. LOL
  2. I don't support the government spending money to find a cure for cancer. That is not the government's job.
  3. Nothing really stands out for me. I really want to see Blinded By The Light. I am a massive Springsteen fan and the story here looks to be right up my alley. And yes Bruce wrote and recorded Blinded By The Light, Not Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Their version is utter crap.
  4. Her text includes law enforcement. I already showed the facts about the justice system. She called the police racists. Why are you so upset and so willing to defend her, when you agree wit her? Stop being a goof.
  5. They are now talking about pee tapes again. Girls, just admit you were wrong and I won this thread. Seriously you are pathetic. Can you be more blatant in running away like a scared little squad and changing the subject? LOLLMAO! LOL! Putin isn't release any pee tapes. He simply said he heard of the rumors. Even if it were true, who cares? You guys didn't care when Bubba got A Lewinsky under the oval office desk. LOL
  6. Law enforcement is part of that system. In no way did Z09 LIE! He paraphrased and pointed out that law enforcement is part of that system Squats When Pisses says is racist. I will gladly accept your apologies to him and me and an admission of being wrong.
  7. They are crying like lil squaws over your title so they don't have to address what Warren said. We both know what that's called. It's called deflection. LOL
  8. Exactly. No one cares and you don't care when someone on your side does it as well. You guys are fake. LOL
  9. Look deep into my eyes and see if you see a glimmer of a care. LOL Show me where I have ever said I like Trump. I disagree with you on almost anything and will insult you but I will NEVER say you like Trump. That is just plain mean. LOL!
  10. When you guys call out similar loosely title threads on your side, I will care. LOL! Everyone here is incendiary. Get over yourself. Again, calling people on the other side racists and misogynists is meaningless. No one cares. I do love how triggered you are. Now back to the kitch lil' squaw
  11. I fully support the 2nd amendment and she has big guns.
  12. It's like watching paint dry and age over centuries.
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