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  1. So the My Pillow guy announces he is converting part of his company to make medical masks for the pandemic. The left loses their SH!T and barfs fire on the guy. So he is spending millions to help. What are you crying little girls doing, besides criticizing everything anyone does? https://www.kaaltv.com/minnesota-news/minnesota-my-pillow-medical-masks-coronavirus/5688587/ This airhead says this. WTF!? No it isn't you dumb blonde. Shut you mouth till you finish primary school. She is from politicus.com LOL A bunch of lefties wasting air.
  2. Testing would have done nothing. Once you test everyone, you only get a snapshot from that one point in time. The symptoms overlapped with other virus'.
  3. There are no women on the internet. It is just full of perverted men looking for porn.
  4. It is stupid crazy talk from the type of people who are sick in the head with hatred over trump. Grow up.
  5. Congress does not have the power to just tell the executive branch what to do. If there is a disagreement, it is taken to the judicial branch. That is why the second charge in the fake impeachment hearings was meaningless, just like your post.
  6. What evidence do you have of this? How do you know we would not have been worse if no action was taken? How do we know this didn't make things even worse? It is an unknown, which makes your statement meaningless.
  7. socialism is the government taking the control the means of production. This isn't socialism. It is crony capitalism and we are getting F***ED by this shut down.
  8. All you little sheeple want to do is just be good little muppets and do what the government FORCES you to do.
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