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  1. DUH! Everyone does. And you have spent PLENTY of time looking for boobs in magazines when you were young, just like the rest of us. LOL! Your mom's boobs don't count. IT'S A JOKE! SETTLE DOWN! 🤣
  2. So only the business of congress during the election certification matters? LOL! Nice "heads I win tails you lose" game you are playing. As I have pointed out, there are plenty of leftists who have attacked federal buildings trying to murder people in side (like Portland) and trying to bomb ICE facilities. The list goes on and on but you have always ignored that because it doesn't fit your propaganda.
  3. LOL! It's funny but the truth is Biden isn't putting kids in cages and neither was Trump but it is funny to use their same argument against them.
  4. I didn't make that claim. I said they tried to stop the business of congress. You only care when conservatives do it. BTW Antifa tried to bomb an ICE facility, burn down a federal building and the list can go on for days. It is all similarly bad and evil behavior by extremists. The problem is you ONLY care when the extremists are right wing and you only care that it happened at the capitol.
  5. When democrats gerrymander it's ok. When republicans do it, it's evil. Stop crying woman and win an election so you can do the gerrymandering. LOL Don't hate the playa. Hate the game. Ask Merrick Garland. LMAO!Q
  6. Yes it was illegal and they were charged with interfering with congress' official business. It's in the charges list I linked for you. LOL Lefties have done similar things to congress before, just on on this large of a scale. I guess Code Pink were insurrectionists as well. LOL
  7. See CrimeaRver can joke. Libs can't handle jokes. It's how he makes his scrambled egg nipples. LOL
  8. Yes code pink tried to stop congress from doing their job via their protests. They were removed from the gallery and congress moved on. It's Texass, who cares? The same thing happened in Oregon as happened in Texas and no one mentioned it.
  9. Who said anything about violence? It's adorable that you think they are asylum seekers when well over 80% are denied asylum and if you are seeking asylum, you go to the US embassy in that country. You don't enter the country illegal through an open border. Do you know anything about this topic at all?
  10. White liberals say an ID required to vote is racist because blacks are too FUCKING STUPID TO GET AN ID. Don't get mad at me. I'm just repeating their argument.
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