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  1. and..... AAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH ChuckU Schumer is such a f ucking dirtball. Here is a direct link to his letter. LOL
  2. I can defend someone who is being smeared politically and still not like them.Just because I can't stand Trump, doesn't mean the left is better. LOL That just means Trump if preferable to you leftist morons. LMAO! You have to be pretty low to be worse than trump. And on top of it all, you have got NOTHING on impeachment. It is all a scam to oust a president who won an election. You twits have a long history of not accepting election results. You tried to steal the 2000 election.
  3. I don't like trump and have a long record of saying that here. LOL So you childish dismissal of my post is wasted on me. That being said, you completely ignored the fact that there isn't any crime, only accusations of a crime and impeachment charges which do not contain any crime. The saddest part of your claims is you think Trump is going to jail after he leaves office. You are making the same mistake those who obsessed the Clinton death cult game. They said Bill was going to jail and then Hillary was going to jail and in the end NOTHING happened. The same will be true for trump. NOTHING will happen to him legally after he leaves office. You are fooling yourself and you are sick with obsession just like many of my fellow conservatives were about the Clintons.
  4. There were many accusations. The impeachment charges do not contain any crimes. The president will NOT face any charges and he will not be removed. You guys have a sickness.
  5. Why did you say there was a crime and now you say there isn't a crime. There is only an accusation of a crime. Do you know what a crime is, because it doesn't seem as though you do.
  6. LMAO! I can't believe the American people can't see what the democrats are doing here. LMAO! Anyone who has been paying attention will know that impeachment isn't just about Trump. It is about wresting control of all the branches of the government. Look at what they have been doing. They went after supreme court nominees, while going after Trump for losing in 2016, then they finished going after Trump and in that process they are trying to take out the senate with little stunts like this. This is a full coup by the democrat party of our federal government. Remember this is the party that rigs elections and doesn't want free speech or your ability to defend it. Trump is merely the lightning rod for them to attack liberty at it's core and to consolidate power. They don't want actual elections.
  7. If he wanted a war with Iran, why didn't he fire back when they lobbed rockets into Iraq at our soldiers?
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