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  1. We both know it is all about complete control by the left. That is what they crave. Government is their religion, the white house is where their god lives and congress is where they worship.
  2. In other words, you want to remove a president from office because you don't like him. Well how fascist of you.
  3. Good luck finding a court to try that case. LOL! ALL presidents use leverage on foreign governments to get what we want. What the hell do you think foreign aid is. It IS a bribe to get them to do what we want.
  4. Mexico has always been a corrupt state. It has a two class system, where the white European Spanish rule the indigenous people and the mix. Notice the vast majority of Mexicans we see entering the US are indigenous or mixed. They are fleeing a horrible country and I don't blame them. I just want them to come into the country legally. Look at the president of Mexico. That due is white.
  5. You think that actual death threats are only worth a 4 day ban? That's nuts. If the mods determine a death threat to be real,
  6. Why are these people not banned for life? A death threat is not something to joke around with and a 4 day suspension is silly.
  7. You mean afrocentric documentaries based on garbage? It wont hurt our feelings but it will make our sides hurt from laughing at them and you.
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