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  1. His knee did not cause Floyd's death. That is a scientific fact. The most he should have been charged with is manslaughter.
  2. Funny how this is the ONLY thing you will talk about that was wrong. LOL! You are doing this so you can justify a literal insurgency in Seattle. They took over the area by force after attacking the police station. The police were told to stand down by the Mayor. The locals wanted them GONE and you supported this literal insurrection. You are a fucking disgusting human. I condemned the rioters at the capitol building but you were silent all summer long about the riots and murders from leftists all across the country. FUCK YOU you lying piece of shit. You belong in the shithole know
  3. I said this months ago you dipshit Was the 2000 election stolen? Was the 2004 election stolen? Was the 2016 election stolen? Your side said they were all stolen, especially the 2000 election. Yet you lose you shit when MAGA supporters say the 2020 was stolen.
  4. No, they were interviewed you lying sack of shit. It was only a couple who said they were being extorted. The sad thing is that is all you care about. You don't care that rioters took over 6 square blocks of other people's property. You are a fucking disgusting person. You defend them and lie for them. You are a typical Seattle scum voter.
  5. No it started with the rioters taking over the polices station by force. The mayor told the police to abandon the station. You are fucking lying again. It was business owners that said they were being extorted.
  6. You didn't ask me shit. I have already stated months ago the election was not stolen. You have seen my posts on this topic. What if I did believe it was stolen? Who the fuck cares? Do you believe the 2000 election was stolen.
  7. OH FFS now you are pretending you didn't say it was peaceful and was like a street fair. LOL The whole CHAZ thing started with violence and ended with violence. It was illegal and a literal successful insurrection for a few weeks.
  8. Says the guy who lied about CHAZ all summer long. LOL
  9. It is a local story and that's it. If Floyd was a white guy we would never have heard this story.
  10. There are lots of bad things that aew8on video. If Floyd was a white guy, we would never have heard this story.
  11. It's a local story propped up by political activists. Many other people were killed by the police last year and no one gave two shits about them.
  12. I never said that. You keep making straw man arguments. The VAST majority of career politicians are corrupt and make money off of pay to play. You are a dumb fucking tool if you don't know this. Seriously you are one of the dumbest people on this board and to think you taught people. What a cancer your ideology is. Joe Biden has a net worth of 9 million dollars. You don't make that much money for being a senator your whole adult life. It's called kick-backs and pay-offs. Both parties do it. Big government fucktards like yourself refuse to see it because you have blind
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