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  1. LOL! No, i'm just that dumb. I can't even spell "his".
  2. Redoctober

    Filthy Blue San Francisco

    Up in Seattle they are having drug rings running their camps and human trafficking sex slaves. What a shytehole that place is. What a shock, it is also run by liberals. The moral of the story is, death and decay liberals where ever they are in charge.
  3. From what I read, they were all guilty. Pardoning them is wrong.
  4. I have NO problem with my state tax dollars helping victims of rape, especially if the state let them down by not putting these evil scum in jail earlier, which is often the case.
  5. Give him a trial first, then execute him if he is found guilty. I firmly believe that rapists deserve death. The person has to deal with that violence for the rest of their lives, mean while the rapist gets 3 squares a day, gets to see the sun go up and go down and has the state take care of him until they die. Screw that, you forfeit your life when you commit this evil crime. My question is, would any liberal have cared if he wasn't a border agent?
  6. They just had a 2 year investigation and there wasn't any.
  7. What does disliking Amazon have to do with AOC preventing jobs from coming into her district? You know this is a horribly weak point right? I dislike Amazon for the same reason you dislike Walmart, which means I also dislike Walmart. The difference is I want competition to take them out and not the government or a mob of protesters. I have never supported Trump, especially 500lb ones in yoga pants.
  8. I've got to admit, your insecurity is entertaining. Sure you are. You feel the need to try and prove it with almost all of your posts. You fill your posts with meaningless factoids you google in order to present your self as smarter than the rest. We all know guys like you. LOL You also had to tell me you were smarter than me, rather than showing it with your replies. The problem is you haven't shown it is so. I reply to you, to keep you going.
  9. If you have to say it, it isn't true. And why so insecure bruh? LOL If you really were so smart, you would know that no one cares about your meaningless trivia, yet you keep typing stuff.
  10. So you admit you are making people lose their jobs. LOL! Someone will come in and you guys will do your best to destroy them too. This why I am a conservative. Someone will replace Walmart but do to competition, not leftist disapproval of one company and their need to destroy them and put 10's of thousands of people out of work. No one is being exploited. They don't have to work for Walmart. Why do you liberals not put the same amount of hate and energy into Amazon? They are a horrible company but because their president is a liberal, you guys don't say anything. I don't want them destroyed, I just refuse to buy from them and know that at some point, another company will replace them. I also don't shop at Walmart not for moral reasons but because I can't stand looking at a 500lb woman in yoga pants bending over to get tampons the size of a small child. Going to Walmart is something you can never unsee.
  11. Redoctober

    Iran For Idiots

    Another America hating enemy supporting leftist. Nothing you have said here is new. We have heard the left hate on America and support our enemies since the turn of the last century. Move to Cuba.
  12. First you google this to make your self look smart, then you only focus in on the governorship because it has more democrats. So all other state wide offices don't count?
  13. Let me get this straight. Wal Mart offers jobs to people, they accept it and they are bad people? How about Wal Mart close all their stores and layoff everyone. Will that make you happy? Liberals are the dumbest thing to crawl out of the primordial ooze.
  14. Redoctober

    Millennials love socialism

    Are you serious? LMAO! What planet are liberals from?