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  1. Tell that to Oprah, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, any pro basketball player above 6'2 (which is all of them), lots of rap singers, and so forth. Cry me a fucking river. Pretty much any black who has vision, drive, and doesn't consider himself a victim is very capable of matching or exceeding a white person with the same capabilities. And can certainly beat a white guy who lacks those qualities. Quit fucking enabling them to be victims. They are capable of so much more. Leftists just won't let up on that.
  2. "Inclusion Revolution"? Sweet Jesus, here we go again. Next Revolution, same as the first. I get so tired of this victim mentality. And I don't necessarily blame the blacks for this. I blame the Leftists, who have convinced the blacks that they are forever perpetual victims. It's almost pathetic. It's abusive.
  3. Just because it isn't relevant to your agenda does not make it irrelevant to the discussion. And so was the South, for far longer than Germany was. Hardly. A good portion of them have been raised to be victims their whole life by leftist ideologies. And a great many of them did not. I am trying to remember a particular black slaveholder from I believe NC, who was known as one of the worst slaveholder of any color. But his name escapes me. Point is, the same can be said for a fair amount of white slave holders. Regardless, bad was bad. You do make a point here. However, whites were taken as slaves in other countries, for far longer than 300 years. Again, go all the way back to biblical history with the Romans Egyptians, Chinese (I believe), and so forth. Also, there was white indentured slavery in America during the same times as black slavery. Look it up. They lived in the same conditions are black slaves, and often worked side by side with black slaves. I am unsure of whether or not black slaveholders had these slaves or not, so I won't make that argument at this time. But ignore that for a bit. Lets go with your argument: whites held black slaves, not the reverse. This occurred generations ago. Again, no one alive today was a slave. No one alive today is a slave owner. What are blacks today wanting from us? What? Equal opportunity? They have it. They have it in droves. It is possible right now for someone of color, with similar or less experience, to get a job over me due to affirmative action alone. What will make them happy? What will make them cease feeling like victims? You tell me. Once again, it is hardly irrelevant. Leftists have put America on trial for being this absolutely horrible place to live, with an absolutely horrible history in comparison to the rest of the world. So it is hardly irrelevant, sir. Leftists have made it relevant for years. You don't get to suddenly make it irrelevant when it suits you. Whites went to war against each other in this countries most bloody and costly war (within it's borders). That also cost us a toll which is still present today. They did it to free the blacks. It almost tore this country apart. Lincoln was assassinated because of it. So soon that is forgotten... It is perfectly relevant. But again I ask: What does it take to allow the black community to get past this history, and work on focusing on their future? Your probably wondering if I am "soul searching" about my ancestors actions many generations ago. I've heard this from various black commentators recently concerning Baltimore. My answer? I sleep like a baby. I have worked with black all my life. And I treat them as they treat me. If they treat me with respect, I return double that. If they treat me with disdain for no reason other than I am white, then I pity their pathetic lives double. I owe them nothing. I, and a great many others look at them the same way. White or black, if you conduct yourself honorably and with self respect, you will be treated as such in return. White or black, if you act like a dimwit, people will never take you seriously. That's just the way it is. We own no one nothing. We are all one in this country. But the leftists do everything in their power to tell the blacks differently. We owe them, and we always will. And they will never forget it. Sorry, but that just won't cut it. But I think you can understand my obvious disdain for statists in this, and many instances. None of these determines whether someone is a leftist or not. But I will reverse my comment regardless. My assumption, my mistake.
  4. Absolutely not. I was simply pointing out that America was hardly the only country at the time to legalize slavery. Slavery had been around for hundreds, nay thousands of years in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other areas of the world. Leftists always want to drag out America's dirty laundry, while ignoring the rest of the worlds same issues. America fixed the problem long ago. My point is, I didn't enslave the blacks. No one alive today enslaved the blacks in this country. And no black alive today has ever been a slave. On the other hand, it is believed (but unfortunately the records are incomplete) that I had relatives of mine were Jews who worked and died in concentration camps. So I guess this gives me the right to lord that over the Germans the rest of my life, right? No. It means I can choose to get the fuck over it. Plenty http://americancivilwar.com/authors/black_slaveowners.htm http://www.kon.org/urc/v4/tikhomirova.html http://newobserveronline.com/hidden-facts-about-slavery-in-america/ I've got plenty more if you aren't convinced. You aren't the brightest bulb on the chandelier, are you? You must have patient parents... When I said no one, I meant that no particular person of color, creed or philosophy was held blameless. I certainly wasn't trying to blame the slaves, you guilt-tripping dimwit. The fact is, a whole lot of human beings were capable of that, well before the biblical days up until the 20th century. Read up on your history here, sunshine. America was hardly blameless, but they were far, far from the worst. Look up the back history of the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, etc. All of those had far worse. Yes, precious blameless liberal Europe has a far worse track record when it comes to slavery than America. But that just doesn't do your leftist agenda any good now, does it? And I notice you forgot to respond to the rest of my post. Why is that? Another slow leftist dimwit product of our leftist education system. Why do I bother? I was clearly pointing out the fact that it is awful ironic that Republicans are always blamed for slavery (and they did their fair share for a time), however they conveniently forget that the democrats have a far worse history when it comes to the slavery. That you and your ilk reek of hypocrisy. Read it again slowly.
  5. The country I love so much and served has been dissolving away for some time, primarily due to leftism and crony capitalism. I'm still hopeful for a change that we can really count on, rather than the lies we have been told
  6. <Sigh> Slavery was a bad thing. Agreed. Slavery during those times was also world-wide. Hell, slavery was still performed in the first half of the 20th century. Slavery was still common in Africa and in parts of South East Asia. Germany enslaved millions of Jews to slave labor. Communist Russia enslaved over 14 million to slave labor in gulags across the country during this period. In fact, America was one this earlier countries to do something about it. During America's slave period, there were almost as many black slave owners as there were white in the south. Bad shit happened. There was no excuse for it. And no one was blameless. No one. Not whites, not blacks. Not Conservatives, and most certainly not whiney little puke liberals. Republicans freed the slaves, Democrats wanted to keep slavery. Fortunately in this case, Democrats are pussies when it comes to fighting wars. Republicans overwhelmed Democrats 80% to 63% when it came to voting for the Civil Rights Act of '64. But again, Democrats always want to forget the small details... Because they lack good education. Because they lack good family environments. Because they live in horrid urban environments. All environments that are leftist strongholds. You and your backwards philosophy are the problem. Under liberalism, blacks are told over and over that they are victims. And when Conservatives try to tell them what they are really worth and are capable of, the statists once again tell them different. Why do you hate blacks? Why do leftists lie to them? Why do they try to keep them down and dependent on the state? And for that matter, why do you hate America? Why?
  7. There is nothing inherently wrong with them. Their biggest problem is their beliefs in the lies of Leftism, lies that enslave them. But don't take it from the white guy. Ask Ben Carson, Allen West, Colin Powell, and entire legions of upright Conservative blacks who live with dignity, personal responsibility, and self-reliance what is wrong with black culture in America today. I'll lay odds their answers will be quite the same. Liberalism is evil. Liberalism is a poison on everything that is good in the world. The pic in post #1 says it all. It was the Conservative Republicans who freed the slaves in America. It was the Republicans who voted unanimously for Civil Rights. it was the Democrats who supported the KKK for over a hundred years. But Democrats always conveniently forget that fact, like good little fucking commies.
  8. This is nothing new at all. According to govt stats, roughly 80-90% of black killings are by other blacks. They have been doing it for decades. And their pissed at whites about this? Of course they are, because of race-baiting opportunists like Jesse and Al, as well as the leftist philosophy they have been raised under. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expanded-homicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_6_murder_race_and_sex_of_vicitm_by_race_and_sex_of_offender_2013.xls Doesn't surprise me a tad bit.
  9. "They’re not running rogue out there," McConnell said Thursday on the Senate floor. "The NSA is overseen by the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government." http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/05/senate-gop-leader-pushes-for-phone-spying-after-court-says-its-illegal/ Which as usual, this fake conservative fails to ask the question, "Is it Constitutional?" You know, the kind of question a real Conservative would ask. I'm so tired of hearing about how this RINO chimp gets reelected every year. I almost cheered for his Demochimp opponent this year, thats how much I hate this dimwit. This idiot knows as much about and respects the Constitution as your average leftist does.
  10. Oh, this will end well... 5 years down the road - Osama v. 2.0
  11. She tried to stack the charges so the defendants would plea out. But I have a feeling they will call her bluff. 2nd Degree Murder for the driver? WTF did she do? Stop the van and pummel the guy? With five others watching? This bitch Mosby is fucking nuts, and has no clue about the law. She is a showboater. And the dipshit rioters lapped it all up. As a result, she just blew her case in as many ways as she laid charges. Alan Dershowitz has predicted that even on the slim chance that this gets convictions are trial, they will be overturned on conviction/ This loon is sucking up to the mob. And she just destroyed her case because of her 15 minutes of fame. Just couldn't help herself. This has liberal cronyism written all over it. And the chimp rioters will just be out in force again when the cops are ultimately freed. There is no room for reason here, folks. This is Baltimore. A one-party town in a one-party state. Welcome to Obamaland. I never recalled race relations being this bad under Bush. Or Clinton for that matter. It will be like Planet of the Apes. Being chased by millions of chimps.
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