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  1. You guys are really funny you know that. This guy here knows what he's doing. The private sector needs to be more localized so that the goods being sold at LOCAL stores are made LOCALLY by LOCALS. If you wnat more American jobs then you need to move the demand to American goods not Chinese goods sold by American companies. Obviously your not going to by your suits at a thrift store, but maybe buy an AMERICAN suit at an AMERICAN store instead of imported crap. and yes, Wal-Mart and stores like it are job creators..... for people in developing countries. Boycott those companies and buy things locally.
  2. Sure, I agree that Obamacare is not what the United States should be worrying about right now. They've got more important problems to tend to, but I think that it should be the opposite. If the US government is going to get out of debt it needs to take more control. If programs like Obamacare are going to work at all we need higher taxes. In the end all the money you spend on taxes goes back to you in some way. I live in Canada, and i do understand were not doing to hot either, we have free healthcare for the majority of medicine and surgeries. Even in Cuba you can get top notch medical surgeries and procedures done and they're basically a third world country. The point is that the US needs to take a little more to give a lot back.
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