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  1. I *am* done with you; you just keep pushing new lines of bull, "Bob" knows why. Frankly, I think you are a troll, or maybe your goal is to divert this thread. Not that anyone else is posting, anyway, so in such a case your attempt is futile. In case you actually are serious and just stupid: no, MagnaCarta, facts are facts and do not depend on your geographical area, language or culture. Why do you keep pushing this absolutely ridiculous line? I don't know and I don't care.
  2. I am not "talking past you." I am asserting facts and you are feeding me bull. Whether you are doing this on purpose or not, it doesn't speak well of your capacity to think.
  3. No, this is not a cultural issue. It's basically as if you were saying that you don't talk about complex numbers, so you don't include complex numbers as part of mathematics. Factually, medical issues are political issues. The fact that your society does not treat abortion as a political issue does not make it a non-political issue. All it means is that it's not discussed as a political issue, but other facets of it are discussed. That doesn't change the fact that it is a political issue as well as medical, psychological, etc. The fact that you are talking to me as if I was culturally ignorant or that I somehow fail to understand you because of culture differences is bizarre, as I am not discussing about an issue that has any relevance to culture (apart from the fact that any use of language and concepts is cultural). You might as well argue that British people don't believe in complex numbers (not that I believe they don't). I really couldn't care less: you're just using culture to deny facts. If you want to factually address what I've said, then do so. Whining that I'm being culturally ignorant is not a counter-argument.
  4. You seem to think "medical" excludes the "political." That is obviously not true. The degree to which people have access to medical treatments, whether everyone's health issues are treated in the same way (e.g. women v men), the nature of mainstream/non-mainstream medical treatments, what it means for someone to be "healthy" physically and mentally, are all dependent on the allocation of resources, social equality/inequality, and the definition of normality that we hold in a given society. And that's political. You first define the political very narrowly, then you accuse me of defining the political too narrowly. Seriously, you don't seem to understand political issues very well, and I don't see much point in continuing with you if you don't even understand something that simple.
  5. All issues are political. We just don't talk about some of them because we consider them settled. This may be the case where you live, but that doesn't make it an "apolitical issue," which is an oxymoron.
  6. Yea... no. I understand that one came from the other, but after reading your initial points over and over I just can't understand what your objections. They seem to all reduce themselves to "classical liberals didn't think so." That's of no interest to me. But at least you're not a bot. All right, let me refute your only point that was relevant: "Social voluntarism is a bit of a misnomer as it neither elucidates nor qualifies a liberal position in and of itself." The pro-choice position is a liberal position, and it can be solely justified using social voluntaryism. Your statement has now been refuted.
  7. The trouble is, I've gotten replies about classical liberalism. I am not talking about classical liberalism. I am talking about modern liberalism.
  8. What is the deal with this person? Is it a bot or just a liberal who's gone off the deep end?
  9. What straw man? That you're a whiner?
  10. I did publicly ask for permission and I was told I could. Now you're berating me for asking for permission? You're ridiculous. Now that's one liberal principle I didn't list: whining that you're the victim, even when you're not. I did say I wasn't gonna confront anyone, but come on...
  11. Sole result, are you a follower of Gene Ray? I can make no more sense of your posts than I can make sense of Time Cube. It reads like a language that looks like English but is not actually English.
  12. Well gee, I'm sorry for trying to understand where you people are coming from. How insensitive of me. I am not "deciding" what liberals are about, I'm asking liberals if my intuitions are correct. That's kindof the whole point of this thread. I'm sorry that you are so confused that you think asking people about their positions is the equivalent of being the new Hitler.
  13. Actually, we all think that information is biased in our favor. It's called confirmation bias, and everyone is subject to it, no matter what your political beliefs are.
  14. I guess I should be more specific. I am talking about liberalism as we know it today, not classical liberalism. I didn't come here to get a history lesson.
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