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  1. watch the video i posted. its better than the .gov propaganda you posted...
  2. We now live in an MKULTRA society designed and tuned in to certain frequencies as well as rates of transition in our media. Every color, every second, and every image is closely analyzed and monitored for effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO7XgCZlDQk
  3. nuke underwater volcanos! its our only hope lol j/k naw we're good man. We just need to recycle everything, use clean energy, and stop nuclear everything... but global warming... i dont know.
  4. we just need to evacuate all the Sunni who helped us during the war as well as the African Iraqis of Basrah & especially all the Christians. Then create fortress Kurdistan and withdrawal all of our Mid East forces to Armenia, Georgia, and Israel... and call it day. We're broke and cannot afford any more Mid East wars... thats why we are not doing crap about Syria.
  5. Everyone in America is on some sort of pill nowadays but, in the case of opiate addiction it is now hitting epidemic levels. People trust their doctors and doctors trust pharmaceutical companies who in turn profit from selling more drugs. True, opium is the best for pain management but why make an addictive substance more addictive through a similar manufacturing process as cigarettes? I often times hear people say, "well my doctor prescribed them to me." In the case of GMOs, maybe this too, is a similar scheme? And too many are now on heroin. How the hell did this drug make a come back let a
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO7XgCZlDQk everyone's got an agenda but, its a matter of what the outcome is and if it is for the greater good.
  7. lol they seem to get into these spats every couple of years. I think they just do it to keep up appearences or they really secretly hate each other... and asides from football (eh huh soccer) this is how they can vent! u know what else though, the French did cause the UK a lot of trouble during the Falklands War. Much of Argentina's advance warrantly was acquired through France and once the Argentines got a few lucky shots in Ol lady thatcher went banannas
  8. It is time for the Democratic Party to adopt moderate candidates on abortion back into the Party. I have seen many sincere Democrats get thrown out of the Party through financial woes or primary challengers specifically, over this issue. It is time to bring the Catholic vote back to its Kennedy roots. Its time to bring all Latino and especially Mexican voters back into the Party. And its time to pass an actual health care bill that assists the poor since, many moderates abandoned the issue over abortion... causing everyone in the nation to lose comprehensive care and thus, life. The Democr
  9. lol great post! Dont forget their two best and brightest sons... Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush. Both idiots who started wars (like their grandfathers) that they couldn't finish! I agree with you. The best thing America could do right now is let the South go and watch how fast they deteriorate to a second class country. (Although poor black people. They still may as well be slaves down here)
  10. your video is a perfect illustration of why America is losing its place to China. Americans do not make anything anymore that is worth a crap. Don't quit your day job Doc... P.S. move your video to the trash can lol
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