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  1. seriously, is this the next thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18vjbJZGOCo
  2. thank you so much! I certainly can learn a lot about myself from you. Obviously, since you took the time to see how many posts I make and how long I've been part of the sight...kinda how one might take the time to know what their ex girlfriend's routine is on any particular day...and then use that routine to cast judgement against her. Makes that person super cool indeed. Keep up the good work!
  3. Republicans, bigots, xenophobes and the like who are so against equal human rights…..in the case of marriage equality, use this slippery slope argument that if all human beings are allowed to marry, next people will be marrying animals. I often wonder, say in the case of a married Republican male, if the wife of said person knows that he is unable to tell the difference between the love shared among two humans and how one may feel for an animal? Regardless it’s obviously a ridiculous notion. Have they ever noticed that throughout the history of America, when barriers of inequality are lifted, it does not lead to a time of animals infiltrating our daily lives? For example, after Women’s Suffrage...animals were not then given the right to vote. After the Civil Rights Movement….animals did not start attending schools. And so, here is another parody campaign ad from everyone’s favorite Republican; Ram Johnston, explaining how equal human rights leads to barnyard animal relations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4yzB3MC7QI
  4. This is a parody campaign ad making fun of the hypocrisy of Republicans when they talk about "small government" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id4fg2FqU2M
  5. Ted Nugent stupid bad word redneck play set, a wonderful Christmas gift http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKoBz7pgQtg
  6. Definitely a lot of truth to what you are saying. And although as someone who has lived in the district his entire life, and being pleased overall with having Defazio as the representative, I still wouldn't mind seeing someone worthy step up and challenge him. But that hasn't really happened; at least not for a very long time. But then again, I would love to have more choices than just a Democrat and a Republican; but I assume that is a very, very long time off...
  7. Not really sure where in my post or in the video it's mentioned that a "13 term congressman is not crooked and a liar" But given the choice between that 13 termer who, in my opinion and it seems the opinion of most in the district, has done a tremendous job overall or a wacky, tea-party loving, Koch funded nutjob; I'm not going to vote for the latter simply because the former has been in office for 26 years. It seems you understand that concept as well with the statement; "I am not saying elect crazyman." Therefore, it makes it difficult for a simpleton like me to determine what the point of this post is? Unless the objective was ad hominem, in which case, well done! Regardless, I look forward to the "crazyman" video about myself. Perhaps my psychiatrist and I can watch it together...
  8. Art Robinson is a crazy person running for Congress in Oregon against 13-term incumbent Peter Defazio. Robinson lives in a survivalist compound where he peddles his propaganda that poses as a "scientific newsletter" Among his many brilliant theories; public schools should be abolished, nuclear waste should be dumped in the ocean or installed in our homes (because radiation is good for humans?!!) and AIDS is a government conspiracy. He also sells a home school curriculum kit which contains a 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica, a 1611 King James Bible and the writings of an extremely unenlightened racist. This year is son is also running for Congress. He switched political parties just before the deadline to get on the Democratic ticket and he freely admits there's no political difference between himself and his father. This is a funny video outlining their craziness:
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