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  1. Republicans and Democrats have been building FEMA Camps and trying to undermine America for years.... They are mad the North American Union Plans have failed miserably.....
  2. Exactly my folks.... Get real unemployment down to 3.8%, arrest the criminal bankers, give them all 10 years in jail for engineering a DEPRESSION... then when true unemployment goes to 3.8% then criminalize bumming. They could be put in government barracks and their job would be to peddle electricity generating bicycles 1 hour on 2 hours off for 4 hours a day. I am sure the electricity they produce can be used for the public good and with enough people and the cost to the taxpayers.... cheaper than welfare checks and projects aparentments.
  3. Their needs to be conditions to make bumming criminal. If the government doesn't referee a good economy in which good jobs are available then conservatives can't sit there and condemn those using social services based on a problem the Federal-Reserve created in the first place. Right wing nut-tards don't address this cuz they would miss out on the FED-subsidies that Right-wing media gets all the while condemning "socialism".
  4. Do something with the American Thug Culture yes.... Enagage in race round ups, too Hitlerian and not going to happen in America. Americans need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, make citizen arrests and shame the cops into doing their jobs.
  5. Abortion is just another way the Nefilim and the Globalists engage in their depopulation agenda. World Banker Says "Second Species" Controls Earth http://www.secretsofthefed.com/disclosure-world-banker-says-second-species-controls-earth/ Globalists are nothing more than human traitors to the human race fulfilling a Nefilim agenda.
  6. I am not a conservative but I have seen wafare cities in blue and red states. Welfare is currently needed as other social programs cuz the banks are enginnering a DEPRESSION currently.... After the criminal bankers are arrested and jailed, and we go to a real 3.8% unemployment rate then we should start giving the unemployed 2 years to find a job or get arrested for mooching. But let's not condemn Americans now without first condemning the bankers first.
  7. I think Child Protection Services should do more sting operations, like Bait Car, or and undercover drug sting. Take an at risk kid and follow up on his home life yes but Parent Licensing sounds too Orwellian.... cuz then the state will focus on momey making rather than kids well being. Much like cops focus on traffic tickets while motels and hotels make 70% of their revenues providing overnight drug dens to addicts and dealers.
  8. With 42% unemployment.... What a joke !!!! Is this an August Fools post seriously ?
  9. Believe it or not Latinos want the same things Americans want, to live in peace, not be bothered with gangs or g-men. In Latin-America you just don't have that. America is not the champion of Democracy it used to be in the 20th Century. We have supported more kleptocracies in the 21st Century than democracies.
  10. Hell no they would not be pleased with America today.... America is based on anti-Nefilim constructs.... Globalism is a Nefilim construct.....
  11. Yes but a gun mixes Darwinism with Constitutionalism unlike the kakistocracies in foreign nations that are subjects and not sovereign citizens. Remember with GREAT SOVEREIGNTY comes GREAT RESPONSIBILTY !!!!!
  12. You outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns...... NEXT !!!!!
  13. How about that Obama Movie that will live on in infamy ? Dude ! Where's My Birth Certificate ?
  14. America is a mixed economy. We have capitalism, with socialism safeguards. The main problem is we have Central Banker/Wall Street crony-capitalism with an anti-Jeffersonian hyper inflation agenda at work. It is NOT communism.
  15. The Globalists are trying to phase out the Republican Party..... Too much bi-partisanship and in-fighting is holding up their agenda. The Nazis and Communists got much further along with a 1 party system. So now they are trying that here.
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