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  1. I apologized you declined to accept it...so plan b..... I am taking all our correspondence to the fbi office and laying it out for them...if they determine that I committed a crime...well, when they contact you to press charges YOU WILL DO WHAT EVER YOU WILL DO....and I will face the consequences... I am not going to be your bitch.....yours or anyone elses for that matter.....if I inadvertently broke the law...I will face that like a man.... im ending this sh it ASAP....
  2. my wife likes it when I eat in bed...wink wink....
  3. If I broke the law, I am going to pay the consequences for it. If he did he will as well....I hope neither of us did...but I'm not looking over my shoulder wondering if this guy did turn me in..
  4. I am taking all our correspondence to the Bozeman FBI office at 9:00 today should they be open ....I'm not fu cking around with this any more...it is what it is. If you decide you want to end this fine...I will not go...if you don't want to end this...9:00 am this she stupid sh it show will be out in the open
  5. all right...so be it. I will be taking all correspondence between you and I regarding this...to the Bozeman fbi field office tomorrow....we will see where this settles out... RussianDisinformation Member 5,649 posts Gender:DestroysNazis Location:Earth Report post Posted Friday at 02:42 PM Trump loves the Taliban and ISIS. Trump negotiates with terrorists when all other American presidents kill them. The next president will have you domestic terrorists killed.
  6. so, I have pmd you....I have apologized to you....do you wish to resolve this here and now?
  7. you dont remember telling me that the next president was gonna hunt me down and kill me? you dont remember that? the court case in Elonis vs The U.S. in that case elonis threatened his wife, his employer, a kindergarten class and the fbi... the supreme court found that he didn't have an intent to carry out the threat.... I have no intent to attack anyone to take their life or otherwise, and you know it.....we were busting each others balls... YOU TOLD ME THAT A PRESIDENT WAS GOING TO KILL ME... I RESOPNDED IN KIND....I PLAYED YOUR GAME...THAT IS ALL.. IF YOU WANT AN APOLOGY...FINE... I APOLOGIZE TO YOU.....
  8. the supreme court has already ruled on this crap you douche bag.....trolling ass wipe communists like you isn't a crime...you have to prove I had intent to carry out the threat....and since there was no threat to begin with...you are only going to look like a stupid fu cking moron when you go tattle to the police...you idiot...
  9. https://gizmodo.com/supreme-court-online-threats-legal-as-long-as-you-dont-1708190038
  10. they dont give a sh it retard......they have IMPORTANT things to do.....not waste their time on people like you
  11. the dumb ass Russian disinformation dont realize that the supreme court already ruled on this.....hahahahahaha
  12. all right folks.....this is the pm I received from Russian disinformation A mod contacted me and we discussed your predicament. I'm not the only person you said you would kill. This is being taken very seriously especially given your past behavior. On Monday I will contact the FBI and I have no choice in the matter. If you make a public apology, I will see what what I can do to convince the mod not to share the death threat with the fusion centers. By law I am required make the report but I can say I think you were just blow smoke and not get you charged. You will be checked for warrants and your guns will be confiscated. I don't know if the mods have made a report. I hold your fate in my hands. I am not going to apologize.... Russian disinformation posted to me that the next president was going to kill me I responded that that would be fine because THIS PRESIDENT is going to kill him he responded that nobody would kill anyone for the president so who was going to kill him to this I responded ME.... so that is the story...now Russian disinformation wants me to apologize....I refuse... the reason I refuse is because he threatened me first...I simply responded to his ridiculousness.... his original statement was ridiculous on many fronts..first of all...Hillary is never going to be elected...so I have nothing to worry about from a future president... second of all...trump has the cia to kill anyone he wants....he dont need me.... and if trump did kill Russian disinformation of 5th ave we would still vote for him...we are deplorable that way... blue dog pmd me and told me not to threaten posters....that is moderator abuse.....if he was being even handed he would have either cautioned both of us or Russian disinformation alone because he is the one that started it..... with moderators like that yall can take this ridiculous troll board and shove it up yer ass....im fu ckin out.... later bitches.
  13. dude...the leftists on here threatening actual use of force of government to threaten people on here is bull sh it...it takes the fun out of posting on here....to be honest, im pretty much done with this site....the idea that you need to have people arrested for fu cking with ya....it is totally fu cked up...especially when everyone here instigates all the sh it talk on here.... me being a cu nt? no fish..you are being the cu nt by sticking up for the little tattle tales...….
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