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  1. oh...that is not what I think.....that was from the encyclopedia Britannica....it is historical fact....I think that I am sick of left leaning historians treating obamas treason with kids gloves.
  2. does anyone really care what the difference is? are either even in use in todays military....no man can know everything...….
  3. yeah...president of a goat fu cking gang called the muslim brotherhood and the founder of isis….Obama is a fu cking scumbag ni66er......he IS a piece of sh it
  4. While the wall construction has taken longer than most supporters would have wanted, it is still progressing soldiers would make a better wall....armed with mechanized infantry and air support....a10s and f16s....and a no Mexican zone one mile wide...the length of the border....orders to shoot to kill....women and children first.
  5. horse sh it...you lost, you are the loser and America is better for you being a faggot ass loser.....no go pleasure your wifes dad or what ever it is you two faggots do....
  6. Yes....even with the Nazi, kkk, and confederate vote.....you lost
  7. You voted for Hillary....how insane of you
  8. and in 12 more years you can
  9. you supporting a woman beating ni66er? how progressive of you
  10. I can see how you got 107 thousand posts.....not one of them is of any substance...