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  1. yer death cult is moving back into the dark ages you sick freak.....you need a more positive cause to champion......and stop looking at people as property...slavery is over.
  2. bigsky

    dear president trump

    hey cow fart face moooooooo boy....I do what the hell I want.....I dont listen to people with cow fart breath.....you sheep herding turd burgler of the high country
  3. bigsky

    dear president trump

    yes he does....you read article 2 section 2 clause 1 you lilly liver poop eater
  4. I pray they impeach.....lord I pray they impeach him....
  5. true that....but dont you find it disgusting that we GET to live in a country where food abounds.....freedom is rampant and people can truly enjoy life....and yet people bitch about it.
  6. funny how people that fat have the gall to complain about this nation...
  7. if they were smart they would throw Obama and Hillary overboard....support the investigation and push punishment to the highest level the law allows...it would be the only thing to save them in the upcoming elections....and I think it would probably propel them to take the senate if they did that...
  8. it sucks to take joy in this...but how can you not after all the lies told by the left?
  9. you are clearly as insane as Pelosi...you fu cking retard.
  10. now that mueller time is over...I hope you enjoy the BARR tab....
  11. it is...the thing is that it doesn't have to....everyone on the left can RIGHT NOW divest them selves from the Russia collusion lie and get on board with the investigation into what the government was doing against a political opponent...they would have to bury Hillary and Obama but they would look above board and probably take the senate...what with the feckless piece of sh it republicans in there... I guess its true...the coverup is worse than the crime.....unfortunately, people not even in office during the coup are going to have to go down with it.....because they wont reject it