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  1. the judge told em to get bent.....they have no god damn authority.....
  2. well....we are all a little more smart now
  3. you are right....it is just starting....
  4. enforcing immigration laws would have saved that baby boys life...you are a heartless ass hole and care more about goat fu ckers in never land than the people of this country....I cant wait until trump interns you in a concentration camp
  5. yer physically exhausted after reading some sh it on a forum that you elected to be a part of? how fat are you that you exhaust your self by reading?
  6. if all there is is b.s. innuendo...….impeachment will be the down fall of the democrats...Pelosi knows this....you should listen to her and not aoc
  7. what are ya gonna do benson if you are proven wrong? now, im not saying in the slightest that you are...im just wondering
  8. bigsky

    Its Fun!

    wow benson…..yer getting down with yer bad self
  9. well......consider the golan heights the united states and the joos Mexicans....perhaps that will help you more appreciate the illegal immigration of the joos.....
  10. that is why we voted against hillary