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  1. what is the fastest growing class of millionaires in America? This should not come as a surprise for a country that continues to experience an expanding government role in the daily lives of its citizens. According to Forbes columnist Rich Karlgaard the answer to the question above is: Police officers, firefighters, teachers and federal bureaucrats. Here’s why: It’s said that government workers now make, on average, 30% more than private-sector workers. Put that fantasy aside. It far underestimates the real figures. By my calculations government workers make more than twice as much. They are America’s fastest-growing group of millionaires. Doubt it? Then ask yourself: What is the net present value of an $80,000 annual pension payout with additional full health benefits? Working backward the total NPV would depend on expected returns of a basket of safe investments–blue-chip stocks, dividends and U.S. Treasury bonds. Investment pros such as my friend Barry Glassman say 4% is a good, safe return today. Based on this small but unfortunately realistic 4% return, an $80,000 annual pension payout implies a rather large pot of money behind it–$2 million, to be precise. That’s a lot. That $2 million also happens to be the implied booty of your average California policeman who retires at age 55. Typical cities in California have a police officer’s retirement plan that works as follows: 3% at age 50. As the North County Timesof Carlsbad, Calif. explains: “Carlsbad offers its police and firefighters a ’3-percent-at-50′ retirement plan, meaning that emergency services workers who retire at age 50 can get 3% of their highest salary times the number of years they have worked for the city. City officials have said that in Carlsbad the average firefighter or police officer typically retires at age 55 and has 28 years of service. Using the 3% salary calculation, that person would receive an annual city pension of $76,440.” Who are America’s fastest-growing class of millionaires? They are police officers, firefighters, teachers and federal bureaucrats, who, unless things change drastically, will be paid something near their full salaries every year–until death–after retiring in their mid-50s. That is equivalent to a retirement sum worth millions of dollars. If you further ask how much salary it would take to live, save and build a $2 million stash over a 30-year career, the answer would be somewhere close to $75,000 more than the nominal salary, if you include all the tax bites associated with earning, saving and investing money. In other words, if a police officer, firefighter, teacher or federal bureaucrat is making $75,000 a year he or she is effectively making twice that amount. Implied in the annual pension payout is that the individual diligently saved half of his annual salary–after taxes–in order to save, invest and build (again, after taxes) the near $2 million pot. So when you hear that government workers now make, on average, 30% more than private-sector workers, you’re not getting the full story. Government workers, on average, make more than twice as much as private-sector workers when you include the net present value of their pensions. How long can this last?
  2. you have to prove intent....the post is vague to say the least....no threat
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  6. Americans who are considering voting for the Democratic Party in the upcoming election, owe it to themselves to know exactly for whom they are voting. When it comes to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, what they will find are two candidates with dangerous ties to terrorists and anti-American radicals. My family understands the danger of the terror threat having endured its reality — twice. I was 9 and my brother Tom 11 when our father, Frank Connor, 33, was killed in the Jan. 24, 1975, lunchtime bombing of Fraunces Tavern in New York City. In 1999, the Clintons pardoned the unrepentant Puerto Rican Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) terrorist bombers who proudly claimed responsibility for our father’s death. Our cousin and father’s god son, Steve Schlag, was killed on 9/11 in his office at the World Trade Center as my brother Tom and I helplessly witnessed the attacks from our respective downtown offices only blocks from Fraunces Tavern and the twin towers. Steve was 41, a husband and proud father of three young children. Our family remains disgusted by reports of the Clintons’ refusal to instruct U.S. forces to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. Ties That Blind A closer look at Clinton and Obama reveals a disturbing interconnection between the two Democratic candidates and a web of terrorists and radical groups dating back to the late 1960s. The relationships are as intertwined as they are astounding and chilling. Obama, through his relationship with Weather Underground member William Ayers and the United Church of Christ, also connects to the FALN and via this intricate web of radicals to groups such as the May 19th Communist Organization (formed from splintered Weather Underground members; named for the May 19 birthdates of both Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X). Clinton has direct connections to FALN, the most prolific terrorist group in U.S. history; Weather Underground, the same group connected to Obama; and the Black Panthers, as well as indirect connections to others. Americans deserve a full accounting of the candidates’ relationships with radical anti Americans. Presidents’ security and loyalty bona fides should be above reproach. All of these radical groups were part of a largely Cuban-trained militia that conspired to terrorize America in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. As Jay Nordlinger put it in his March 19, 2001, article in National Review Online, “. . . all such outfits worked together, in an alliance of terror: the May 19th Communist Organization, the Black Liberation Army (composed largely of former Black Panthers), the Red Guerrilla Resistance, the Republic of New Afrika, and so on.”
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