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  1. THE NOVEL/ABSTRACT They would rather say: The Love hunter hath taken unto himself the mating student +18-traditionally girl18+-geez! He glorified! Nay, but whatsoever should be-to be loved-in the heavens and the earth would be his. All are subservient unto him. The originator of the positions to be used in a free mating and while they were tasting the public coitus in the street! Indeed when the leader of the public coitus revolution decreeth a thing, he saith unto the bed or garden or even the pavement only: Be! and it is. And those who have no knowledge say: Why doth not the leader of the sexual revolution speak unto us, or some sign ad hoc free mating to be peeped come unto us? Even thus, as they now speak, spake those (who were) before them. Their hearts are all alike. We have made clear the revelations for people who should be sure. Lo! We have sent thee-The Wife of The Pushkin's Beloved City Erzurum's Mayor as the onlookers peeping the free mating of The Mating Student Girl18+ and The Twos in One with the true zest, a bringer of glad tidings to the people to have liked peeping sexual intercourse and a advertiser. And thou wilt not be asked about the owners of hot nuptial bed. And the classic-well concealed mating defenders-would not be pleased with thee, nor would the aggressive asexual persons, till thou follow their way of love in the cold bed. Say: Lo! the guidance of The Leader of The Sexual Revolution Leader (himself) would be the hero of lave making guidance. And if thou shouldst follow the dissidents desires after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then wouldst thou have from The Love Hunter no protecting guardian nor helper in the warped and icy bed. Those unto whom the Public Coitus Heroes have explained the manifesto, who read it with the right reading, those believe in it. And whoso disbelieveth in it, those could be only they who would be the losers. O People of The Public Coitus! Remember the love hunter's favour wherewith I favoured you and how the sexual guide preferred you to (all) creatures. And guard (yourselves) against a day when no soul might in aught avail another, nor might compensation be accepted from it, nor will intercession be of use to it; nor would they be helped. And (remember) when his sweetheart tried the love hunter with a lot of commands, and he fulfilled them, and someone said: Lo! I have appointed thee a leader for mating people. He-who?-asked: Of my offspring (would there be leaders? He said: My covenant includeth not wrong-doers. And when we made the bed of love a resort for mankind and love makers' nest-saying-: Take as your place of the public coitus place where the love hunter stood (to engage in the public coitus) so we imposed a duty upon the love hunter and the mating girl student18+, (saying): Purify the bed for those who peeped around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down before the sexual partner and prostrate themselves in the bed. And when they carry on with the public coitus: My Leader of The Sexual Revolution! Make this a style of sexual intercourse of zest induced security and security based on sexual intercourse bestowed upon its people fruits, such of them as believe in the love hunter and the lasting sexual intercourse getting tasty day by day, the love hunter answered: As for him or she who disbelieveth in the sexual revolution, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of a cold nuptial bed- a hapless journey's end on the right path of mating! And when The Mating Girl Student18+ and The Twos in One were raising the foundations of The Municipality of the Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum, The Onlookers led by The Wife of that City's mayor: Our Lord! Accept from us (this duty of mating free to be peeped. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Love Hunter, the leader of the public coitus. Our Love Hunter! And make every love maker submissive unto Thee and of our seed a Public Coitus Club submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of worship, and relent toward us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the relenting, the greatest partner of the public coitus. Our Leader of The Sexual Revolution! And raise up in their midst a free mating messenger from among them who shall recite unto them Thy revelations, and shall instruct them in the manifesto and in wisdom and shall make them grow. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Mighty, Wise. And who forsaketh the free mating right of The Mankind save him who befooleth themselves verily we chose him in the world, and lo! in the hereafter he is among the righteous. When said unto them: Surrender! he said: I have surrendered to the leader of the world based on the public coitus. The same did the love hunter enjoin upon his sons, and also someone, (saying): O my sons! Lo! The Sexual revolution hath chosen for you the (true) way of mating; therefore die not save as mating people who have surrendered (unto the heroes of the revolution). Or were ye present when death came to someone, when he said unto his sons: What will ye sustain the public coitus after me ? They said: We shall follow thy way of sexual intercourse, the sexual leaders of thy ancestors, such and such love makers, One leader, and unto wom we have surrendered. Attention please! Help! Help! Attention please! Help! Help! Attention please! Help! Help!!!! The official hackers of the Turkey Soviet are hacking my texts in being installed into my novel daily!!! What is the Turkey Soviet? The reddish green- Islamic terrorist-,and anti civilisation/Anti Semitic/Anti USA/ and even Anti Russia and Anti EU state, in fact the gang state as North Korea, Iran!! Attention please! Help! Help! Attention please! Help! Help! Attention please! Help! Help!!!! SOLZH! As for the enemies of The Public Coitus: Those are a people who have passed away. Theirs would be that which they scattered as the genital secretions, and yours would that which ye used to inject in and around the vulva that should be drilled and pumped. And ye should not be asked of what they used to do yet they say: Be females or males, then ye would be rightly guided. Say unto them, O The Heroes of The Public Coitus): Nay, but (we follow) the principles of The public Coitus Revolution, the upright, and they-who?-were not of the classic love makers. Say (O Free Mating Ones): We believe in innovations and revolutions, and that which was revealed-by the onlookers-used to be peeping free mating-unto us and that which was revealed unto the sexual intercourse revolutionists, and the public coitus heroes, and the followers of the love hunter, and the mating girl student18+, and the other onlookers beside to those led by The Wife of The Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum's Mayor, and that which The Mating Girl18+ and The Twos in One led the mankind loving free love making, and that which the pro-sexual revolution from their Love Hunter. We make no distinction between any of them, and unto the sexual revolution heroes we have surrendered in making free sexual intercourse open to be peeped. And if they would believe in the like of that which ye used to make love, then were they rightly guided. But if they should turn away, then were they in schism, and The Love Hunter suffice thee (for defence your genital organs against the onlookers! casting an evil look) against them. The Love Hunter would be the hearer, the knower so that no whisper could escape from his discerning capacity in the bed. The flowers of the public coitus would take their colour from the sexual revolution, and who could be better than the love hunter at colouring. We are his followers. Say (unto the People of the people of the public coitus): Dispute ye with us concerning the heroes of the sexual novelties when The Love Hunter would be our guide and your teacher? Ours were our works and yours your works. We look to The Love Hunter alone. Or say ye that the love hunter, and the mating girl student18+, and the guide of the onlookers, and peepers peeping sexual intercourses, and the sexual revolutionists were mere jugglers or charlatans? Say: Do ye know best, or doth the sexual revolutionist? Who could be then more unjust than she or he who hideth her or his mating which he hath received the right of public coitus while all the creatures mating open to be peeped? The Love hunter was not unaware of what ye do. Those were people who have passed away; theirs-the natural right of the public coitus-was that which they earned but nod used and yours that which ye must have earned and should use. And ye would not be asked of what they used to do. The foolish of the people will say: What hath turned them from the "just" which they formerly observed? Say: Unto The Public Coitus Heroes should belong mating open to be peeped for gratis in the East and the West. Both The Girl Student18+ and The Twos in One copulating with her under the roof of the Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum would guide whom She /He should unto a straight path in using the public intercourse right of both the animals, and the humans. Thus the love makers must have appointed the a sexual revolution creatures or rather the middle nation of life sexually, that ye may be witnesses against mankind, and that the messenger may be a witness against you. And the love makers appointed the way of public coitus which ye formerly observed only that the love hunters might know her / him who followeth the love hunter, from him who turneth on his heels. In truth it was a hard (test) save for those whom the love hunter guided. But it was not the sexual revolutionists' purpose that your faith should be in vain, for they should be is full of love, merciful toward mankind. Everybody have seen the turning of thy face to heaven (for guidance, O The Hero of The Sexual Revolution). And now verily one should make thee turn your hips (in mating) toward a folk to have peeped you which ought to be too much dear to thee. So turn thy face too toward the Inviolable peephole used by the onlookers, and ye (O Mating Ones), where so ever ye may be, turn your faces towards the peeping people (when ye pray) toward it. Lo! Those who have received the public coitus manifesto should know that (that manifesto) was the truth from the main kingdom of the hearts reiterating the same refrain in war and in peace: Justice for everybody so the sexual revolutionists wouldn't be unaware of what the mating ones would do even if the other people and thou broughtest unto those who have received the manifesto all kinds of portents, they would not follow thy point of justice, nor canst thou be a follower of the morality induced love makers defending the classic; nor were some of them followers of the other-ad hoc- points of others. And if thou shouldst follow the desires matching to The Public Coitus after the knowledge which hath come unto thee, then surely wert thou of the innovation-doers ad hoc. sexual revolution. Those unto whom The Love Hunter gave the public coitus manifesto soul recognised (that revelation) as they could recognise their sons. But lo! a party of them knowingly would conceal the truth. It is the truth from thy revolutionists (O Free Mating Heroes), so be not thou of those who waver. Adding to every details let's repeat: Each one hath a goal toward which he turneth; so vie with one another in good works. Where so ever ye may be, sexual intercourse to have been peeped will bring you all together. Lo! The Sexual Revolution is Able to do all things. And whence so ever thou comest forth (for prayer, O The Love Hunter) turn thy face toward the inviolable place of the public coitus. Lo! it is the truth from thy love hunter. the love hunter is not unaware of what ye do. Whence so ever thou comest forth turn thy face toward the inviolable place of public coitus; and where so ever ye may be (O Free Mating Heroess) turn your faces toward it (when ye making love) so that men may have no argument against you, save such of them as do injustice-Fear them not, but fear public coitus heroes!-and so that I may complete the mating ones' grace upon you, and that ye may be guided. Even as they have sent unto you a love hunter from among you, who reciteth unto you our revelations and causeth you to grow, and teacheth you the Public Coitus Heroes and wisdom, and teacheth you that which ye knew not. Therefore remember them so that they will remember you. Give thanks to them, and reject not them. O ye who would be mating! Seek help in steadfastness and making love. Lo! The Love Hunter is with the steadfast. And call not those who are satisfied over ejaculation and orgasm in the way of the love hunter "sexually happy" Nay, they are living as kings and queens would do, only ye perceive not. And surely everybody shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast who say, when a misfortune striketh them: Lo! we are The Revolutionist's and lo unto they we are returning. Such are they on whom are blessings from their those guides, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided. Lo! The Mountains of blankets to soften the cobbles to have engaged in public coitus in the boulevards, in the street, and in lanes and dried semen drops are among the indications of mating free to be peeped. It is therefore no sin for him who is mating on the pavement near to the municipality building or visiteth it, to go around them (not as the debauchee's custom is). And she or he who doeth good of her or his own accord, (for the love hunter) lo! The revolutionist, the responsive, aware...Lo! Those who hide the proofs and the guidance which the love hunter revealed, after the free sexual intercourse had made it clear to mankind in the Public Coitus Manifesto: such are to be cursed by the love hunter and accursed of those who have the power to mate freely and cursed not who would not peep. Except those anti-public coitus who repent and amend and make manifest the truth. These it is toward whom the love hunter relent while everybody would be the relenting, the merciful. Lo! Those who disbelieve... err...disbelieve what?..say the principles of the public coitus, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the curse of the love hunter and of onlookers peeping the mating free to be peeped and of people combined. They ever dwell therein. The doom will not be lightened for them, neither will they be reprieved. Your sexual intercourse guide God is One Leader; there is no Guide save the heroes of the sexual intercourse, the beneficent in the bed, the merciful while drilling or to be being drilled and to pump and to be being pumped. Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of night and day, and the love makers which run upon the sea of the genital secretions with that which is of use to the mankind, and the water which sendeth down from the lips kissing, thereby reviving the genital organs after the mating, and dispersing all kinds of mating creatures therein, and (in) the ordinance of the winds, and the clouds of exhilarated hot air while making love obedient between mattress and bed: are signs (of The Love Maker's Sovereignty in The Public Coitus) for people who have sense. Yet of mankind are some who take unto themselves (objects of free mating which they set as) rivals to none, loving them with a love like (that which is the due) of the sexual revelation heroes only!
  2. ISLAMIST/NATIONALIST TURKEY SOVIET'S AYATOLLAH F. GULEN AND HIS STUDENT CALIPH ERDOGAN ORDERED TO SLAUGHTER THE HINDU PEOPLE IN MYANMAR Turkey, the Rohingya crisis and Erdoğan's ambitions to be a ... theconversation.com › turkey-the-rohingya-crisis... Myanmar Archives - Hizmet News https://hizmetnews.com › tag › myanmar
  3. SOLZHENITSOF HAD WARNED YOU OF COMING ISLAMIC TERROR WAVE ORGANIZED BY THE TURKISH CALIPH ERDOGAN NAMELY THE STUDENT OF TURKISH AYATOLLAH GULEN IN ISLAMIC STATES FROM QATAR, SUDAN, LIBYA, THE MEDITERRANNEAN SEA COAST SOILS LIKE SYRIA ETC. TO THREATEN THE EU COUNTRIES AND THE USA, AUSTRALIA AND THE LIKE! THE LOVE AFFAIR NOVELS WRITER PROF MES. SOLZHENITSOF WOULD LIKE TO ATTRACT YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FEATURES-SIMILAR TO WHAT OF TURKEY'S VAGABOND PRESIDENT AND CALIPH ERDOGAN-OF THE SAUDI TERRORIST NO DOUPT CREATED BY TURKISH REDDISH GREEN SOVIET STATE'S TURCO-ISLAMIST TERROR AGENTS! A Twitter user appearing to match Alshamrani's identity had also made a series of anti-US posts before the shooting, an online monitoring group says. Image copyrightREUTERS Image captionThe gunman has been officially named as Mohammed Alshamrani by the FBI But US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said on Saturday that he would not label the incident "terrorism" at this point. Speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, he said investigators must be allowed to do their work.
  4. Report post Posted 4 hours ago THE MODERN RUSSIAN ROMANTIC NOVELIST PROF. MES-SOLZHENITSOF WRITES: WHO IS JIHADI JANE? JIHADI JANE IS A WOMAN USED AS A COMMON WIFE BY THE ISLAMIC STATE BUTCHERS PAID BY TURKISH CALIPH ERDOGAN, THE TURKEY SOVIET'S RACIST/ANTI SENITIC SEMITIC/ANTI EUROPE MILITANTS , TURKISH REDS/COMMUNISTS, TURCO-ISLAMIC GREEN TERRORISTS, AND BY BOTH ANTI DEMOCRAT AYATOLLAH GULEN'S FOLLOWERS AND FAKE DEMOCRAT KEMALISTS SOLDIERS. SHE HAS GOT SIX ILLEGAL EX-HUSBAND ONE THREE NEW ONES WORKING FOR TURKISH SOVIET'S FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY! JIHADI JANE Is Shamima Begum back in the UK, what did the Isis bride do and what happened to her children? Sun Online reporters 29 Sep 2019, 10:22 Updated: 29 Sep 2019, 10:24 TEENAGE Isis bride Shamima Begum was a schoolgirl when she fled to join the terror cult in Syria. In an interview in September 2019, the former Brit has revealed once again her desperation to return to the UK. Here's the latest. THE PUBLIC COITUSBy SOLZHENITSOF(The Great Novelist of The Post Romantic Russian Literature)LOVE OF THE TWOS IN ONE AND THE STUDENT GIRL18+FINALEE...The obstinate defenders trying to shield the traditional human mating against every novelties would then know The Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum and The Twos in One namely The One in Twos or rather The Love Hunter mating with The Girl Student18+, say +18 the novel by the name Prof. MES SOLZHENITSY, but that would make sense under either assumption viz. PUBLIC COITUS-prior force against ignorance of the title or prior knowledge of it. If they were ignorant of it, then this was indeed the initial revolution in sexual intercourse; if they already had known it, then it should be simply an indication that this was The Love Hunter's preferred name for future generations, since it is most consistent with his revolutionary character. Although inconclusive, an analysis of the story has been necessary because, just as it is important to understand what a handmade historical scripture would affirm, it was equally important to be aware of those issues on which revolutionary manifestation would be silent or, in the case of The Public Coitus, ambiguous. In this way, our journey thus far has been anything but fruitless. Fortunately, it may be that one would not had to remain content with an ambiguous answer to the question of whether or not the revolutionary narratives affirm revolution induced knowledge of the heroic title The Love Hunter, for it was still possible that an answer to ones question based on historical titles might lie within the testimony of the past and next passages with which everybody were concerned: Also the essential simplicity and egalitarianism of traditional human mating suited the mentality of the humanly coitus, already discontented with their primitive form of traditionalism and aspiring to a nobler expression of their faithfully experienced yearnings. The new positions and style of human mating, combined with the old fighting traditions of the most fervent lovers, provided the people with the self-confidence they needed to challenge the rest of the world. Once the public coitus heroes' invasions started, belief in the love hunter who had chosen the free mating ones and rewarded them with success after success became inspirational. Mating, the revolutionist-style, seemed to be the way of the love hunter as the Krill Knights used the deserts of the Central Asia-The bridle of The Turkic Peoples like seas- appearing suddenly from nowhere and, whenever necessary, retreating back where none could follow. Looked at in another way, the love hunters' conquest was a classic invasion of the world's settled lands by semi-starved ones devoid of love making or even flirting, seeking other gender's taste and sexuality induced booty-but that time, spurred on by the powerful missionary zeal of The public Coitus. It should not be forgotten that the love makers exploded into a world exhausted by twenty or one hundred and twenty-six years of constant zest world based on sexuality, a world whose inhabitants longed for free mating and zero stability in coitus and had come to believe that great changes were inevitable. As for the asexual heretics, lesbians, gays and even bisexual people in the Sexual Intercourse Domain, to what almost any change must have seemed for the better, welcomed The Love Hunter with open arms. The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Entertainment Empire too, weary of civil and religious strife, also willingly accepted the prospect of change. Another important factor in the overwhelming success of the public coitus heroes was the generosity of their surrender terms. For most conservative ones, the choice of The Public Coitus or the Free Mating was not onerous; they too could join the ranks of The public Coitus Heroes by simply declaring: 'There is no way but the mating free to be peeped, and The Love Hunter its messenger.' Also, it soon became widely known that males, females and asexual ones would not be harmed by the triumphant public coitus heroes so long as they submitted to the new order by paying nothing for peeping, which often amounted to no more than the popcorn demanded by the children at-too much frequently-times.The result was that, in time, almost all the defeated sexual position inventors aspired to the name 'The Public Coitus Hero'. Though strict social barriers between free mating ones and the public coitus heroes were erected in the first century following the post modern sexual revolution, those dissolved and merit alone became the key to advancement for free love makers in the expanding empire of the public coitus. According to surviving records, mating student girls18+ helped the love hunters in many places. From The Pushkin's beloved City-Erzurum to Constantinople, they opened city gates to the besieging free love makers; and in Spain, they often garrisoned the captured free mating bedrooms to enable the public coitus heroes to sweep on to further sexuality induced conquests. In the third millennium, Lady GAGAMEL-or GAGAMELLA, huh?-, at the head of 90,000 mating girl students18+, was reported to have welcomed a eunuch Caliph into arena full of milk producing cows. The E. B --who is he indeed?-was even awarded one of the T...'s King's daughters by the grateful love hunters-and as another daughter was given to H.-another people that the author couldn't know-grandson of the nobody, and yet that was no mean gift. The conquests of THE PUBLIC COITUS united both halves of the love maker people under a single sexual and cultural system. Mating free to be peeped became the universal style of sexual intercourse, replacing the traditional human mating. Females, accustomed to adversity, found their change of masters an improvement. They survived the hardship brought about by the sexual conquest and were eventually able to participate in the creation of the new mating civilisation that followed The Love Hunter, claiming to be the sexual revolutionists' last and perfect revelation to mankind, extended limited toleration to members of the older tradition styles of mating on condition they submitted humbly to its rule. In contrast, the only choice open to poly-stylist mating was The public coitus or humiliation-though the less wasteful alternative of sexual slavery was often substituted for the free mating, huh? The texts of the public coitus frequently referred to both females and males who'd received earlier revelations from The Love Hunter, and had then distorted not and didn't corrupt them.TO BE CONTINUED...
  5. THE MODERN RUSSIAN ROMANTIC NOVELIST PROF. MES-SOLZHENITSOF WRITES: WHO IS JIHADI JANE? JIHADI JANE IS A WOMEN USED AS A COMMON WIFE BY THE ISLAMIC STATE BUTCHERS PAID BY TURKISH CALIPH ERDOGAN, THE TURKEY SOVIET'S RACIST/ANTI SENITIC SEMITIC/ANTI EUROPE MILITANTS , TURKISH REDS/COMMUNISTS, TURCO-ISLAMIC GREEN TERRORISTS, AND BY BOTH ANTI DEMOCRAT AYATOLLAH GULEN'S FOLLOWERS AND FAKE DEMOCRAT KEMALISTS SOLDIERS. SHE HAS GOT SIX ILLEGAL EX-HUSBAND ONE THREE NEW ONES WORKING FOR TURKISH SOVIET'S FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY! JIHADI JANE Is Shamima Begum back in the UK, what did the Isis bride do and what happened to her children? Sun Online reporters 29 Sep 2019, 10:22 Updated: 29 Sep 2019, 10:24 TEENAGE Isis bride Shamima Begum was a schoolgirl when she fled to join the terror cult in Syria. In an interview in September 2019, the former Brit has revealed once again her desperation to return to the UK. Here's the latest. 5 Above: pictured during a BBC News interview is Shamima Begum, who spoke with Quentin SommervilleCredit: BBC Is Shamima Begum back in the UK? As of September 2019, Shamima Begum was still in the Al Hawl camp in Syria. But former East London schoolgirl Begum has renewed calls to return to the UK, revealing she "hates" the terror group after all three babies died. Speaking from a Syrian camp, the jihadi poster girl said she would rather be in a British jail so she could access education and psychiatric help. “Mentally I am in a really bad way. I need therapy to deal with my grief. It is so hard. I have lost all my children,” she told the Daily Mail. “I have no real friends. I have lost all the friends who came with me. Now I do not have anyone. “I would like to be at home. There is more safety in a British prison, more education and access to family.” She added: “I hate the [Isis] so much. “I hate these women and what they stand for and what they believe in and that they think they can terrorise anyone who does not share their views.” But her plea has been rejected by the Home Secretary who said there's "no way" she'll be allowed back. “We cannot have people who would do us harm allowed to enter our country – and that includes this woman," she said.
  6. SOLZHENITSOF WARNS THE NATO ALLIES COUNTRIES-EXCEPT TURKEY-OF ISLAMIC TERROR WAVE OVER THE EUROPE: Eventually everybody have already been told all they needed must to know about The Public Coitus. It was no coincidence that had already appeared two anti liberal revolt/coup d'etat chains earlier in the past writings to the first question: "What is The public Coitus?" It has been quite enormously probable, therefore, that Prof. *MESOLZHENTYS’s (The nick name of his having been remembered as *SOLZHENITSOF) answered in the previous-scientific essays induced- remarks were meant to allude to the slightly late statement. Similar assurances were given later in those narrations based on the routine dialogues shared with everybody so that the author could summarize the main theme very well: “Here The Public Coitus certainly would impart its trademark. But-much more briefly-in the words ‘I will be what it will be’ there also lied all evils from censorship, knacks of The Eurasia dictators' divertissements like those of Saddam and Gaddafi movements aiming at the creation of Anti-Semitic new holocausts like that observed in Istanbul/6-7 September 1955, Anti European Civilization-including Russians'-Anti-Christianity. At all events, in giving the information which SOLZH did, everybody should reserve the liberty and liberal progress to themselves, the freedom which could be displayed precisely in their being on the old earth, in his efficacious presence.” One more word should be in order regarding the relationship between the divine term The Universal civilization and progress. ְYeah! Progress frequently, and other innovation induced name etymologies were to be based, not on literal meaning, but rather on literary puns! Hence, the statement based on the vital importance warning should be meant to be an explanation of well civilized exclamation: Everybody wake up please: Turkish Ayatollah GULEN, The New Ottomans' Caliph ERDOGAN, AND THEIR OPPONENTS IN TURKEY WERE ALL THE INGREDIENTS-isolated from each other -OF THE TURKEY SOVIET although it might be a comment about Islamic Terror Waves after the NATO meeting considered essential to the nature of organizing such catastrophes against both to The West and East EUROPE!
  7. TO: MY LIBERAL COMRADES FROM: PROF. MES SOLZHENITSOF (PRO-AMERICAN PEN, FRIEND OF THE EAST AND WEST EUROPE, THE SWORN ENEMY OF THE TURKEY SOVIET) TRY AND SEE MY RANK IN THE WORLD'S ANTI SOVIET, ANTI ISLAMIC TEROR, ANTI FASCIST WRITERS' UNIQUE WORLD! THE LITERATURE NETWORK Admin Sticky: Death Bed Quotes Started by Nightshade, 05-13-2005 01:03 AM 12345...16 o Replies: 226 o Views: 121,951 svejorange 09-20-2018, 03:44 AM Sticky: What is your favorite quote? And why? Started by Admin, 01-17-2002 05:16 PM 12345...138 o Replies: 2,066 o Views: 674,125 svejorange 09-20-2018, 03:42 AM 1. Thus spake m. Solzhenitsof! Started by mesolzhenitsy, 05-15-2012 01:42 AM 12345...45 o Replies: 660 o Views: 193,232 mesolzhenitsy 10-28-2019, 03:17 AM 2. I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do. Started by Admin, 04-16-2006 08:36 AM 12 o Replies: 26 o Views: 127,239 ennison 02-08-2019, 10:03 PM
  9. Senior Isis commander alleges Turkey's President ordered 2014 attack on Kobane A shell explodes on November 13, 2014 in the Syrian city of Kobane Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús/Creative Commons TURKEY’S authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the deadly 2014 jihadist attack on Kobane in northern Syria, a senior Isis commander alleged today. Taha Abdurrahim Abdullah, a close confidant of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – who died earlier this week – was captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces militia alliance in March this year. He told his captors Mr Erdogan had insisted that Isis attack the largely Kurdish border town in northern Syria in September 2014, despite the jihadists’ reluctance. “We [Isis] were preparing war, but our goal was to move to Damascus, not Kobane,” he claimed under interrogation. “[Former Isis leader] Baghdadi wanted Kobane to be attacked. We objected to this situation. But he refused. We suffered heavy losses in Kobane. “Later, we learned that the reason why Bagdadi turned our direction to Kobane overnight was the insistence of the Turks. The Turks wanted to attack Kobane. Erdogan insisted,” Mr Abdullah alleged. The jihadists captured around 350 largely Kurdish villages surrounding Kobane during the offensive, causing some 300,000 people to flee for their lives, and also conquered some districts of the town. A six-month siege followed, with Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) putting up fierce resistance. The YPG lifted the siege in January 2015 and retook control of the villages by mid March, helped by US air strikes. However, around 70 per cent of Kobane was destroyed in the battle. Mr Abdullah also claimed that the slain Isis leader’s replacement was chosen for his close links to the Turkish state. Abdullah Qardas, also known as Haci Abdullah, was announced as the new Isis leader following Mr Baghdadi’s death. Saying that Mr Qardas also calls himself “Ebu Omer Turkmeni,” Mr Abdullah claimed: “He uses this name to appease the Turkish state and to deepen his relations with them.” He said Isis were regrouping and “would not stop,” with the death of its former leader having no impact on the death cult. Mr Erdogan has long been accused of supporting jihadist terror groups. European intelligence reports have claimed that he commissioned the Isis suicide attacks on an Ankara peace rally in 2015 that killed at least 109 people. In August, it was revealed that the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation had been smuggling scores of former Isis fighters across borders to lead battalions in the occupation of Afrin, which Ankara’s military invaded in January 2018. Turkey is also alleged to have been the main buyer of oil originating from Isis sources in Iraq. In late 2015, Mr Erdogan and his family were accused by Russia of personally benefiting from the criminal oil trade.
  10. Who Said That? Sticky: What is your favorite quote? And why? Started by Admin, 01-17-2002 06:16 PM 12345...138 svejorange 09-20-2018, 04:42 AM Thus spake m. Solzhenitsof! Started by mesolzhenitsy, 05-15-2012 02:42 AM 12345...45 YOUR LIBERAL COMRADE PROF. MES SOLZHENITSOF-ONE OF THE STAR NAMES IN THE TLN- GREETS YOU WITH LIMITLESS HAPPINESS FOR THE ISLAMIC TERROR CHIEF CALIPH BAGDADI HAS BEEN KILLED BY OUR HERO AMERICAN SOLDIERS! SALUTATION FROM THE E-CENTER OF THE WORLD'S FUTURE GREAT WRITERS!
  11. SALUTATIONS AGAIN! REMEMBER PLEASE: CALIPH ERDOGAN-NAMELY THE STUDENT OF TURKISH AYATOLLAH GULEN-DECLARED WAR ON THE WORLD OF THE JUDEO CHRISTIANS! SEE OFFICIAL BILLBOARD IN KONYA! https://www.google.com.tr/search?q=konyadaki+afiş&safe=active&sxsrf=ACYBGNRUzege4N7Pg2Mn9Cx40bfPU063yw:1571753401222&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjB3J3ZhbDlAhWnTBUIHWpqA1QQ_AUIESgB&biw=1527&bih=785#imgrc=Ez4lCy5MXoxH9M:&spf=1571753628826 MAY GOD PRESERVE THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN WORLD!
  13. TO: MY LIBERAL COMRADES FROM: SOLZHENITSOF (THE NEW RUSSIAN ROMANTIC NOVELIST WRITING IN ENGLISH (SEE IN GOOGLE: THUS SPAKE SOLZHENITSOF) SALUTATION, WARNING INDUCED RED ALARM SAYS-ISIS BACKED-TURKEY IS A SOVIET TYPE STATE AS THE COMMUNIST NORTH KOREA OR ISLAMIC IRAN WOULD BE! ATTENTION/ACHTUNG! TURKEY, NORTH KOREA AND IRAN SHOULD BE ANNIHILATED THOROUGHLY FOR THE SAKE OF THE MANKIND'S CIVILIZATON! Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Escape as Turkish Forces Near Key Syrian Town In this Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 photo, Turkey-backed Syrian fighters enter Ras al-Yan, Syria.Turkey's military says it has captured a key Syrian border town Ras al-Ayn under heavy bombardment in its most significant gain as its offensive against Kurdish fighters presses into its fourth day. AP BY LEFTERIS PITARAKIS AND SARAH EL DEEB / AP UPDATED: OCTOBER 13, 2019 4:42 PM ET (AKCAKALE, Turkey) — Syrian government troops will deploy along the border with Turkey to help Kurdish fighters fend off Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, the Kurds said Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump ordered all U.S. troops to withdraw from the area to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fast-escalating conflict. The announcement represents a major shift in alliances for Syria’s Kurds after they were abandoned by the U.S., with whom they were longtime partners in the fight against the Islamic State group. Adding to the turmoil, hundreds of Islamic State families and supporters escaped from a holding camp in northern Syria amid heavy clashes between Turkish forces and the Kurds. The dizzying developments reflected the rapidly growing chaos that has unfolded in the week since Trump ordered U.S. forces in the region to step aside, clearing the way for the Turkish attack on the Kurdish fighters it considers terrorists.
  14. When Turkish-backed jihadists link up with Daesh, there’s only one outcome. And it’s begun. WARNING: this story contains a very graphic video of a mutilated body, that some readers may find distressing. It appears that many of the Turkish-backed ground troops invading the mostly Kurdish populated areas of Rojava (north Syria) are al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian jihadists. They and their families are likely to take over the so-called 20 mile deep ‘safe zone’. Meanwhile, there are reports that thousands of Daesh (Isis/Isil) prisoners, held by the largely Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), are planning to break out and rejoin the fight. The likely outcome doesn’t bear thinking about. GET THE NEWS THAT REALLY MATTERS
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