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  1. God has the blood of far more than 53 million on his hands, if you're going to pursue this line of reasoning. Up to half of all conceptions result in expulsion of the zygote from the body, you had better know that. A line I've heard since the early '70s is "God loves you and has a plan for your life." What's his plan for the millions of babies he allows to spontaneously abort? What about hydro- and encephalic babies, who will think no thoughts and live short, miserable lives? What about the little boy born to a couple in our congregation who in the five short years he lived never spoke a
  2. No one "advocates immoral activity." They advocate for equality under the law for gay people. Do you not see the difference? It's a civil rights issue. Christians are also patriots. Patriots support the Constitution. The Constitution says we are all equal under the law. But gay people have never had the same rights as straights, and under the Constitution of the United States that is wrong.
  3. Lews, you don't know what you're talking about re television. Try this: turn on your tv and turn off the sound, watch it for 10 minutes. Then turn on the sound and turn away from the screen and listen for ten minutes. Then tell me which 10 minutes you got the most from. Don't even waste your time doing it, because you'll say it was the part you heard, not what you saw. Television without sound is nothing. Radio stands on its own. Something else--I guess liberals don't use telephones, either. I mean my gosh, there's no picture.
  4. Texas says the lost here would have no trouble believing Christians could kill children. Well, Tex, it's already old news. It happened in WWII. The SS went into towns with Jewish and Christian populations. They lined Jews up against walls, gave rifles to Christians, and ordered them to shoot the Jews -- people who were their neighbors, whom they knew, socialized with, helped, liked, and loved. The Christians shot the Jews. You can write it off to their terror of what the SS would do to them if they didn't.
  5. Texas, maybe if God gave us a reason to love him, more of us would. You won't understand this and it would take too long to do the subject justice, but others here know exactly what I mean.
  6. Isabel, as much as I laugh at this guy's ignorance, I can't and won't say he's going to suffer for it. Because I don't know. No one knows another's heart. He might be posting this stuff as a result of awful things that have happened to him. Or because he had parents who put all this stuff into him. I know a kid who at 15 was a separatist, who was fighting the Civil War, because his grandfather had taught him to do it.
  7. Are you truly blind? I'm serious. And have you never read the history of your own country? Can you see today's Republicans passing civil rights protections for blacks? More significantly, can you see today's Democrats lynching people, wearing white robes? That's all done by conservatives, always has been. Conservatives are the home of racism, of white supremacy. The parties gradually, at the speed all social change takes place, changed places with one another. The South, the traditional bastion of white supremacy and Jim Crow, was the home of white Democratic racists until civil rights
  8. What kind of stupid society pays baseball and football players millions of dollars each? Hunt, Cli1rus and people like him believe none of the warnings in those verses apply to them. They see themselves as God's personal messengers, so how could they be in disobedience to him? Those scriptures are for others, not for them.
  9. You are a most unlikeable person. You have nothing to say here but insult. Why do you post here.
  10. Cli1rus is either a poseur or a naive teenager. His goals are to wipe out all religions except his personal version of Christianity, nullify all of our laws and replace them with his interpretation of Old Testament laws. You going to applaud that?
  11. Even people on the right know it's true. They were co-opted by the Kochs et al just like OWS was co-opted by powerful leftists. If you don't know by now that we are owned and that those pieces of paper in the National Archives no longer apply to the 99%, you need to catch up on what's happening.
  12. Cli1rus I asked you if you would have preferred the American Civil Liberties Union had not helped the Christians it has helped. Are you going to answer the question? Yes or no is all that's needed. By the way, Jesus helped people who were living openly sinful lifestyles. He had no litmus test.
  13. And drug lords make more than she does. That makes them better people than she is, according to your "logic." "Commie?" This is 2013, not 1954.
  14. Mandrew, you really think mainly liberals get abortions, don't you.
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