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  1. do you EVER get tired of being a rightwing racist moron? socialist, I wish...
  2. Awesome thread you started. We need to get rid of guns. Thanks for putting it out there!

  3. uh oh, another racist moron speaks up no racist moron, it is NOT ok to kill a Black kid for walking
  4. Gallows, I can see from the pic in your post that you hate America, may I suggest you not post on an American message board and if, by chance, you are currently residing in America, please leave.... thanks
  5. hey BAC you are a filthy and disgusting disgrace to the human race If you are not careful I wont be able to continue to protect you from the people that make the decisions, on several occasions now they have insisted that you be taken to a FEMA camp where you can be shut up and put to work, but I have prevented that more than once, if you dont stop your incessant hate of our President, I will no longer be able to protect you... punk b1tch bigot ass! Hey, you stupid filthy racist piece of schit, Obama won, you lost, you are the minority now How does it feel to be the minority, B I T C H :lol:
  6. hey TL the world is us Liberals now, the entire planet USA included has told you to shut your filthy,phucking, stupid, fat, old never gets laid mouth now shut up and right now :lol:
  7. Zimmy is a hero for murdering a child for being the wrong color Now you see why I say they are all racists? Liberal slayer is damn lucky he has a closet to hide in, he will need it
  8. are there are any rightwing idiot mods having a bad day because of :lol: :lol:
  9. uh oh, here is that gosh darn rightwing terrorist again, BAC going around calling Obama a commie it was funny for a while, but now I have some bad news for him, as a rather deep pocket supporter of the Obama campaign, I am being allowed to pick the first 5 terrorists to send to Gitmo on Wednesday, you are at the top of the list, moron stupid, vile, filthy, ugly, fat, old and about to become irrelevant forever bigot racist as$holes
  10. http://liberalforum.org/liberalforum/index.php?/topic/138010-i-want-to-thank-all-you-hard-working-americans/page__view__findpost__p__2857429 cant be more specific and i want him banned, but as I am turning this over to the FBI I need them to be able to get the IP, so dont delete anything He says he is going to kill me on Sunday...if you guys dont do something about this, it will look bad for you at first i thought maybe the sunday thing was a variation on take it to the bank but i cant find a reference for that anwyere, no, he has threatened me, so god damn do something about it
  11. it is something to watch, the new american conservative or republiklan is the dumbest animal on planet earth use to be in a disaster americans came together, only took willie boy and his idiot followers here on this board 3 days to turn back into treasonous A S S H O L E S amazing
  12. I am a republican, I will politicize anything to get votes... I will invade a country based on a lie, kill hundreds of thousands to get votes... I will do a n y t h i n g
  13. Phuck off you libturd sack of racist sh*t!

  14. god help us, it is 2012 and america is loaded with people this stupid sTILL stupid filthy vile phucking soon to be extinct bigots :lol:
  15. I think Obama would win Ohio by 5 points, but remember, any republiklan running in any race wakes up with what I call the Rove effect 5 point lead, he leads by 5 points simply because the republiklan machine of stealing elections is so huge In this case, the republiklans own the machines that will count the votes a theft is in the works, unfortunately for me, it is not an option for me to continue breathing and allow that...not again
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