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  1. The word Islam literally translates into peace and this is what Islam is all about . And Quran burning in Afghanistan by the non believer ,what's your thinking about it? What's your thinking about Islam"]Islam[/url]?
  2. What you think about Jesus ? We know Jesus comes again the world to destroy the anti-Christ.When it occur.Is it the time the second coming of Jesus ?
  3. Hey you do not speak out about What kind of politics are you interested in? Are you democratic,liberal, conservative, socialist or Creator-ism? Do you know which one is perfect to solve the present crisis like social ,economy ,security,want to understand our current economic crisis better? "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs; it's a good book In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, by Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, by Chris Matthews That's a worst political book. Try that also
  4. Do you know about Barnabas Bible ?...... Old testaments... New testaments ... Which is the Next...???
  5. Thank you for inform . It is reality that, there a lot of problem out there . But we have no exact solution.... Like a general people what we do..........
  6. I'm Al Arafat,I am a new one in this site. I am very happy to join here.and I feel that mankind needs to wake up and to think something what we are doing to our World, to our society,and the next generation. I'm a fairly moderate liberal .I hope that in this site we can have some interesting discussions here, and hope that we at least learn better something from here.Good wishes for all.
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