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  1. Yeah, let's hit the job creators right "where it hurts." That ought to fix the economy. I'll take a pass on buying used [excrement] and dressing like a damn hipster.
  2. Forget the numbers, forget the ideologies, just look at the damn bill people. Even liberals should be able to put this together (maybe). I finally finished reading the whole GD thing and it was a damn nightmare. Let me just sum up the whole train wreck: the government is telling you to buy something. Something that THEY heavily regulate. And if you don't buy that something, of which they heavily regulate, then a TAX will be levied on you. Yes it is a "tax" because the IRS would collect this "insubordination fee" and they have access to wages, bank accounts, etc.. Some would argue "what about buying car insurance? You have to buy car insurance, don't you?" That's correct... if you OWN A CAR. That's like making everyone buy car insurance even though they don't own a car. Now let's talk about the Interstate Commerce Clause. Do you really think a healthcare bill is covered under the Interstate Commerce Clause? Are we really going to be reduced to numbers and basic economic factors? For Christ's sake, we're people, and this isn't interstate trade this is OUR HEALTH. This bill came from the same people that say the government has no right to tell a woman she can't get an abortion or use birth control. What ever happened to this supposed argument of "get the government out of my personal health decisions!" Any liberal want to answer me that? Because Obamacare is going to be doing exactly that. Obama claims you can still keep your doctors and still do your own thing, but what he doesn't tell you is the amount of government regulation and bullying that is inevitably going to occur, basically ridding our medical community of private medical providers. Lastly and perhaps most importantly: if the government can tell me I have to buy something regarding something so private such as my own healthcare, then what else can they tell me I must buy? Where does this slippery slope end up? Any liberal want to answer for this unconstitutional activity? Don't even get me started with Obama confronting and challenging the Supreme Court, FDR tried it and failed. For the sake of our Constitution and the freedom of our people, this must not pass.
  3. First of all, you're a bag of [excrement]. You're the reason children shouldn't be on the internet. Second of all, that would be the United States. Say what you want, but people fly here from all over the world to get medical care because we have the best treatment centers and can take care of them instead of allowing them to wait on government lists and die. If you've ever served in the military you'd immediately realize how government-mandated healthcare is a huge mistake.
  4. There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation out there about this event. The easy way out is to say the Sanford PD is racist, and that this racist Hispanic Democrat shot this "honor student" because he hated him or some other reasoning. Or perhaps we can entertain facts and reason for a moment. Perhaps we can remove emotion and implant our brains into this equation. Perhaps we can read the police report, which describes the police coming on the scene of a man covered in grass stains with a bleeding face and a gash in the back of his bloody head, with a dead black male in the vicinity. Some would argue that the police surveillance footage shows Zimmerman being taken into the police station looking completely clean. Those same people don't realize that a gash is visible on the back of his head, and that the police report detailed how he was given medical attention and was cleaned up on the scene when the paramedics arrived. By the time he was finally taken to the station, the bleeding had most definitely stopped because his wounds had been attended to. Regardless whether you want to believe the police report or not, it does not matter. Should you have to receive a horrific beating within an inch of your life to be justified in defending yourself? Can you be afraid for your life without being attacked? Another question: what if Zimmerman walked away and Martin then went on to kill, rape, or rob somebody while they were waiting for the police to arrive? Would everyone then be upset that Zimmerman, as a neighborhood watch authority, didn't step in and "do his job?" I do not believe Martin would have done anything had Zimmerman walked away, but the question remains. Zimmerman's brother just stated publicly that the medical records exist and are going to be published for the public to see. If this death is such an "outrage," then why hasn't Zimmerman been arrested yet? If this is in fact murder, then why hasn't he been arrested yet? If his guilt is so obvious to you, sitting at your computer, and has somehow passed by the police, who were actually working the scene, then why hasn't he been arrested yet? The police haven't arrested him yet because they either have a clear case of self defense or they don't have enough evidence to arrest him for murder. Either way that doesn't change the fact that the public does not know everything and there are some (many) details that are still behind closed doors because the investigation is still ongoing. The only thing I do know is that Zimmerman is not in custody for a reason and we have yet to truly know what that reason is. I think we should wait till it all comes to light before making final conclusions, but in the meantime we can only trust that the police are doing their jobs and are ensuring justice is being done. There is also a Federal investigation underway in case you don't trust the Sanford PD, so you should for now be content in knowing that multiple investigations are doing what they can to get to the bottom of this and get some solid answers.
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