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  1. Thank you for what you are doing EqualScouting. I just proudly signed your petition. I suggest using Twitter, there are Gay Rights groups there that will probably help you promote your petition. Maybe even some celebrities. Best of luck and best wishes!
  2. @BillPatriot - Good post! Back during the election it was very interesting to see how much Israels opinion of Obama/Romney mattered. Not just in the 'let's see what other world leaders think' sense, it almost seemed like Israels leader had to sign off on our candidates. If a presidential candidate worked that hard for France's leader's approval, they would be accused of treason. I'm not anti-Israel or anything like that. I just don't see where Israel's interests have become greater than our own. And that's just a ridiculous thing to come back at you with. Saying America should put America's interests over Israel's in not anti-Semitic. I love Jewish people. Hell, if Jews weren't around my comedy special collection would be empty! LOL Okay, all jokes aside, when idiots run out of arguments they always just resort to BS. "You're anti-Semitic!" No, you're just out of intelligent things to say. It's like when you call someone's opinion stupid. "You're not allowing me my freedom of speech!" No, I completely support your freedom of speech, you're just an idiot. Like you, I know some of these "Israel Firsters", most of the ones I have spoken to are very passionate about it, yet they never seem to quite know why. @anukulardecider - I'll be waiting.. IMPATIENTLY! LOL
  3. Okay, I get it now. A very refreshing approach to religion. While I am an atheist, I get what you're saying in some of that. Like you, I was also raised Baptist. And I'll admit when someone I really care about is in real trouble there have been times I have said, "if you do exist god, please help them." That part of the allure of religion I do understand. Though I do believe I am simply talking to myself, or perhaps the universe, it is a bit comforting in times when there is nothing else a person can do to help. The whole preachers telling people how to vote thing really gets under my skin. Set aside the fact that churches don't even pay taxes, they have no business telling you what to do in the voting booth. I heard that a preacher during Bush vs. Kerry told the people in the church that if they were voting for Kerry to get out. I have a hard time seeing Jesus doing that. Though I disagree with Ron Paul on many things, I do like him. And when it comes to issues like closing down the ridiculous number of military bases we have around the world, I agree with him 100%. Where I really like Ron Paul though is that I watched every GOP debate this election. R. Paul is the only one of them that was consistant in every debate. Agree or disagree, you heard what he really thought and in a non-political way. And he was treated very badly for it sometimes with those Tea Party crowds. So even on the issues that he and I disagree, I will always have to respect him for that. And if the Republican party could get more Ron Pauls and less Rick Santorums, I would gladly let them back in the debate
  4. @MrUSPatriot - I hear ya on that last part. The majority of my family are very close-minded on just about everything. Also, can I ask you exactly what you define "agnostic Christian" as? That's something I can't remember ever hearing before.
  5. Yeah, it is but I like writing new msgs to people because it will actually tell them they have a new msg. It doesn't if you just comment on an existing msg. Anyway, it's good to see you're back spreading common sense!

    1. anukulardecider


      Hey, whatcha doing?

    2. RobCooperX


      Just trying to stay sane as usual haha. No, I've been really busy lately with work. How have you been?

  6. Being president is a huge stress. Just look at pictures of a president when first going into office and when they are leaving. Obama, Bush, Clinton, any of them. However I don't think Hillary's health will be an issue. She's stepping down from her position and unless she's starting another big job I haven't heard about, will have 4 years to lay the ground work for her next campaign. Remember, she came close to winning the election against President Obama. If I was the GOP I'd be afraid of Hillary too. She's smart, likeable and has a lot of experience. And she has a not-so-secret but effective weapon: Bill Clinton. I like Hillary. But I'm still going to be a dreamer and say Bernie Sanders.
  7. It's true. I'm not an anti-gun person but I'm also not so crazy and stupid that I buy out a gun shop every time a shooting happens. I do believe in common sense gun control though. Sadly, a shooting like this is financially the best thing for a gun shop. Fueled on fear, people purchase like crazy & no laws ever get passed. When someone profits off the misfortune of others, it's typically not a good thing. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed my church joke, Nancy! LOL
  8. Thanks for saving me from 2 hours of no nudity boredom! HAHA Just kidding, I haven't seen it yet but I still want to. Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, not so much...
  9. *flying hugtackle* You rock!

  10. Haha yeah, I noticed that :) Gives me someone beautiful to look at when I msg you ;)

  11. Avatar settings finally obeyed me. ^_^

  12. Glad you had a great christmas! Good, I was hoping you'd be okay with it :) And you're welcome, I try to be :)

  13. Christmas was great! Yours? And totally, you should email me! Thanks for asking anyway though, you're a gentleman! :)

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