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  1. It's not my fault you live in a world where you constantly contradict yourself. You believe Jan 6 was a riot, and it was evil. You now cheer a court decision stating rioting is protected speech. You have no problem turning yourself into a pretzel to justify your contradictory positions. I just enjoy pointing, and laughing when you do it.
  2. So you're claiming Jan 6 was lawful. Congratulations. It's amazing how often liberals contradict themselves, when attacking a Conservative. It's almost like they forget everything they've ever said.
  3. Considering HE's the racist that said Blacks are too stupid to have identification to vote, get an apartment/home, or drive a car?
  4. What a surprise. A liberal spouting shit he knows nothing about? How typical. Glad to see you got your pussy grabbed in public, but I doubt you'll learn anything from the experience.
  5. Can you explain how being outnumbered is a "fair fight"? You talk big for an Antifa nut that run around attacking people in mobs.
  6. It's only discriminatory if you think blacks are too stupid to have ID to vote. And open a bank account. And get on a plane. And get a Covid Vaccination. And buy a beer. And get food stamps. Apply for Medicare or Social Security. Get an apartment or buy a home. Drive a car. Get on Unemployment or apply for a job. Get married. Buy a gun. Pick up a prescription. Buy a cell phone.... You're as racist as mainbitch.
  7. I'll guarantee you this moron can't tell you how many people have died from taking the vaccine. And he keeps claiming that unvaccinated people infect people that HAVE taken the vaccine, which means he knows it's not effective. But he STILL comes here saying stupid shit like this.
  8. Why? If you're "vaxxed" you can't catch it from me, can you? Why are you so afraid?
  9. Wait, is mainbitch claiming that sending ballots to ALL registered voters didn't increase voter participation? 968,420 more Georgia voters showed up to the polls in the 2020 elections than the previous 2016 cycle. How did Georgia increase voter participation by almost 1 million votes despite the U.S. Census reporting a population increase of only 300,000? Even with the bitch on ignore, I can kick his ass.
  10. Oh, this is an EASY one! Here she is today at Howard Univ vs Hampton Univ. Anyone hear of either of those teams? They're doing the best they can to hide this idiot, aren't they?
  11. Was going to go to the game, but something came up....
  12. Why are you arguing with mainbitch? He'll lie, obfuscate and deny reality even while you expose him. And then tomorrow, he'll make the same, debunked claims, as though it never happened.
  13. lol. You admit I'm right, then insult me when I thank you for it?
  14. I'm sorry, but a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs telling an enemy that he would warn them of an impending attack, putting our troops in jeopardy is treason. He should be arrested, court martialed, and hanged.
  15. Ah, sorry. I didn't realize when you were talking parties it was restricted to Congress. Look at the illegal immigration numbers. He stopped it, and now Biden has reopened the borders. And killing Sulimani was a great move. What did Iran do? Nothing. And he treated Gold Start families better then Biden. He didn't stand around tapping his foot, looking at his watch as their sons and daughters were unloaded from planes. You can keep going on if you want, but you can't point to anything Trump screwed up that was harmful to the country or world.
  16. They don't do contact tracing, so your claims that unvaccinated are spreaders is complete speculation. Especially since we know the vaccinated carry the same load of virus, and because they are vaccinated, take fewer precautions.
  17. It does make Biden look bad. He was trying to cover up for murdering 13 Servicemen, so he murdered 7 children to distract.
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