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  1. OMG. Another liberal who admits he doesn't read the news. Why do you idiots come to a political debate forum, so woefully uninformed? Read. Learn. Stop being an uninformed liberal.
  2. What do you mean "and"? They manipulated events with Papadopoulos, then used the meeting they engineered, to claim he was colluding with Russia. Are you honestly saying you don't understand that this is entrapment and is wrong?
  3. I find the same thing to be true of most, if not all liberals. mainbitch just said he didn't know that Rosenstein told Trump that Mueller didn't have anything on him. It really is stunning to see them openly admit their willful ignorance.
  4. I love reading liberal fiction. It's going to be SO much fun when you realize you've bought into this lie for 2 years.
  5. The world is full of things you haven't heard. Dumbass.
  6. No, dumbass, it was Comey who said that. And yes, the FBI hired the guy in London to meet with Papadapalous, then used that meeting as "proof" that he was trying to collude with Russia. Have you not been paying attention? No wonder you're confused.
  7. Why can't you find anything on Trump?
  8. Wow, good thing Trump didn't do any of those things. But Just Wait!!!
  9. What does the Constitution say, dumbass?
  10. "met with Russians or people linked to Russia". BWAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHA As if that's a crime.
  11. Then produce the proof. Prove we are lying. Oh wait, you don't HAVE any proof. Damn. That's gotta suck for you.
  12. I'd ask you to show your evidence that this occurred, but we both know you have none. But by all means, continue making an ass of yourself. We all enjoy the show.