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  1. lol. ^^ these idiots keep repeating their failures, believing these unsourced stories from the liberal media. And they can't figure out why they keep losing elections.
  2. It must suck to be a liberal these days. But I have to admit that it sure is fun to watch.
  3. How would you know what the working class thinks?
  4. Yes, Manafort is toast. And what is he going to "sing" about? And if Trump were dirty, he'd tell both Manafort and Flynn to keep their mouths shut, and he'll pardon them. Once again, you've got nothing but Hopes and Dreams.
  5. You're the morons dividing the nation. Why talk derogatorily toward someone else about the effects of your own actions?
  6. Like I said, you shouldn't assume that because you are ignorant, that everyone else is too. There have been plenty of leaks, and EVERY ONE has been about Manafort. Sorry. Sucks to be you.
  7. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    It's amazing a liberal who supported Bill & Hillary Clinton would be denigrating anyone like this. Even with the lie about sexual assaults.
  8. Don't stop, believing! Hold on to that feeling!
  9. ^^ lol... this is all the left has. And I'm loving EVERY minute of it.
  10. lol... doesn't matter what ignorant trolls like you believe, does it? The facts continue to kick you in the balls. Trump isn't a target, Manafort is.
  11. Phoenix Protestors

    This is what needs to happen to all these protesters:
  12. Of course I do. There have been a LOT of leaks regarding what they've been focused on. You should't assume that because YOU are ignorant, that everyone else is too.
  13. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    ^^ touting his IQ again
  14. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Everyone knows these idiots are making shit up because they have no agenda of their own. Did you see Howard Dean this week? "If you vote Republican, you're a racist". Really. That's ALL they've got. No agenda. No ideas. Nothing to offer America, but insults.