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  1. LOL! I can play that game, too. At 6:24, he bought his bag of Skittles and AriZona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. At 7:09 Zimmerman saw him. So it took him over half an hour to walk ONE MILE. If Trayvon had gone directly home from the store, their paths never would have crossed. But he was doing something else. Perhaps casing people's homes. Instead of babysitting the young boy he left at home, as we were originally told he was doing. In any case, if Trayvon had gone directly home after he and Zimmerman parted the first time, he'd still be alive. But inste
  2. LOL! I'll bet there are just as many rivers, lakes and people being poisoned by CEOs on the left as the right. And if you want to talk about profit, just look to Al Gore and the left who planned to make BILLIONS in profit off the Global Warming Carbon Tax SCAM. You have no moral or ethical high ground here, MJ. Your icons are just as corrupt, if not more corrupt, then those of the right. In fact, if you want, we can play a game similar to the game I played with Can't Decide (gee ... where'd he go? ). You name a person on the right that you think is demonstrably bad (
  3. Go on bingster, just continue proving you're stuck on stupid. No skin off my knuckles.
  4. Doesn't look like it to me. And guess the jury didn't buy that prosecution claim either. Not one of those who saw Zimmerman on top and claimed he was hitting Trayvon was remotely credible. Especially since Zimmerman's knuckles weren't bruised. But Trayvon's were. bingster, you just prove that some people are just stuck on stupid.
  5. Greatnpowerfuloz, regarding post #47, if you're going to put something in a box that indicates I said it, make sure I actually did say it. Because if I didn't, you are only showing how UNethical you are.
  6. No, if you want to be thought of as ethical, you need to BEHAVE that way. The left lost all credibility in that regard when they lined up to defend Bill Clinton against all accusation. Against a dozen credible accusations of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Against credible accusations of covering up (at the very least) a murder (Vince Foster's) and a mass murder (Ron Brown's). Not to mention what happened to TWA Flight 800. Against credible accusations of selling out this country for cash. And during the time you've focused on Trayvon (FOR POLITICAL GAIN), there ha
  7. How about murder charges, since that appears to be where Trayvon's beating of Zimmerman was headed? Zimmerman had no ETHICAL obligation to wait till he was dead before responding with deadly force. Zimmerman told the police that Trayvon told him he was going to kill him at the start of the confrontation. And that he only used the gun when Trayvon tried to take it from him. Since everything in Zimmerman's account has so far been verified, I'm willing to believe that part of his story too.
  8. Funny thing, MJ. Trayvon is the only one with bruised knuckles. Zimmerman's the only one with a broken nose and contusions on his face and head. Funny thing, MJ. It was Trayvon who approached Zimmerman, not the other way around. Funny thing, MJ. It was Trayvon who said the first words after he did.
  9. Obama's inner circle is filled with them. http://liberalforum.org/liberalforum/index.php?/topic/125708-a-challenge-to-cant-decide/page__view__findpost__p__2638335
  10. Funny thing, MJ. The only person with bruised knuckles indicating he hit someone was ... TRAYVON. Funny thing, MJ. The only person who CREDIBLE eyewitnesses suggest was engaging in a beat down was ... TRAYVON.
  11. Some folks are just stuck on stupid. In the end, I guess we'll have to let a jury decide whether you're right, Redwood ... like one just did.
  12. http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/the_obama_doctrine_of_control_through_dissension.html Go ahead. Show your stupidity again. Because given the evidence I think it's highly unlikely you'd win even a majority vote. Furthermore, ALL the evidence will be presented in a civil suit … including ALL of Trayvon's background. Including the contents of his cell phone. And the part the parents played in Trayvon's downfall. And the defense can put Crump under oath. And Dee Dee's *letter writer* under oath. The the Martin family. And to top it off, if they lose, they'll have to pa
  13. You're an idiot, skews13. That's really all that needs to be said on this thread.
  14. And not just MSNBC. He has a case against several of the big name leftist media. And the state for malicious prosecution. Plus Crump.
  15. The answer to the OP may lie in the reaction of the black community to the Zimmerman verdict and their ignoring ALL the evidence that actually was presented in the trial (as opposed to the appeal to emotion by the prosecution that comprised the prosecution's case). The hard truth is that employers don't like to hire stupid people. The hard truth is that they don't like to hire people who will cry victim at the drop of a hat. They don't need all the problems that any accusation, however unfair, of racism brings with it. If the black community has any rationality left at all, they'll pon
  16. Been away for a while so don't know if anyone posted this, but they should have ... http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/why_the_zimmerman_prosecutors_should_be_disbarred.html Indeed, *someone* should. The prosecutor and assisting lawyers should be disbarred for malicious prosecution. Several members of the prosecution should be charged with witness tampering and obstruction of justice. The judge should be severely chastised, if not disbarred. Crump should be disbarred and possibly charged with witness tampering, obstruction of justice and perjury. Several of the Martins should
  17. http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/070313-662526-russia-builds-armavir-missile-defense-radar.htm?p=full Americans need to wake up to what Obama and the Russians are doing. Obama is going to make us less safe (deliberately?). What Russia is doing is very disquieting, if you know ANY anything about their history and current status. In fact, Obama is making nuclear war MORE likely with his actions, not less.
  18. I didn't say they weren't relevant. I merely disproved your original assertion that they are thriving wrong ... with your own logic. You don't get out of looking like a fool by moving the goal posts, TR.
  19. I suspect many lawyers would tell you different ... especially in criminal cases. But I'm not disagreeing there is no case.
  20. Well, incompetence surely is part of what's happening here.
  21. No. Because they have to present a case and such witnesses are all they have. They let themselves be backed into a corner. They feared a race riot if they didn't charge MURDER. Hence the 2nd Degree charge. But they knew they didn't have the proof. So Corey figured she could intimidate Zimmerman into taking a plea. But it didn't work. Now they have no choice. They have to present a case because it's expected of them. Failure to do that would focus the blame by race mongers on them. They just hope by presenting a case they'll escape the ire of the black
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