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  1. So you claim. But I definitely see the signs of influence on you. And the stupidity that resulted. Yes, we already know you are Stuck On Stupid.
  2. So you're saying Anthea Butler is wrong? Who do you think is not? Seriously.
  3. Yes, we know you have the meme down pat.
  4. Oh that's right. The new Trayvon Inspired liberal meme is that America's god is a racist god.
  5. It fits the 'known' evidence perfectly, all except that it doesn't explain where the broken nose, the slight bruising, and the insignificant cuts came from. You're just Stuck On Stupid, aren't you? And you like it that way. There is nothing sadder and more pathetic than WILLFUL stupidity. I'm amazed at your sheer stupidity, TR. You don't know when to stop digging.
  6. He did. You're the one who has clearly not done that, Wildfire. You been spoon fed propaganda by your ethnic studies professor. It's SAD and PATHETIC.
  7. I'm curious what you meant by that qualifier? http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/16/blacks-benefit-from-florida-stand-your-ground-law-at-disproportionate-rate/
  8. LOL! You are one Stuck On Stupid liberal, TR. You just don't know when to stop digging. Let's see, blacks currently receive about 40% of welfare. But blacks are only 12.5% of the population. Do the math and you find that over half of blacks are on welfare. That alone should tell you that blacks have received TRILLIONS since 1964, since about $20 trillion has been spent on welfare since then. Afterall, the welfare program was started with the goal of raising blacks out of poverty. Here are LBJ's words at the time: And since then, as I said, we've spent about $20
  9. Yeah, you go on believing that, Victicrat. The Democratic Party only continues to exist thanks to the victimhood it's engendered in groups like blacks. Yeah, your trust in Al Sharpton and Obama certainly proves that. Gosh, I thought you leftists were deadset against profiling.
  10. Is that your best comeback? Come on, don't you have a fact or two you can lay on me, brother? Or should I say nigg#A? Afterall, hasn't Jeantel now made it ok to use that term in polite society? Because it just means "man" .... RIGHT?
  11. Heh ... what's the problem, TR? Don't you have a wikipedia link to prove they got TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS, like blacks have gotten the last 50 years? Do you know that it's estimated that Japanese Americans who were tossed into those camps lost billions of dollars in assets. And when the war ended, if they didn't have $500 dollars (and many didn't), all they were given was $25 dollars and a train ticket home. Many had no home to go to anymore. Prior to 1988, the only "reparations" was the 1948 "American Japanese Claims Act". But by the time the act was passed, the
  12. Yes, and I was quite surprised by the result. For good reason, I think. But I didn't run away (like Tech Guy has done here). And I didn't ignore the fact of what did happen (like you're now doing). I even posted a thread about what I learned from it: http://liberalforum.org/liberalforum/index.php?/topic/138569-after-studying-the-election/ And what you should learn from it. But have you learned anything since Obama was reelected? Apparently not. Still Stuck On Stupid. Still admiring his jobless recovery. Still excusing his lies and incompetence.
  13. LOL! You are so Stuck On Stupid. You prove it over and over. I was CLEARLY talking about Japanese AMERICANS in the above. The ones who were in the internment camps. Why you couldn't grasp that is beyond understanding. It's just Stuck On Stupid. And apparently you were too stupid to know what I was talking about, either. Even though I clearly said Japanese AMERICANS. Just Stuck On Stupid. It's a wonder you can string two words together.
  14. It's Corey. And you don't know that the rest are just following orders. I think many are true believers. Or at least too easily manipulated. No, I think a complete fumigation is in order. Florida needs to clean house or nothing will improve. But then you don't want anything to change, do you?
  15. LOL! Stuck On Stupid. You really drank the koolaid, didn't you, Wildfire? Did you *learn* all that in one of those ethnic studies classes at Columbia? You see, I just stated facts in my posts above. Facts that you clearly want to ignore. They make you uncomfortable, don't they ... just like Mr Goldman noted. Facts that show why blacks started failing about 1964. Thanks to Democrat and liberal demagogued programs and ideology. But you go on laughing. You'll be laughing as blacks sink ever deeper into poverty. Just look at what the last 4 years, und
  16. LOL! You apparently have no clue how much damage Obama and Holder are doing to blacks in this country. I'm wondering if we'll EVER see another Black President as a result. And if you're putting your faith in the same White Democrats who put you in the chains you're now wearing, good luck with that.
  17. LOL! Well that's now obvious. I'd say you're Stuck On Stupid. LOL! Given that reading list, I think we can probably eliminate one of the possibilities I listed. You are probably not white. Now are you a Shuckster or a Dumbed Down Victim? And if you think any of those bits of literature really says anything important about the current plight of blacks, you are ... well ... Stuck On Stupid. The sad truth is that you've just exchanged one set of enslavers, for another. LOL! What's really sad is that blacks like you seem to think that rich white Demo
  18. Stuck On Stupid. Stuck On Stupid. I guess you just can't take the stupid out of some people. Now the only question is are you one of the white Democrats enslaving blacks? Or are you one of the black shucksters? Or have you just been so dumbed down by liberal media, liberal education, liberal news and liberal friends, that you can't see the end of your nose?
  19. Still Stuck On Stupid, I see. Even the prosecution didn't claim that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because he was black. ONLY because he appeared to be a criminal. And now we've learned (thanks to Dee Dee Jeantel's post verdict interview on TV) that Trayvon may have profiled Zimmerman. Did he double back from the safety of his Dad's girlfriend's house to confront Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was gay rapist? Did he want to rid the neighborhood of such people? Stuck On Stupid, I see.
  20. No, es, she put HERSELF down. Did you not understand the lesson I was trying to teach Wildfire?
  21. So another of the Stuck On Stupid remarks about the verdict.
  22. http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-07-16/story/fired-it-director-who-testified-george-zimmerman-trial-will-sue-state#ixzz2ZJaarCXV Corey and several others in her office need to be disbarred. And this man should get a few million, at least, to punish the state for it's conduct and ensure it's future behavior. It would be even better if they could take the millions out of the pocket of Corey and her legal team. I doubt they'd even miss that much.
  23. Wildfire … Here's an article you should read. OPEN YOUR EYES. http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2013/07/15/what-do-you-do-when-the-oppressed-are-their-own-worst-oppressors/ The worst oppressors of young black men are older black men who abandon their children. And the second-worst oppressors of young black men are other young black men. 94% of black murder victims are killed by blacks. The accelerating decline of the black family portends a much worse situation in the future. Why have civil rights organizations and black clergy wagered their reputations on the Zimmerman case? It is hard t
  24. Read this article ... http://www.nationalreview.com/article/353633/angela-coreys-checkered-past-ian-tuttle/page/0/1?splash= "Angela Corey’s Checkered Past" She needs to be disbarred. Before she ruins the life of another George Zimmerman.
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