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  1. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/299611-carney-rules-out-any-white-house-role-in-irs-political-targeting- LOL! This is the same Carney who was certain Obama referred to Benghazi "as an act of terror immediately after it occurred" and then with the same certainty a week later said the attack was caused by a protest over a film. In fact, Carney continued defending that lie with the same certainty even after it was clear to everyone else that it was a planned terrorist attack. This is the Carney who was certain there no discussions of the Solyndra loan with Steve Spi
  2. Misty is TOO CHICKEN to actually confront what David Schippers found out about Clinton, much less prove anything he said is wrong. Her tactic is to hide behind an ignore setting and toss out inuendo and what she thinks are witty remarks. All she's doing, however, is proving that she's a rapist defending IDIOT.
  3. See what I mean folks? NOT ONE is willing to honestly debate this subject.
  4. You don't really know anything, because none of you will honestly debate any of those factors when challenged. Let's consider the subject of this thread as an example. Over and over I (we've) shown that using life expectancy statistics to compare health care systems is comparing apples and oranges … meaningless. And all you leftists do is ignore everything we point out and regurgitate the same meme on the next thread you start. So let's test how rational you are AS. Let's see if you do, too. Notice that Japan is ranked #1 in life expectancy at 82.73 years compared to poor ol' America'
  5. And it's a good thing we did. Or there would have been millions more die ending WW2.
  6. You'd think that by now the leftists around here would know you can't compare life expectancies like shintao and wikipedia. We've been over why a hundred times. It's like comparing apples and oranges. And we've provided a hundred different examples showing why the comparisons don't work. And cited a hundred different authorities. So why is shintao back making the same claim? Are leftists incapable of learning? One really has to wonder at this point. These people certainly behave like HealthCareTruthers. No amount of evidence will convince them that their meme is faulty. Be
  7. Not True. But there does come a time when ANYONE who is remotely rational should be able to see an impeachable offense among all the things Obama has done. Son what's that say about you es?
  8. Lefty apparently doesn't realize that the Democrat (Zeifman) who wrote the articles of impeachment against Nixon included abuse of the IRS in the charges. He also said that Clinton's abuse of the IRS was worse than Nixon's and he should have been impeached again because of it. I wonder what he'd think of this latest abuse of the IRS by Democrats? Hmmmmmm? Perhaps call for Obama's impeachment?
  9. It's a waste of time to try and engage PA. He's no different that dano bivens in that regard. So just point out when he specifically lies and leave it at that.
  10. Speaking of David Corn's ability to detect lies … http://freebeacon.com/corn-carney-got-caught-saying-something-that-wasnt-completely-true/ For those interested, here's what Carney said: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/05/benghazi-not-watergate-white-house That's clear enough. Either Carney lied or Carney was told a lie. If the latter, who told him the lie? We want to know. If he himself lied, then Corn's statement is either dishonest or that of idiot who doesn't know the definition of lying. In either case, consider that in regards to his accusations
  11. The amount of irony in that ad is stunning. Thing is, I think Hillary didn't go back to sleep. But those Americans in Benghazi probably would have been better off if she had. But she certainly got the part about Obama missing his 3 am call right. I wonder if Michelle is who insisted he ignore it.
  12. LOL! You must be smoking something if you think Hillary will run. But Michelle ...
  13. That's not it. There are plenty of things to legimately criticize the Bush administration for (not that it would make a whole lot of difference now). But he lied to get us into the Iraq war is nothing less than a LIE. To claim that there were NO wmd in Iraq without answering my questions is NAIVE. Notice that everytime either claim is made, I counter it with actual facts. And every time it's the other side that then doesn't want to continue the discussion using facts. But instead wants to make snide remarks. Or adhominems against me. Or simply RUNS to make t
  14. What you forgot to mention is that nearly all of those casualties were not Americans ... but people on the outside of the embassy/consulate buildings. I think only 2 Americans were killed and only one was an embassy employee. And both were outside the walls of the compounds. Nobody penetrated the buildings and killed Americans. The rest were foreigners ... either caught in an attack or foreign guards/terrorists killed during the attacks. My question to you is ... how would you stop such casualties? Because the only way I see is to remove the US presense. Close o
  15. I must respond David Corn's "Top Ten Bush Lies." I'm not going to address every one … just the ones I've already researched in great detail regarding Iraq and the WOT. I will comment on this one, however ... I think compared to his predecessor and the guy who followed him, Bush wins this one hands down. How is it a lie if a joint CIA/DIA report concluded the trailers in question were bio-weapons labs and Bush repeated this? The six-page document titled 'Iraqi Mobile Biological Warfare Agent Production Plants' concluded that there could be no other purpose for the trailers beyond bi
  16. Here's another couple facts that PA and the rest of the leftists on this thread conveniently ignore. Total hours worked went down the equivalent of 500000 to 600000 full time jobs last month. And the average pay per hour in those jobs is down as well. Not exactly what you expect to see in a sizzling economy. Thank God. You did enough damage the first six times.
  17. Sorry man, if all you got from what I've posted is that no global warming has occurred and I've ignored the issue of cause, then you didn't actually read or comprehend a word I wrote in thread after thread on this topic. First, I have not claimed there is no warming. I have acknowledged that average global temperature are well above what they were in the 40s and 50s (see my Maunder Minimum chart). My thesis is only that it is not as dramatic as the AGWalarmists claim. Because the siting of the measurement stations is clearly biased toward stations in hotter regions (beach and city versu
  18. db, are you really so nutty that you believe Hillary's going to run? She's got too many and this is not the face of someone going to run.
  19. VoR, don't bother attempting debate with db. He's a nut. Best to simply prove him a liar now and then as I do. It's easy because he lies so often about things that he clearly should know are lies. Do that and everyone else on the thread will ignore what he says. Because he's a nut.
  20. You do realize, don't you, there are some stark differences between what followed Watergate and this affair? First, it was Republican President, so the media investigated and attacked him voraciously ... all in the name of finding the truth. Except for one lone journalist at CBS, the same media is now trying it's best to ignore all of this and keep the public in the dark as much as possible. Or even worse, they are claiming to investigate and then simply acting as a mouthpiece for the administration's lies. Second, it was a Republican administration and that means that the DOJ
  21. Careful there, RichClem. Haven't you heard that Misty is tired of hearing that Clinton was ANYTHING but really innocent.
  22. This belongs on this thread … http://www.humanevents.com/2013/05/09/green-energy-triumph-11-million-spent-per-job-created/ How's that stimulus working out for you folks? Because Obama is still laughing and partying … ON YOUR DIME.
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