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  1. Sure are nice clothes they're now wearing. And you refuse to understand the purpose of the thread even though it's clearly explained. Another sign you're Stuck On Stupid.
  2. It was awful yes, but it's time for blacks to get over it. They need to emulate Japanese Americans after WW2.
  3. You think so? I think that just confirms how truly Stuck On Stupid you are. LOL! So which party kept reelecting Robert Byrd? Fact is, almost all of the Democrats who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 remained Democrats in good standing for years and years and years. Yours is a dishonest meme promoted by a dishonest leftist media and called "history". You are a fool for believing everything they tell you, Lisa. Just like in the Trayvon case.
  4. LOL! And I think you're stuck on stupid along most people who can't accept this jury's verdict.
  5. I exercised far more oversight and control of my kids when they were Trayvon's age than they did. And not one of them is a drug using thief who likes to fight and see others "bleed".
  6. No. Their *child* had every opportunity to run and didn't. Their *child* lay in wait for Zimmerman. Their *child* approached Zimmerman. Their *child* attack Zimmerman and knocked him down. Their *child* straddled Zimmerman and continued beating him. They don't "deserve" squat. They neglected that *child* and that's one reason he did all of the above. So perhaps it's Zimmerman who really deserves compensation for the mess that Trayvon AND THE MARTINS have made of his life.
  7. Why change what is completely descriptive of you and Wildfire?
  8. It might if it's a gang tattoo and you don't bother to remove it until after your kid is dead. It might if your kid is seen in photos flashing gang signs and you don't stop that. It might if tweets indicate you might have been shopping for a gun with your kid. No, TR. Making money off your son's death is what's tasteless. And defending his doing that. That's tasteless, too.
  9. Robert Byrd, who Democrats kept reelecting to the Senate over and over, and was held in the highest esteem by all Democrats until his death, was a former member of the KKK who not only voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but conducted the longest filibuster in history to that time in an effort to stop it. And in 2000 he uttered the N-word on live TV and Democrats said NOTHING. And Byrd wasn't the only Democrat to fight the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Far more Democrats voted against them than Republicans. The father of Al Gore was one of them. And yo
  10. Stuck On Stupid.. The tattoo shown in my post above was on Trayvon's FATHER, not Trayvon. Trayvon had no tattoo on his neck.
  11. It's not mocking. It's an examination of their motives, honesty and parenting. That's called for because of THEIR behavior.
  12. So Cp wants to demonstrate he's SOS too? Fine. Let's take his claim that Sweden's higher life expectancy proves their approach is better. But why is Sweden's life expectany higher? Seems that one would like to normalize for other factors before simply comparing the two. If one is not SOS. Could it be higher because a far greater portion of our population - is immigrants, many not even legal, who are in relatively poor health? - is obese? - is more sedentary? - is composed of blacks killing people? - is eating less healthy? Can you answer this sim
  13. He just busy proving he's Stuck On Stupid.
  14. No, Martin clearly died because he attacked Zimmerman and then gave him reason to fear for his life. The issue of why Trayvon REALLY bought those two specific items that night is just something that other black parents might want to consider before their kids go down the path Trayvon was taking. Or are you too Stuck On Stupid to grasp that?
  15. On a Saturday at 3pm? Highly unlikely. Are you embarrassed to be using a library computer?
  16. http://my.chicagotribune.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-76473225/ Stuck On Stupid. But she will expect to be well paid for her effort. It's only *fair*, right? Make no mistake, that's a threat of violence. Make no mistake, most of those children who later die will be killed by BLACKS. That's what the stats show. So who is it that REALLY has those children under attack? Even if that perspective is based on lies, disinformation and stupidity?
  17. You really are Stuck On Stupid, TR. For the THIRD time, the paranoia and violent aggression associated with PCP- like substances can occur even when the user is not currently on the drug. Just read the literature. It states those side effects can occur MONTHS after the person stops using DXM. And Trayvon hadn't stopped. Isn't it obvious? Back at the home of his dad's girlfriend. Don't most homes have cough syrup in the medicine cabinet? Mine does. Or Trayvon had it in his luggage. It's known that he'd been asking where to obtain DXM and was told cough syrup. How stupid
  18. Get over it. Victimization will only make you poorer.
  19. So there you have it. #1 STUCK ON STUPID finally returns.
  20. That's ALL been previously documented. You are just plain STUCK ON STUPID. As pointed out to you earlier, he could have not used DXM for weeks and STILL be paranoid, psychotic and violent because of it. It's a form of PCP, STUPID.
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