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  1. You're such an fool, db. Thanks for proving to everyone once again. Bookmarked.
  2. You mean like where Trayvon was for the 40 minutes between when he left the 7-11 and when he first met Zimmerman? Because he obviously wasn't just walking home. He could have walked home in 15-20 minutes. Was he perhaps trying to buy drugs or casing houses along the way? And where was Trayvon between the time he first left Zimmerman's sight and reappeared for the fight? He could have almost crawled home in that time. The prosecution's star witness said he was almost home. Does that mean he was on the steps of his Dad's girlfriend's house and decided to go back and c
  3. The Republican Party was founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854.. It that's what you mean by liberal, you're right. The Republican Party has been consistently against slavery ever since then. It was Democrats from the very beginning who fought to continue enslaving blacks. And they are are still doing it. They will now do and say ANYTHING to keep blacks voting in mass for them and ignoring all the harm their policies have done to blacks. The very existance of the Democratic Party depends on keeping blacks ignorant and poor.
  4. The forum seems to attract the Stuck On Stupid. Maybe it's the name.
  5. LOL! So, Lisa, when did this change occur? When did the Democrats of the Jim Crow days suddenly become Republicans? Wouldn't it have to have been in 1964 and 1965 when the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were past and overturned those laws? You remember how Democrats fought those two pieces of legislation, don't you? You must be claiming that the people who voted against those acts changed from Democrats to Republicans. But I already pointed out, almost all of the Dixiecrats remained Democrats after voting against both bills. They didn't change par
  6. Here is what was done to the guy who just saved that truck driver ...
  7. What are the odds that was just a coincidence? Let's put him under oath and find out.
  8. http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmerman-emerged-hiding-truck-crash-rescue/storynew?id=19735432
  9. Here's the document that the Democratic Party and Obama's lawyers submitted in the Alabama case. http://www.scribd.com/doc/137926683/SCOAL-2013-04-24-McInnish-Goode-v-Chapman-APPEAL-ADP-Amicus-Brief It contains an image of a birth certificate purported to be Obama's. Curious thing. That birth certificate has a different backing pattern than the one the Obama administration previously released in 2011. And the pattern extends farther on the right side than the one from 2011. How can a copy have more image than the original? It also does not have a raised seal like the one from 2011 seeme
  10. Why do you obstinately refuse to see that it's not society that must fix the problem. It's what the black community itself must do. Ignore what black shucksters say about racism. Most of it is not true. Stop accusing people of racism at the drop of a hat.No one wants to hire people that do that. Stop being victims. Take charge of their own lives and communities. Stop putting up with gangs and gang culture. Stop letting Democrats (like you) lead them around by the nose. Stop expecting to be given things for free. Start REALLY valuing family, fatherhood,
  11. http://www.westernjournalism.com/document-expert-could-topple-the-obama-administration/ You might be saying: Okay, there has been something like two dozens lawsuits. They’ve all failed. The court and Obama’s lawyers always deem any experts against Obama’s birth certificate as quacks. So what’s different this time? Two words: Perkins Coie. Sound familiar? It should. It’s the law firm that has represented Barack Hussein Obama in virtually every single eligibility court challenge. And guess who has done extensive work for and testified on behalf of Perkins Coie? Forensic doc
  12. I find it sad that people on this forum (like you) are so Stuck On Stupid that they can't deal with the facts and reality of 1945, 1964 and today. They just can't deal with the truth in the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. Why is that, rt? I would chuckle that you still haven't accepted the fact that Trayvon wasn't the sweet innocent child all your news sources, black shucksters and Democratic demagogues claimed, and that you apparently think the WOP was good for blacks, if that was funny. It's not. It's sad. Oh really? And how are you so sure about this? http://arcweb.so
  13. Actually, it was more like "look how stupid you are for citing as proof the opinion of blacks and people like you from a highly biased source". Millions? Are you prone to exaggeration? Which ones did you specifically look at, Lisa, that convinced you of this? Go ahead, cite specific ones and tell us what you think they prove. First of all, that article does NOT contain anywhere near 129 supporting sources. Don't you know what "Id." means? Don't you know what the author means by "9 No Equal Justice at 44-45", for instance? And I'll be glad to take this
  14. Meaning you tried it. Got caught. And now have to think outside the box to refurbish your now tarnished image?
  15. That's right. Just a few of the Dixiecrats became Republicans: Strom Thurmond, Mills Godwin and Jesse Helms. The rest (Orval Fabus, Benjamin Travis Laney, John Stennis, James Eastland, Allen Ellender, Russell Long, John Sparkman, John McClellan, Richard Russell, Herman Talmadge, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, John Rarick, Robert Byrd, Al Gore, Sr., and Bull Connor) remained Democrats.
  16. Sure thing, Lisa. From the very beginning your source offers polls about "opinion" and "believed" treatment rather than actual statistics as it's proof of unfairness. For example, it starts off with this as *proof*: http://www.vsb.org/docs/valawyermagazine/dec00dunnaville.pdf You really think this proves anything? What blacks and liberal Democrats "believe"? It proves NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Because the *opinions* of the African Americans and Democrats obviously do NOT match reality. The Trayvon case alone proves that, Lisa. Then your source of
  17. No, Lisa, your response to the TRUTH is the outrage. I call a Godwin. You lose. Not in 1964. Get over it. When are you going to acknowledge the fact he's been a complete failure? Perhaps because everything he proposes reeks of bogus socialist ideology, incompentence, cronyism, dishonesty AND RACISM? FALSE. FALSE. FALSE. Lisa, YOU are the one who brought the topic of APES into this discussion. Lisa, MLK had hope. He had dreams. He'd be shocked at what Democrats and the black shucksters h
  18. Love that video. Is Wildfire trying to "bully" us? Was Trayvon trying to "bully" Zimmerman?
  19. They were able to better their condition because they didn't play the victim. Get over it, Lisa. If you and blacks don't, things will NEVER improve for them. THAT is the lesson of the Japanese Americans following WW2. By the way, Lisa ... we are ALL apes. We are a member of Hominidae, which is a family collectively described as "great apes".
  20. Sir, what do you mean? They held a 100 (HUNDRED) rallies yesterday across the country. Several thousand people showed up. TOTAL. Oh, wait ... I guess you are right.
  21. RidinDirty ... +1 again. I'd be curious to hear what you think of the Ron Brown and Vince Foster allegations. Another time perhaps.
  22. Japanese Americans were interned, not Japanese. Blacks weren't slaves in 1964. Get over it. After WW2 the situation of Japanese Americans was every bit as bad as blacks. They had everything taken from them. They were hated. But in twenty years they were the wealthiest group in the US. And they did it without trillions in handouts. Instead of whining about the black condition, why don't you look how they did it.
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