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  1. I have and need no other response to this latest bit of trolling nonsense by Scout than this post and the exchange that followed it on that thread: It proves that Scout is a dishonest, TDS laden fool.
  2. Well Millennials do like their convenience and there's nothing more convenient than free stuff from the government.
  3. Don't kid yourself, Str8tEdge. The small business sector has been badly hurt by this and may not ever fully come back because it's made it possible for Amazon and other big internet providers (even in the food arena) to take enough of their business they might not survive. And unfortunately, Amazon is China and leftist friendly.
  4. I agree. We get through this and we'd better make some changes while we can. And start recognizing that this has been a long term plan by Fabian Socialists for 100 years. That's just as important to insuring it doesn't happen again.
  5. https://www.thenational.ae/world/europe/coronavirus-was-sweden-s-controversial-herd-immunity-strategy-right-all-along-1.1075921 Dr Birx is not to be trusted. Nor Fauci. Meanwhile, a mainstream media report indicated that scientists fear there might not be enough Corona cases now to develop a vaccine. Go figure.
  6. LOL! She can't do that to me any more, LAL, because I proved I wasn't on ignore even after she said I was. THAT is how stupid she is ... the perfect Biden Voter.
  7. That's what you claim but anyone can go to the link and see I quoted your post accurately. It's rather lame, cupcake, for you to be claiming your thread title and a post by you in that thread were edited by me. It smells of desperation. It STINKS of STUPIDITY.
  8. Sorry, weasel, I'm not going to go around in circles with your continued efforts to TROLL. I'm done with this thread having proved my point and your dishonesty. You have a nice day and of course, keep digging. It's what Truthers do.
  9. LOL! That's all you got, Emily??? 
 You are such a snowflake. By the way, in my defense, I first introduced the picture stating this … ”here's a picture of those 1%ers (actually 0.1%ers) sitting around a dinner table with Obama toasting themselves”. “Toasting themselves” … and under those circumstances Emily Post probably says raise your glass and take a drink with everyone else in celebration of your accomplishment (whatever it is). In any case, everyone else got my point regarding the picture. Only YOU, snowflake, seem desperate to miss it. That's the same problem you’re having o
  10. LOL! Talk about desperation. Tell us, teacher ... tell us, moderators ... I'm being accused of altering a thread title and a post in that thread. Both attributed to Scout. So tell us ... did I alter ANYTHING in that thread Scout started (linked here: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/327831-trump-impeachment-update-it-was-vindman-the-whole-time-there-never-was-a-whistleblower/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1062125641? )? Has the title of it every been changed since it was started by Scout by me or anyone else beside Scout? Has the post by her I linked been altered by anyone other t
  11. So the ends justify the means, eh, SC? Like I've been saying folks ... watch the actions and statements of SpyCar, Scout and the other leftists/democRATS/progressives on this forum. And then ask yourselves ... do you really want to have your lives controlled by the likes of them? Because that is what's going to happen if you make Biden and CommieLA President and VP. And given the changes they will institute in the election process (plus the spying they will continue doing Obama-style on all opponents AND YOU), you will likely be under their thumb for a long, long time to come, unless
  12. Seriously, folks. Can she really be this dense? Or do leftists like her completely lack the humor gene?
  13. sundance's take on this ... https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/09/10/records-show-weissmann-special-counsel-team-erased-15-phones-after-ig-requested-review/ Barr, Durham, the Special Council, and the rest of the DOJ damn well better understand that if nothing is done about this level of criminality ... if no one is properly punished for what are clearly multiple serious crimes including sedition, WE will KNOW that they're covering this up. They are as much a threat to this country as the original criminal. WE already KNOW what went on. And we will NEVER
  14. You don't for a minute believe in God, COWARD. Or the TRUTH.
  15. I've heard Bill Gates is working on a solution. A chip implanted in your brain to remember them. A development project being funded by the UNIPARTY.
  16. I altered nothing. I even provided the links to it. What sort of nincompoop are you, weasel?
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