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  1. https://hotair.com/archives/allahpundit/2020/10/14/navy-seal-responds-trump-killed-real-bin-laden-not-body-double-sir/ First, Mr O’Neill, HOW DO YOU KNOW you killed UBL? Because he looked like him? That’s easy enough for a nation like Iran to fake. Because the Obama administration officials back in DC told you so? And you automatically believe them, given all we’ve now learned about their willingness to LIE? Did you run a DNA test right there on the spot that confirmed it was UBL before you dumped the body … one that wasn't run by a CIA member (remember, we now know t
  2. Poor SpyCar ... suffering from TDS and clinging to lies that get disproven every day ... https://hotair.com/archives/john-s-2/2020/10/14/ny-times-contrary-claims-pelosi-hillary-theres-no-evidence-trump-owes-money-russia/ One conspiracy theory is that Deutsche Bank agreed to make the loans because they were backstopped by Russians — the Kremlin or a state-owned bank or an oligarch. If Mr. Trump were to default, it would be the Russians, not Deutsche Bank, on the hook for the losses. I wonder why Enrich cites some rando on Twitter making this claim
  3. After all, that's far more important than doing something about having let DLN and 5x5 back on the forum.
  4. Oh my … https://www.theepochtimes.com/china-saw-covid-19-like-patients-months-before-official-timeline-internal-documents_3537965.html DAMN THE CHICOMS. THIS WAS AN ACT OF WAR!
  5. It should be. The Biden campaign was given the opportunity to deny the emails are real today ... AND THEY DIDN'T. They called a "lid" on Biden's campaign and retreated to the basement. That says everything you need to know.
  6. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/10/14/bookmark-todays-date-big-tech-has-crossed-the-event-horizon-to-protect-joe-biden/ Think about that for a moment, folks. If they can remove the White House Press secretary, they truly have given up on any pretense of being unbiased in this election. If they can ban her, they can ban ANYONE. This is PRAVDA. This is the moment when the event horizon is crossed. This is the moment when Big Tech goes all-in to influence the election. This is the moment of no retreat for those who own and ope
  7. LIAR. Your desperation is transparent. The Biden campaign even had the chance today to deny the authenticity of the emails AND THEY DIDN'T DO IT.
  8. Looks like Hawley’s actions have shaken the corrupt management of Twitter … https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/twitter-ceo-says-handling-of-blocked-post-article-was-unacceptable/ TOO LATE and damage control SPIN. The CEOs of both companies still should be put under oath about this, and the FEC should definitely look at whether these actions were a contribution to the Harris/Biden campaign. Just Saying ...
  9. LOL! Is that what you call the LO leftists who have been trying to impeach Trump from BEFORE he got elected?
  10. You said I was "calling for the impeachment of Obama the first few months he was in office. " PROVE IT, or admit you just made that up. I wasn't even on this forum in 2008, tommy. I think we just caught you lying AGAIN.
  11. But yet for FOUR YEARS they've allowed totally fabricated lies against Trump by *bad actors* who have so far faced no consequences to be posted. You can't deny that, CopOut. You only discredit yourself by seeing no problem in what’s going on here. For example … https://twitter.com/omriceren/status/1316459649529450502
  12. Who said anything about him not having it, TROLL? I certainly didn't. I don't think we're actually having a conversation here because I say something in direct response to what you say, then you either ignore what I said or respond to some voice in your head who tells you I said something I did not. You see the problem *debating* tommy, folks?
  13. Then let him spend that cash doing so. No one will be preventing him. But that's going to cost him money too and at the end of the day, the *supremes* are going to find that he did indeed violate election finance laws.
  14. No body cares what you claim you'd do, TROLL. You're avoiding the issue, tommy. Apparently you think it's ok for democRATS to break laws like this. But then law breaking is what democRATS do best these days. And I'm positive that teacher will soon find you breaking rules here too. The question then will be does he care about rules or laws? We'll see.
  15. You're assuming it's misinformation. Do you have ANY evidence of that, tommy? And Hawley isn't forcing them to post anything. They can choose not to ... AND PAY FOR VIOLATING CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS AS WRITTEN. If you don't like the law, then change it ... don't just go around breaking laws you don't like ... as democRATS seem want to do these days.
  16. No tommy. Hawley is merely talking about making them pay dearly in $$$$$$$ for not allowing credible information on a candidate to be posted, while allowing noncredible information on the opposing candidate to be posted. Which is what Twitter and Facebook are clearly doing. That helps one candidate win an election and therefore is clearly a contribution to that candidate ... which clearly violates federal campaign finance laws as written. Twitter and Facebook can still choose to censor whoever they like ... but they'll pay for it in fines at the very least. I've always suggested th
  17. No, tommy, you're here ONLY to make people dance on both sides of the party divide. You are a classic troll who gets pleasure from doing being a sadist and a psychopath. There is no issue you actually care about. You simply want to see people dance and get your post count up as high and quickly as you can. teacher doesn't like you. He mistakenly thinks you're going to be good for the forum because all that matters to him is post count. But you're not going to really help the forum. You're going to drive some people away. And you'll end up annoying the hell ou
  18. That's not exactly true, tommy. You see, there's this little thing called Campaign Finance Law. https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/hawley-asks-fec-to-probe-twitter-fb-for-violations-on-post-censorship/ ********** Hawley asks FEC to probe Twitter, FB for potential violations on Post censorship by Tamar Lapin Sen. Josh Hawley on Wednesday demanded that the Federal Election Commission investigate Twitter and Facebook for possibly violation campaign-finance law by censoring The Post’s reporting on emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  19. https://amgreatness.com/2020/10/14/this-is-digital-civil-war-ny-post-editor-fumes-after-facebook-and-twitter-censor-biden-bombshell/ After the election, Trump should pull out all the stops and wage war with Twitter and Facebook. SHUT THEM DOWN.
  20. Actually, he's of Korean dissent, born in Tennessee. So if he's a communist, he's a home grown one courtesy of Harvard ... ground zero for Fabian Socialism in the US. Nellie Ohr is also a Harvard grad, Ukrainian and with an interest in Russia (she studied the USSR and has a Ph.D in Russian history). There are indications in her writings that she has communist leanings. Her use of a ham radio (bought right after GPS hired Steele) is classic spy craft, a way to avoid her communications being detected.
  21. Turns out that Barr, the DOJ, and the MSM hid the firing of another coup plotter … https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/10/14/the-laundry-operation-bruce-ohr-left-doj-shortly-before-being-terminated-likely-in-july/ Bruce Ohr was part of the laundry operation for Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele’s dossier. Bruce’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was working for Glenn Simpson at Fusion-GPS feeding information to Steele for the Dossier assembly. Steele then transmitted the same information back to Bruce who then received and provided it to FBI investiga
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