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  1. I don't disagree. But I'd like to know why the way the rule was defined by teacher and which was being enforced that way is suddenly being changed. That's all. And let me ask a question about the way your approach works. I assume that when one of us lists the posts by another poster, it indicates the time the posts were made in our time zone, not that of the poster. So if you and I are in different timezones, then we might get different answers for the number of posts made by a poster since OUR last midnight. So I could complain to
  2. Yes, but he didn't cancel it. The democRATS/UNIPARTY in Nevada and Reno did. Maybe they could also hold it on federal government land ... there's plenty of that in Nevada.
  3. No, Mack, I have quite credible sources that have NOTHING to do with the ultraliberal media. For EXAMPLE … https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/13/diana-west-discusses-ideological-pentagon-vs-a-pragmatic-commander-in-chief/ Lots of uncomfortable facts in that one. And yes, Mack ... WATCH. And be sure to read all the comments below the linked article because a lot them also make valid points in support of what I'm suggesting. And I’ve plenty more articles and sources like that, Mack. So perhaps you need to wake up to what might real
  4. ^^^^^^ This is called STUCK ON STUPID, folks. A condition affecting most of the leftists on this forum ... if not all.
  5. No, you idiot. They were charged and then released ON A TECHNICALITY ... that the evidence showing "that were the case" was gathered illegally. But they did what was charged and that's why they ran from the government for so many years. And Ayers has said he has no regrets about what they did ... no regrets that they were going to bomb a military dance and kill scores of innocent people ... and bomb a bunch of other government buildings. He wished he'd done more. But you're too stupid to comprehend that. I see that now.
  6. By who, Mack? Don't you get it? The JCS has been working AGAINST Trump. Members of it appear to have joined the effort to see Trump gone. So who is going to give the order to have soldiers who elect NOT to shut down an insurrection arrested? These generals? They don't appear to be entirely reliable at this point. There is a reason that Obama fired and replaced so many top commanders in the military over his two terms. To ensure that democRATS were in charge. If the current JCS were something we could rely on to remain impartial and do what you suggest, the I maintain that Vin
  7. Go ahead, *dr* of *whatever* ... double down on stupidity. Your side started this conversation denying the Weathermen, not just Ayers, threatened anyone or even *intended* to harm anyone. So you are still denying that the Weathermen were building nail bombs (not just one but a bunch of them) with the intent of killing men and women at a military DANCE? Hmmmm? Show us just how divorced from reality and SICK you really are, *dr*.
  8. See the rationalizations the communist idiots on this thread will offer to justify a plot to kill SCORES of innocent men and women at a dance with NAIL BOMBS? These leftist posters on this thread are DISGUSTING. And if the rest of you *liberals* elect Biden and CommieLA, you'll be putting people JUST LIKE THEM in the WhiteHouse. Is the democRAT base really that STUPID?
  9. No, you LYING MORON. It's fact that Dohrn was in the apartment when the nail bombs they'd built accidentally detonated. Ayers might have been. Don't kid yourself, Dohrn's knew full well what the group she WILLINGLY belonged to was doing in the apartment at the time . So did Ayeres. It doesn't matter that Ayer's wasn't building the nail bombs himself, because Ayers DESIGNED them. He knew the target. This is widely acknowledged and amongst the things the government proved. Good God you're STUPID and UNINFORMED. Go read up on the matter. Ayers got off on a t
  10. And who will have to enforce that law? An unreliable sedition DOJ? A group of generals that Trump perhaps can't depend on following his orders? Sorry, but the facts of what's been happening (100 days of rioting with NO intervention by the National Guard or military) and the openly seditious state of our government doesn't convince me of what you're now saying. Cite it because I don't believe this Congress will think it "has" to approve ANYTHING. You sure? They are openly seditious. They've been will to violate the Constitution and countles
  11. You're a BALDFACED LIAR, too, SC. Seems that pretty much describes ALL leftist posters here at LF these days. DemocRATS and Never Trumpers most certainly have been doing that. I even linked the forum to the document they produced showing the results of their gaming exercises. WAKE UP, SNOWFLAKE!
  12. Question, teacher. lucifershammer has just changed the rule for new threads from 5 in 24 hours to 5 in a day (i.e., starting at midnight on the day in which the last one posted before someone complains. Now I tried to get him to explain the reason for changing the old rule (he did it to avoid punishing Scout). Here's my post to him ... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/327906-panic-scout-has-started-ten10-propaganda-threads-in-the-last-24-hours-ha/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1062127007 I reported violations of THAT rule and teacher punished them for i
  13. LOL! "Smart" does not even begin to describe you, DD. Go ahead, post links to ACTUAL deaths linked to Sturgis. What's the number up to? Because as of 1 week ago (Sept 2nd), the number was ONE (https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/09/02/sturgis-rally-death-coronavirus/ ). And since then, no more linked deaths have been reported. So the real issue is HOW BIG AN IDIOT ARE YOU, DD? From where I stand, pretty big. I might also point out that the 1% figure is wrong. The data doesn't show that the current death rate is anywhere near that. SO HOW UNINFORMED AN IDIOT ARE YOU, DD?
  14. Just for the record, here’s what the new owner, teacher, posted in 2010, when he introduced the forum rules … https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/page/273/?tab=comments#comment-1755498 I reported violations of THAT rule and teacher punished them for it, and rewarded me. Here are two such examples ... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/page/832/?tab=comments#comment-1060573816 https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/page/857/?tab=comments#c
  15. But again, you're assuming the National Guard and the soldiers are called out. How long has rioting been going on in Portland?
  16. You're a BALDFACED LIAR, *dr*voke. Nail bombs are designed for one purpose ... TO KILL PEOPLE. And the Weather Underground died when several NAIL BOMBS detonated in a apartment in Greenwich Village when they were being assembled. NAIL BOMBS that Ayers designed. They were being assembled to kill people at an upcoming military DANCE. One with scores of innocent people, perhaps half of the WOMEN present. Tell us, do you know who Kathy Boudin is, *dr*? Before I tell you why I ask, let me point out that she was a member of the Weather Underground and was was NOT a nice perso
  17. But with top democRATS and Never Trumpers openly gaming scenarios where the chaos from an insurrection is part of their path to the White House, how can you be sure this might not succeed. Especially when we have incontrovertible proof that top members of the military have been conspiring to remove Trump from office. The fact they did nothing about Vindman says volumes, Mack. In fact, according to Woodward, General Mattis was conspiring with coup plotter Coats to remove Trump from office, Seven Days In May style. He reportedly told Coats that “There may come a time when we have to take
  18. He "never intended to" to harm any one? You're a baldfaced LIAR, XO. A truly despicable one. The Weather Underground collapsed as an organization after Ayer's girlfriend at the time, Diana Oughton (who by the way was a teacher of small children), blew herself and 2 other Weathermen up while working on nail bombs designed by Ayers to kill people at an upcoming military dance. Ayers (who claimed not to be in the building when the bomb exploded) and Dohrn (who definitely was in the building at the time but survived) went underground. Years later they surfaced with changed tactics … decid
  19. The rule has ALWAYS been in any 24 hour period, lh. Ask teacher. Now all of sudden you change the rule to save Scout? Give us a break.
  20. Pay attention to what Ayers is saying folks ... because he might very know what's planned if Trump should win the election. We know that BLM leaders have been mentored, influenced and guided by former Weathermen. They admitted this. So ... https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2020/09/11/weather-underground-terrorist-bill-ayers-suggests-the-civil-war-has-already-begun-n917703 While Tyler at least took notice of Ayer's statement, he's missed the boat. Rather than talking about a dedication of Prairie Fire to RFK, he s
  21. How about this one, NITWIT ... Now it's your turn. Post a picture of the crowd waiting to hear Biden speak in Michigan recently? Or ANYWHERE? And then note that Trump spoke for over an hour ... seemingly extemporaneously. it was a great speech. Can Biden do that, snowflakes?
  22. Well I hope you reported it, because it's a rule violation and would at least (likely) get her silenced for a day or so. Imagine how nice that would be! Ha!
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