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  1. Then you're not paying attention to the leftist posts here at LF and other other places on the internet. They've been making a big deal about how the email were discovered ... as if that makes them questionable. Then why question how they were found? Why help the left make excuses to spin? ALL that matters is that they are real. Frankly, I couldn't care less if someone broke into the Biden home and stole them at this point. "pretty"? No, they are EXTREMELY SLEAZY AND CORRUPT. As sundance has sa
  2. Fired or just suspended? Because what I read is suspended ... which is meaningless. He should be fired for what he did and CSPAN should have its nonprofit public service status reexamined for even considering him as a moderator in the first place. He's was clearly biased long before he LIED about the tweet he accidentally made public.
  3. Does it matter one iota, if they're real? Why even entertain the excuses being put out by the other side now, Z09?
  4. Is there really any reason to doubt their veracity? Even the Biden campaign has not denied they are real.
  5. The answer to this isn't the FCC, Golfboy, it's the FEC. What Twitter and Facebook are doing are in-kind contributions to the democRATS with a value in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The FEC states such contributions are illegal for Corporations to give and there is also a limit on contributions even if they weren't corporations. The maximum penalty for knowingly violating the law (and Twitter and Facebook have to know this is a violation) is 200% of the contribution. So the FEC could fine Twitter and Facebook as much as half a billion dollars for doing this. Now THAT would ge
  6. Are you really this stupid? First of all, the laws states "ANYTHING OF VALUE". ANYTHING. And cutting off one party from the largest social media platforms right before an election is a gift to the other party worth BILLIONS (because, after all, as sundance says, *there are TRILLIONS at stake.").
  7. And just so everyone knows, the FEC rules state that “The maximum penalty for contributions and expenditures made in violation of these statutes, but which are not knowing and willful violations (and these ARE), is the greater of $6,500 or the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved. The penalty for knowing and willful violations is the greater of $11,000 or 200% of the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved." So if the value of the contribution from doing what Twitter and Facebook are doing is one the order of several hundred million dollars then the fine co
  8. All for that, after the election. But you won't get that done before the election and FEC laws are already in place. USE THEM.
  9. WRONG. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. The FEC states that "A contribution is ANYTHING OF VALUE given, loaned or advanced to influence a federal election." That is CLEARLY what Twitter and Facebook are now doing. The FEC states that "Goods AND SERVICES offered free of charge or at less than the usual and normal charge result in an in-kind contribution." Censoring, using obviously phony logic, one side of the political aisle is a service by social media to the democRATS. There is plenty of evidence to show that this has be
  10. But the FCC does not control Campaign Contribution Law, MORON. And that is what is this about.
  11. Not FCC, moron ... FEC. And unlike you, LIAR, I can always prove what I say. https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/candidate-taking-receipts/who-can-and-cant-contribute/ https://www.fec.gov/help-candidates-and-committees/candidate-taking-receipts/types-contributions/ https://www.fec.gov/resources/cms-content/documents/colagui.pdf
  12. WRONG. What they are doing CLEARLY violates FEC Campaign Finance Law. Corporations are not allowed to give anything to campaigns of value without reporting it as a campaign donation. What they are currently doing is definitely a campaign donation ... of great value. Probably worth at least several hundred millions of dollars to the democRATS efforts to put Biden in office. Maybe even more. So you're wrong, IO. They can be levied huge fines by the FEC and Senator Josh Hawley is pushing the FEC to do just that. Get off the fence and stop trying to help the democRATS get away with
  13. What the hell was teacher thinking letting you back on the site, LIAR? Go ahead, tommy, post the source you have debunking this. You won’t ... because you can’t … because YOU JUST LIED. Heck … six months ago the South China Morning Post reported that Chinese authorities had identified at least 256 people who contracted the virus last year … the earliest case identified then being on 17 November, 2019. Here: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3074991/coronavirus-chinas-first-confirmed-covid-19-case-traced-back . At the time they stated “patient ze
  14. Just leaked Chinese documents indicate they had FATAL cases of the virus back in SEPTEMBER of 2019! They kept this knowledge hidden from the world UNTIL NOW ... so for far more than 6 to 8 weeks. They knew about the virus and how serious it was 4 months before they revealed it to the world. And during that critical period they worked to acquire all the PPE gear IN THE WORLD. And then they allowed people they KNEW were probably infected to travel abroad by the hundreds of thousands. Let's not play word games, folks. The Ch
  15. P.S. ... I bet the tiny portion of campaign donations that Twitter and Facebook gave to Republicans went to anti-Trumpists like Romney. As sundance said, the social media giants and their employees are now ALL IN for the democRATS. So it's time to wage war on them. They are, after all, corporations that are SUPPOSED to be subject to FEC Campaign Finance Laws. Or are they yet another democRAT entity that is above the law in this country? Is that what you democRATS out there want? Unequal application of law? Because if you do, we'll remember that ... when we get in power or kee
  16. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2020/10/15/facebook-and-twitter-contribute-over-90-dems SHUT TWITTER DOWN. Or at least charge it with violating FEC campaign finance laws because that is clearly what they’ve now done. What’s the value of keeping the Trump campaign off their site? Of hiding the criminality of Biden? A $100 million dollars? $200 million? In these final days of the election? MAKE THEM PAY. Same with Facebook. If they don't stop this and rescind the ban, then we need to DESTROY THEM BOTH BEFORE THEY DESTROY US. T
  17. We all knew this was coming … https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/10/15/twitter-locks-trump-campaign-account-less-than-3-weeks-before-presidential-election/ Can you believe that that lame EXCUSE? Unbelievable, isn’t it? Twitter will go to ANY length to influence the election towards their candidate. This is war. Twitter needs to be DESTROYED as a company. Using RICO. FEC laws. By whatever means necessary. Because it’s now a threat to the country … ... more of one than
  18. https://hotair.com/archives/allahpundit/2020/10/14/navy-seal-responds-trump-killed-real-bin-laden-not-body-double-sir/ First, Mr O’Neill, HOW DO YOU KNOW you killed UBL? Because he looked like him? That’s easy enough for a nation like Iran to fake. Because the Obama administration officials back in DC told you so? And you automatically believe them, given all we’ve now learned about their willingness to LIE? Did you run a DNA test right there on the spot that confirmed it was UBL before you dumped the body … one that wasn't run by a CIA member (remember, we now know t
  19. Poor SpyCar ... suffering from TDS and clinging to lies that get disproven every day ... https://hotair.com/archives/john-s-2/2020/10/14/ny-times-contrary-claims-pelosi-hillary-theres-no-evidence-trump-owes-money-russia/ One conspiracy theory is that Deutsche Bank agreed to make the loans because they were backstopped by Russians — the Kremlin or a state-owned bank or an oligarch. If Mr. Trump were to default, it would be the Russians, not Deutsche Bank, on the hook for the losses. I wonder why Enrich cites some rando on Twitter making this claim
  20. After all, that's far more important than doing something about having let DLN and 5x5 back on the forum.
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