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  1. No, I didn't, *smartass. I don't think your opinion matters much in this. Why is it I don't believe you?
  2. First of all, drvoke, your post is in violation of the new rule regarding the amount that can be posted from an article (I'm not going to be the one to report you, however). Second, welcome to AmeriKa under the fascist, communist UNIPARTY (democRATS and RINOs) that you helped put in to power. This is just a taste of what's to come.
  3. https://babylonbee.com/news/most-popular-president-in-history-to-be-inaugurated-in-secret-guarded-by-army-behind-12-foot-fence *********** Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall Guarded By Thousands Of Soldiers "The reason President-elect Biden has to do this is that he's just so incredibly popular," said Don Lemon on CNN. "He has so many rabid fans that they might try to rush the stage as they're overcome with enthusiasm and love for Biden who is by far the most beloved candidate who has ever run for President." *********** There is something in a leftist's genetic structure that prevents him/her/it from seeing the humor in the above.
  4. Welcome to AmeriKa! There is THEM and there is US. And they'll ALL soon be living and working behind walls and fences.
  5. https://dbdailyupdate.com/2021/01/18/utterly-pathetic-biden-inauguration-rehearsal-cancelled-you-wont-believe-the-reason-why/ Wonder why …
  6. A sign of what's coming folks. You will be monitored and watched ... 24/7/265 by The State ... and they will turn you against your fellow Americans. Either you will become AmeriKan, or they will round you up and eliminate you ... just as Obama's best friend William Ayers said they'd do. Just as important Fabian Socialists said they'd do.
  7. Oh yes you do. You worship Fascist, Communist China ... and the Fascist, Communist UNIPARTY. That's been obvious for years, XO.
  8. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/01/fascism_is_back.html ************ Fascism is Back By Hugh Meyers Fascists are back in a very big way, and they are not who legacy media say they are. They are not who big tech says they are. They are not who the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their minions say they are. The CCP itself is fascist, not communist, and has been fascist since Deng Xiaoping. The distinction is important, and without that distinction, it is vastly more difficult to deal with the most dangerous threats to freedom here and overseas. Fascism is far more resilient than communism. It is the wedding of markets and totalitarian governance, an attractive prospect for many oligarchs in the US and all over the world. It is the “ism” that underlies globalism. The US at the national level has been moving toward fascism steadily and deliberately. Democrats and Republicans in Washington endorse big state crony capitalism openly in some cases, and tacitly in others. The trend is accelerating right now due to Covid windfalls that hugely benefit many oligarchs. Today’s fascist oligarchs comprise a formidable array: the deep state of unaccountable bureaucrats, academe, the megalomaniacs of Silicon Valley, Davos elites, Hollywood, Wall Street, big banks, many of the largest corporations, legacy media, some state governors, professional sports, New World Order kleptocrats, some functionaries of both parties. The oligarchs’ front men in legacy media are partisans. In the US, what on the surface appears to be two party governance is in fact one party, the big state party, with two branches: the pedal to the metal fascists and the drive 55 fascists, the latter renowned for their complicity in private but now exposed thanks to an American president. Their allies in academe have been and are doing everything they can to obscure the evidence, cloud the issues with misdirection and propagandize the young against Western liberalism. Sadly, most of the people who suffered directly under fascism or who fought against fascist militarism in World War II are not with us anymore. Bulwarks against fascism in this country have weakened with the greatest generation now mostly gone. Recognizing this, the fascist oligarchs have accelerated into their end game. Emboldened by four years of vile obstruction against the first American president in thirty years to take them on, and shielded against consequences by their deep state facilitators, fascists in formerly American states are now showing their true colors behind the cover of Covid with threats against small businesses and churches familiar to those who have studied the black shirts. Nationally, the fascists are in full cry, censoring, cancelling, demonizing, de-platforming, and conspiring to ruin perceived threats to their hegemony. In The Gathering Storm, Winston Churchill reflected that World War II was one of the most avoidable catastrophes in world history. Time and time again those entrusted with Western governance decided against making a stand against fascism and in favor of what was hailed “peace in our time” then later described as appeasement. The butcher’s bill was enormous. In that same volume Mr. Churchill observed, “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Thankfully, Americans are waking up to fascism and its oligarchs. It is late, the threat is right here, and there is a lot to do. Walk away from the worst of Silicon Valley. Get rid of Gmail, Chrome, and as much of Google as you can, including YouTube. Nobody needs Facebook or Twitter. Ditto Netflix. Avoid investing in wokish behemoths. Avoid buying their products, or when you do, buy second hand and not from them as “refurbished”. Check out Parler (whoops, too late) and Rumble. Read the Bongino Report, the Epoch Times and watch NTD. Watch American Thought Leaders, catch them on Rumble. Amazon is not the only game in town. Almost everyone does online these days. You will discover that Amazon’s price is not always the lowest and their merchandise not always the best or even very good. Nobody needs Prime. If you order from Amazon, keep your orders as close to $25 as you can without going under. Wait for your orders to ship before ordering again. Think about it. Patronize small business in your area and online. Have you noticed that the oligarchs are for the most part insulated from the effects of their diktats, especially in this age of Covid hysteria? Do as I say, not as I do. Tucker Carlson nailed it during a recent Turning Point USA program; it is all about power for the oligarchs to control the rest of us. Almost fifty years ago this notion inspired the publication of E F Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered. It is time to dust that one off and take another look. There is good news. The oligarchs, especially those in academe, in governance, and even in technology, do not make anything we really need. They thrive at the top of Maslow’s pyramid. We can walk away from more than they think. Check this out Insist that your representatives defend your rights and your freedom. If they do not, hold them accountable. Work to replace them. Apply this at all levels of government. Nobody outside of professional sports needs professional sports. Excepting the hard sciences, colleges are a waste of money. Look for cost effective alternatives that do not bury you in debt. Make the ghouls of wokish faculties and administrations get real jobs. That will be fun to watch. Do not put up with dubious electoral integrity: likewise, Russiagate. Unaddressed they are the death of the republic and of the union. Sadly, the list of formerly American states is growing. The usual suspects, California, Illinois, and New York have been joined by quite a few others, notably Oregon and Washington. Why notably? Those states and California have our only ports to the Pacific Ocean. That is a very big problem. By the way, do you suppose CCP fascists perceive the West Coast’s strategic significance? Check this out. The big banks are a tough one. The banks are entrenched behind “too big to fail” and own increasingly large shares of American corporations. Deal with regional banks where you can. Check out block-chain based currencies, and block-chain based services in general. Look for ways to hold assets in forms that cannot be seized by fiat, overnight, electronically, “for the greater good.” Support organizations who fight for your rights in the courts, such as The Institute for Justice. Support organizations who fight against human trafficking and slavery, such as Operation Underground. Support organizations who work to expose the hypocrisy and criminality of the oligarchs, such as Project Veritas and Judicial Watch. Support organizations that work to inform and to educate everyone about American history and Western liberalism, such as Prager University, The Freedom Center, Classical Conversations, The Mises Institute, The Library of America, Hillsdale College, The Atlas Society. Support organizations that find leaders within troubled communities and help them identify and develop potential in others within those communities, such as The Woodson Center and Liberty Hill Foundation. ************* Yes ... the UNIPARTY is a FASCIST party. But it is also a communist one at it's heart. Making it doubly dangerous. And while this article should be a must read, I also think it's a bit of polyanna. I fear that even the suggestions in it will do nothing to stop the march of the UNIPARTY. It really is up to the military now. It's they who will decide if America continues to be the Shining City On The Hill ... ... or becomes a nightmare, not just for it's own citizen slaves, but for the rest of the world. Just saying ... Note: As required, one paragraph was removed from the above article posting.
  9. Says the idiot who falsely claimed "Blacks die in disproportionately larger numbers in active duty military than do white soldiers."
  10. Let me get this straight. You think a rally attended by over 100,000 people, where only a few hundred invaded the halls of Congress (and, actually, the videos shows they were invited in by Capital Police and that the instigators of this action in the crowd were BLM/Antifa members) is worthy of the term Insurrection Rally? You really are a MORON. And you're going to get the sort of cold-hearted, fascist, communist government you deserve.
  11. You're as much a tool as him, calguy. Don't you get it? The fact that he waited to release this report ... which was due in mid-December when it could have had an impact ... till now, is all the proof you need to know he's part of the anti-Trump Deep State. He's one of you, moron. And damn you all to hell for what you've now done to this country.
  12. Now, now, slideman. You didn’t really think Harry Truman would say something negative about socialism, did you? After all, he was self-described Democratic Socialist. More important, Harry Truman was every bit as much a Fabian Socialist ... i.e., stealth communist … as FDR had been. He and his New Deal Coalition continued as many of the New Deal programs as he could after FDR died. He also started additional programs that the Fabian Society had wanted enacted. Indeed, Truman was as beholden to Fabian Socialists as FDR had been. You see, in 1947, leaders from the American Fabian Socialist movement helped found a political organization called Americans for Democratic Action (ADA). Then, in presidential election of 1948, when most experts had written off Truman’s chances. the ADA stepped in an dcoordinated the efforts of local AFL and CIO unions, organized college campuses through the Students for Democratic Action, and had ADA volunteers working precincts. And as a result, not only did Truman win, but 79 representatives endorsed by the ADA were elected to Congress, nine of whom were declared ADA members … one of them being Hubert Humphrey.” In 1949 Truman put forward a set of 21 proposals he called the Fair Deal, which continued and expanded the New Deal. Many were items specifically identified as needed by earlier Fabian Socialists. And it's not a coincidence that he used the term Fair Deal for his program. Fabian Socialists in England created the idea of “Fair Shares”. Indeed, here’s a Fabian Society publication from 1950 ( https://digital.library.lse.ac.uk/objects/lse:buf469fob ) that contains an lecture which states “Fair shares is one of the vital concepts of British Socialism.” Now you know where Truman got his Fair Deal name … from the same place that FDR got his New Deal name … from Fabian Socialists. And as Edward R. Annis, a past president of the American Medical Association wrote “Surely it was no coincidence that Truman would address Congress with an eleven-item wish list, and that eight of those items would appear on the platform adopted at the ADA annual convention. And surely it was no coincidence that the most sweeping proposal on that wish list and on the ADA platform was a renewed call for socialized medicine through national health insurance, and that the same proposal had first appeared two decades before on the platform of the Socialist party of America.” And before that in the list of things the Fabian Society wanted enacted. And, finally, consider this. We know that Truman, like FDR, let communists infiltrate the US government. In 1946, when Truman was President, J Edgar Hoover went to the White House (like he had with FDR) and provided Truman with a list of known Communists and sympathizers who had infiltrated the US government. Truman’s response was: "What am I going to do? Give those @#%&* Republicans up on the Hill something to bash me with?" He wasn’t interested in getting the communists out of our government. In fact, John Beaty in his 1951 book, "The Iron Curtain Over America", said there were 7 people who share the most responsibility for establishing the communist grip on the world. They were Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, FDR and Truman. Now I could go on … but what’s the point. You aren’t listening anyway.
  13. Did they actually believe he'd be the real president, and not just a figurehead ... because likely that's all he is now.
  14. Do we, Commie? https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-21-73A1.pdf Odd that warning being issued just 3 days before the inauguration.
  15. By the way folks, deplatforming OANN and Newsmax is not the only thing this Former Facebook Exec wants ... https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2021/01/17/former-facebook-executive-advocates-for-reeducation-and-deprogramming-to-protect-the-u-s-totalitarian-state/ That's right folks ... there's "Reeducation and Deprogramming" in YOUR future. Thanks to people like benson and Toldya. Be sure to thank them.
  16. The only thing I take comfort in regarding this situation is knowing that posters like Toldya, who think they're going to be privileged ones under the new Communist State they helped install, will learn they are NOT party members, not considered trustworthy, and therefore are in the same pot as the rest of us.
  17. I also warned you folks that the UNIPARTY Communists will quickly move to eliminate any real conservatives from Congress once puppet Harris is in the oval office. So any conservative on this forum who thinks there is a chance of a conservative comeback in 2022 or 2024 is just smoking dope. The UNIPARTY will do it not only by cheating in future elections (like I've warned) but also through corrupt actions like this ... https://www.dailywire.com/news/senate-swing-vote-joe-manchin-14th-amendment-should-be-a-consideration-in-handling-hawley-cruz You might as well get ready, folks. Prepare yourself. Because unless the military saves us on the 20th, we are ALL, including all members of the military, going to live in a one party communist State that does not care one iota about the right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Wanting individual freedom, truth, right or wrong, or any of the other things we came to think of as American will soon be CRIMES. Welcome to AmeriKa ... and I truly hope you rank and file democRATS and RINOs suffer every bit as much as a result as the rest of us.
  18. https://dailycaller.com/2021/01/17/alex-stamos-facebook-security-chief-verizon-att-deplatform-oann-newsmax/ I told you this was coming, folks. The UNIPARTY State is going to eliminate conservative thought from the internet, just like Communist China, their backers, have done. Welcome to AmeriKa … brought to you by democRATS and their foolish, gullible base ... and duplicitous UNIPARTY RINOs. Even this little forum will soon be under their watchful eyes and either be controlled ... or gone. Hear that @kfools?
  19. It's amazing self-delusion that many on the left think Trump is The Beast of Revelations. Let's look at the full description of Revelations. Maybe it's a clue as to what's really happening. Just for fun. First, the Bible says there will be two beasts. The first comes "out of sea" and is met by a "dragon" ... which has authority over it and which powers it.. The first beast is described as having ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns. Now ... remember that dinner meeting of Obama and Big Tech in 2011? At the table were the CEO (heads) of Apple, FaceBook, Twitter, Netflix, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, Cisco and Genetech. About the right number of heads and crowns for this beast. All representing international businesses (from the sea) and met by a dragon (Obama). Now what country uses a dragon as a symbol? Communist China. And Obama and the democRATS are certainly in league with the Chinese. The second beast comes out of the earth. It's described as having "two horns like a lamb" (could that be Harris and Biden being deceptive, like the Fabian Socialists they are?). It speaks "like a dragon" (just like the Communist Chinese). It's purpose is to promote the authority of the first beast (Obama and Big Tech). This second beast is also called the false prophet. It's other words, it's not what it claims to be be ... just like Biden/Harris are not. They are merely figureheads. And the Bible says it will be declared that anyone that does not worship the beast or its image will be killed (isn't that what Fabian Socialists and Obama's friend Bill Ayers suggested and isn't that what many hardcore leftists are now suggesting?) The second beast will also causes all people to receive the mark of the beast "in their right hand or in their forehead." Cold that be Covid-19 papers ... since the mark of the beast will be required of all who buy and sell? Or maybe 666 represents the number of vaccines under development? And according to the Bible, the two beasts, together, then persecute the "saints"and those who do "not worship the image of the beast [of the sea]". Might that not describe what the left is now doing and suggesting be done to Trump's staff and all his followers? The two beasts influence the kings of the earth to gather for the battle of Armageddon. Might that be the Inauguration in DC? The two beasts are defeated and thrown into a lake of fire. Maybe that's what will happens at the Inauguration (are all those troops really needed to *protect* the left in DC?), with the attendees (all worshippers of evil) ending up in Guantanamo or worse? Or maybe they'll be another outcome ... because the Bible does say those who dwell on the Earth are deceived into making an image of the beast (Obama) as a means to worship his authority. That the second beast will breath life into the "image of the beast" (return to Obama's policies), so that the image becomes alive and is able to speak. It also declares death to anyone who does not worship the authority of the beast (much like in Communist China). But at least those who are killed for not conforming to the authority of the beast will be blessed through the "first resurrection". And the second death will have no power over those who were victorious over the beast by not being deceived, even though they lost their lives. Anyway, some food for thought. Oh ... I just remembered that Revelations mentions a third beast ... one that is scarlet in color and ridden by a harlot who "reigns over the kings of the earth". Maybe that's Hillary? Or is it Michelle? Guess we'll soon see. Now have a nice day in the final days. Interesting times are ahead.
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