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  1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/09/16/the-background-of-the-harris-biden-ticket/ Where we are today was easily predictable five months ago for those who follow the road-map that is continually used by the DNC club; and those who understand how organized the club is at creating astroturf. Joe Biden is a Potemkin candidate; a completely false front for the club. The actual and purposeful operation is attempting to position Kamala Harris to deliver on the policies, goals and objectives of the far-left Obama coalition that operates in the background.
  2. Now get this, folks ... https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/09/16/fake-news-caught-again-cbs-uses-photo-from-latinos-for-trump-as-image-for-biden-latino-outreach-in-miami/ The tactics of democRATS are now so obviously dishonest that they need to be DESTROYED as a political party in this country. There should be no coming back from this in 4 years.
  3. https://archive.is/ktVhD#selection-2017.5-2017.81 This proves Barr does know the word. Now if only he'll use it on the group of FBI/DOJ/Intel/State/DNC/RINO/MSM/Obama/HIllary coup plotters who spent the last FOUR YEARS trying to topple Trump. But at least this is a shot across the bow and a warning to those thinking of rioting, or funding rioting, post Trump’s election. Just saying ...
  4. Clearly, the folks at SA believes in AGWalarmism as do all the leftists here a LF. Yet neither SA or LF's AGWalarmists are willing to debate the actual data ... data which proves the entire premise of AGWalarmism is faulty. Every time ... and I mean EVERY TIME the data comes out the leftists here RUN as I'm sure the staff at SA would do were we given the opportunity to actually debate them face to face or on the internet. The whole concern about CO2 is based on a LIE promulgated by leftists whose agenda is NOT concern about the environment but a desire to transform the US into a communi
  5. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/09/the_democrats_war_on_blacks.html Amen. Trump 2020!
  6. https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-biden-says-hell-kill-federal-funding-for-charter-schools-many-of-those-schools-hugely-benefit-minorities Just saying ...
  7. https://issuesinsights.com/2020/09/16/is-the-coronavirus-crisis-finally-over-a-nobel-laureate-says-it-might-be/ democRATS, RINOS, and UNIPARTY COMMUNISTS … GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES! Trump 2020!
  8. Watching what's happening to the media and *science* organizations makes me feel more and more like I'm living in the Soviet Union. Know what I mean, folks? Better arm yourself and NEVER let them take your guns away. Because that's the first thing that new communists states do.
  9. Now a sure indication of whether the COWARD believes this, is whether he's planning a Big Biden Bash the night of the election. Remember when he was SURE about Hillary winning? He held a Clinton Victory Gala on election night. Of course, it didn't turn out like he'd hoped but it did prove he really did believe Hillary would win. Without him planning something similar for Biden, I don't think we can take him at his word that he thinks Biden will win. Just saying ...
  10. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/scientists-confounded-by-new-findings-on-universes-mysterious-dark-matter/articleshow/78076216.cms Maybe both are true, Sherlock. By the way, another source ( https://phys.org/news/2020-09-hubble-ingredient-current-dark-theories.html ) says the lensing effects are 10 TIMES stronger than expected. I call that a FAIL.
  11. https://us24news.com/blog/2020/09/13/biden-is-busted-after-teleprompter-exposed-in-reflection-during-tv-interview/ Yep. A DISASTER.
  12. Yes, the FBI says there is no evidence Antifa or the left are behind the fires but can we believe the FBI given how political they’ve become? Consider this? A guy named Jeffrey Acord was arrested on September 9th for arson along highway 167 in Washington State. And where are the fires in Washington? Puyallup is just to the east of Tacoma. And on September 8 they were reporting multiple fires. Report after report is coming in from communities on the west coast regarding suspicious fires.
  13. Better if they're all on one night but this is still pretty good ... https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap200912.html
  14. I started a test thread, lh … So far two people have reported what they see. One says 12:31 PST and they say they are in Nevada and the other says 3:31 Eastern and I assume he's east of the Mississippi. So it appears that what you just claimed about all of us seeing the same time zone is false and my point about the 5 threads a day rule is proven. Now I wonder if teacher's attitude is the same as yours stated above. Well, teacher?
  15. How about you, calguy? You're in Arkansas, right? When does it say this thread was started?
  16. I'm not ignoring you, Scout, and have never claimed I would (unlike you claiming you'd ignore me). I just asked that you obey the rules of the forum as they were established. It just seem to me you've been saved by a sympathic moderator suddenly altering the rules.
  17. No, Scout, I'll never do that. Just as you'll never really put me on ignore even when you claim you have.
  18. I was personally thanked by teacher on threads for reporting posters that were flagrantly violating the 5 threads in 24 hour rule. I guess there's been a sea change in way that's going to be viewed now that luciferhammer is in charge, even if teacher is ostensibly the owner of the forum. Just saying ...
  19. And how would I know that? I don't see what other posters see on their computers. I asked for a simple test. Are you unwilling to do it?
  20. Can we test that? What timezone are you in lucifershammer? (so I can tell if it's different than the one I'm in) What do you see as the time this thread was started? https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/327609-sturgis-motorcycle-rally-is-now-linked-to-more-than-250000-coronavirus-cases/?tab=comments#comment-1062121182
  21. Regarding the above question, teacher, I assume that when one of us lists the posts by another poster, it indicates the time the posts were made in our time zone, not necessarily that of the other poster or a moderator to whom we might complain. So if I and the moderator are in different timezones, then we might get different answers for the number of posts made by a poster since OUR last midnight (luciferhammer's 5 new thread rule). So I could complain to a moderator about a poster violating lh's 5/day rule and he'd look and see only 5 posts or less. See what I mean? Or am I wrong about
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