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  1. Prince Potemkin was the governor-general of Russia's southern provinces in the days of Catherine the Great. He's known for creating villages made of structures with painted façades to fool visiting officials into thinking there were well maintained and full of happy, well-fed people ... when they were not. For example ... So a Potemkin candidate is one who uses a fake external façade to hide who he really is and what he will do as president, in order to be a more viable candidate. It's a candidate who is just the opposite of Trump, who told us 4 years ago EXACTLY wh
  2. What's sad *Bill* is that none of you is able to honestly answer the question I asked. At least Toldya as much as admitted on another thread that he(she?)'s vote is for Harris or whoever might be behind Harris pulling her strings. None of you can even be that honest. Sad. Pathetic. AND QUITE COWARDLY. Or Stealth Fabian. You need to disguise how radical you are for fear of turning off the bulk of the democRAT base. Say, did you notice the part about Soros being a Fabian Socialist, SC? Of course you did .. but you have to pretend that isn't true too. Don't you?
  3. How about you cg? Who will you REALLY be voting for in November. Because it clearly isn't Biden.
  4. Answer the question, snowflake. Who you will REALLY be voting for when you cast your vote for Biden?
  5. Is that an admission that you're really voting for Harris (who was demolished in the primaries in her home state, by the way)? And isn't that and admission that you see Harris as a Potemkin candidate ... for Obama who might actually be pulling her strings? So ... aren't you admitting that you're really voting for Obama for President, not Biden, or Harris? If so, aren't you then trying to circumvent what the Constitution clearly states ... that no one can be elected more than twice to the office of President?
  6. PLUCK PLUCK PLUCK. Tell us Scout, who will you REALLY be voting for when you cast your vote for President. Because it's not Biden. We know and we know you know it.
  7. So, Toldya ... who will you REALLY be voting for when you cast your vote for Biden? Because you have to know that Biden is so diminished already from dementia and/or Alzheimers that he will not be able to carry out the duties of President. Is it radical Harris, who will become President in that event? Or are you voting for Biden because you think even Harris will be a Potemkin president for someone in the shadows ... perhaps Obama ... or George Soros. So try to be honest for a moment and tell us who will you REALLY be voting for when you cast your vote for Biden? Hmmmmm?
  8. Hey, SpyCar and XO ... is George Soros and his son who you will REALLY be voting for when you cast your vote for Biden?
  9. https://americanmind.org/post/the-soros-cover-up/ Gingrich is naive if he thinks the mainstream media (including, increasingly, Fox News since the operations of it we're turn over to the socialist children of the former owner) aren't in the tank for the UNIPARTY. That they are being "overruled" by social media. No, it's not twitter getting the media to follow suit ... it's if anything, the other way around ... or them acting TOGETHER with the MSM to promote the leftist agenda. They've all been taken over and Fox News is just latest to fall. Another
  10. You are RUNNING on EVERY FRONT. Pluck, pluck, pluck. *Bill*
  11. What do you mean "nice", COWARD? On an earlier thread you characterized your retirement pay as, I quote, "POCKET CHANGE."
  12. Well that certainly might be part of the plan. Not going to happen under Trump. Most likely but don't rule out the possibility that a deal was made that Barack would break the moment Biden was out of the picture. Yep. Probably communist Valerie who has been at Barack's elbow and at his dinner table for a long, long time.
  13. It's certainly possible that the powers that be didn't expect Clinton to win ... that he wasn't supposed to win. After all, they already had a Deep State socialist candidate in the election ... George Bush. A sitting President. A sure thing. Perhaps Perot just screwed their plans up. And look who Perot supported in later elections ... Bush and Romney ... both Deep State and arguably socialists. But then he probably just got fooled like most of the rest of us conservatives.
  14. That's right. Obama and Soros are the power behind her. The only question is who'd she'd make VP. Maybe a deal was struck between the Obama and Clinton forces to name Hillary VP if it happens. Wouldn't want to be CommieLa in that case. Definitely a limited life expectancy. But then maybe Obama would renege on the deal since once CommieLa is in the White House, who needs the Clintons? Then maybe Mooch would be the VP ... and 4 years later be President?
  15. Yes, and I've got a whole thread on the topic with a challenge to anyone that I will leave the forum if they can name a president with more hardcore socialists/communists in his inner circle over his life than Obama. I seem to recall you running from that thread, you gutless SNOWFLAKE, like you do ANY challenge to debate. No, snowflake, it's already settled that you're the one in need of medications. Says the slime who makes vague accusations that Trump raped women and then RUNS when challenged to prove it. Says the slime who supported a
  16. OUCH! It's sad and it's cruel that democRATS are making him do this. They ALL know he's incapable of performing the duties of the office if elected which begs the question ... ... who are they really trying to put in the oval office?
  17. Denial is a deep in XO's case. So XO ... SpyCar won't answer so how about you? We ALL know that Biden is suffering from a rapidly accelerating dementia or Alzheimers. It's so bad that he already is incapable of performing the duties of office for the Presidency. He can't even perform the duties of a candidate. So if should he win because of your vote, he will either be a Potemkin president or will resign and turn over the office to CommieLa. Either way, there will be someone behind the scenes pulling their strings. It
  18. Here's a not so shocking fact about the Bilderbergers, antifakiller. They are not only UNIPARTY, they are Fabian Socialists (which means stealth communists). Joseph Retinger ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Józef_Retinger ), one of the Bilderberger Group’s founders, collaborated with the Fabian Society. This is acknowledged on the Bilderberger’s own website which notes that "he enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science (the LSE), where he studied for a year. During this time he came into contact with reformist ideas promoted by the Fabian Society;
  19. https://www.lucianne.com/2020/09/17/princetons_systemic_racism_captures_the_governments_attention_43677.html OUCH! Continuing ... Good question. The second question is: Finally, the Department asks for the number of “public nondiscrimination and equal opportunity representations. . .Princeton has made, measured by website visits, between January 1, 2015 and the present. Eisgruber has put Princeton in a box. It either must formally admit to engaging in unlawful discriminati
  20. Pluck pluck pluck. You're the one with delusions that Biden will win, cupcake. You're the one with delusions that Biden is mentally capable of holding office. You're the one that thinks Biden isn't hiding in his basement because of his deteriorating mental capacity. You're the one who believes Hillary and Bill weren't criminals of the first order. You're the one who think Obama isn't a hardcore communist. You're the one who believes CO2 spells the world's doom. And I could go on and on and on listing issues where you are the one in complete denial of the facts and evidence. You'
  21. NAME ONE. You're only proving that YOU are the "sick fuck" SLIME.
  22. Yeah, but this time it really does look rigged ... against Trump. The evidence is staring you in the face, fence sitter.
  23. The fact that you even say this, given all the evidence out there, says that either YOU have a cognitive decline or you're lying because you want Biden to be a Potemkin candidate that will get someone else in the Oval Office. CommieLa? Hillary? Or those behind them? All who would be less electable than Weekend At Bernie's Biden (which tells you how radical they are, folks). And that is why you can't be honest about who you are voting for, cupcake.
  24. No he didn't. You're a LIAR, SLIME, as we can easily prove once again by citing sourced facts. http://www.catholics4trump.com/the-true-story-donald-trump-did-not-mock-a-reporters-disability/ Stephanopolous and all of the major news outlets immediately denied the existence of any such news reports following 9/11. One paper, the Washington Post, even went so far as to write a detailed article claiming to “fact check” Mr. Trump. After an exhaustive review, the Post lectured that there was absolutely no evidence of Trump’s claim and deemed it false.
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