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  1. Hey Fallopian, how do you like having Squatch as an ally?
  2. Did you hear about the 5000 national guard soldiers now being housed in a car garage with 1 electric outlet and 1 bathroom in DC? They were inside a government building before Biden's crowning, but were moved out of it to the garage after it. Trump has now offered to let them stay at the Trump Hotel.
  3. See what I mean about, Fallopian ... aka Redoctober, folks? Debates just like the other leftists around here.
  4. Does it really look to you like I'm crying about this, Fallopian. LOL! No, snowflake ... I just thoroughly destroyed another Truther. Cause for celebration.
  5. And yet, right away you came to this thread ... ... to try and dismiss the notion that Bush is part of the Deep State in league with communists. So obviously, even your latest statement is nothing but another untruth. You debate like a 911 Truther, Fallopian, and being dishonest was one of the hallmark debating tactics of such people.
  6. You're only proving what I'm saying about you, Fallopian. So by all means, continue your Trutherish, Childish, Diversionary tactics in defense of the Deep State.
  7. You're a LIAR. We had long conversations ... with you debating using the tactics of 911 Truthers. Comparing me to Benson just now is such a dishonesty. And to prove it, I offer to everyone these links to a long conversation you and I had back in 2013 ... with you defending the Clintons tooth and nail. In the first link, I showed specifically all the Truther debating tactics that you used to do it, Fallopian. https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/148451-what-does-it-take-for-a-president-to-be-impeached-nowadays/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-3141975 https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/148451-what-does-it-take-for-a-president-to-be-impeached-nowadays/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-3142068 https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/148451-what-does-it-take-for-a-president-to-be-impeached-nowadays/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-3140531 https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/148451-what-does-it-take-for-a-president-to-be-impeached-nowadays/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-3139718 They show you're not at all what you claim to be ... a conservative. You're a supporter of the Deep State. And have been for a long time.
  8. I keep a record of who I debate and what we discuss, Fallopian. I didn't really have to dig up anything. It's at the tip of my fingers. As "persons", the Clintons are MUCH worse people. Yet you stepped in at every opportunity to defend them. So I find your complaint about Trump to be hypocrisy. I know for a fact that you said you didn't see much difference between Trump and Hillary. Which makes me suspicious that you're only claiming you voted for Trump. And yet you told us in 2016 that there wasn't much difference between Trump and them. You're being dishonest. The Clintons were still central figures in the democRATic party in 2016 AND EVEN BEYOND. It isn't pointless to talk about what they did in the 90s because they brought the same group of people that did all that for them into Obama's adminstration and then into their 2016 campaign. Many of them joined Biden's campaign and will be part of his administration. You're just using the same excuse that democRATS used to dismiss the concerns about the Clintons. Perhaps because you're a stealth democrat whose job is like The Trust's was in the USSR. Why else would you suggested there was no difference between Hillary and Trump back in 2016. Why else would you now be trying to defend the Bushes. That all you got, Mr Establishment? You haven't debunked a thing I've posted. EVER. All you've got are the tactics OF DEMOCRATS.
  9. Ah ... that explains a lot. I recall that every time you (as Fallopian) showed up on a thread that was discussing the Clintons, it was ONLY to dismiss the allegations against them. When I raised legitimate concerns about the suspicious deaths of Foster and Ron Brown, you dismissed those concerns by ridiculing the Clinton Chronicles ... which had nothing to do with what I'd posted. Here, for example, is a link to the first post of an early discussion between us. 
 You argued against the impeachment of not only Clinton but Obama, and then ran from the details of my rebuttal to you in Truther-like fashion. This, which you wrote ... 
 ... is the sort of statement that someone who want's the accusations against the Clintons to just go away ... someone defending the clintons ... utters. 
 The fact is you lied repeatedly during the discussions we had, Fallopian. At one point you proclaimed ... 
 My response to you was to quote statements you'd made prior to that proving you a liar. For example ... 
 You wrote "I don't like the Clinton Chronicles crap you are pushing here." You wrote "You most likely bought into the Clinton Chronicles right?" Well as I told you back then, I've never ONCE pushed the Clinton Chronicles here or quoted anything from it. In fact, I've been on record stating for a long time ... well before you uttered those lies ... that they hurt the effort to bring the Clintons to justice. That we should concentrate on the allegations that are the most provable ... like the Foster and Brown cases. Tell us, Fallopian, how did your statement ... "The fact that you take this forum serious, amuses me" ... which you posted to me while discussing my *conspiracy theories* ... not defend the Clintons? How did your saying ... about Prudhomme regarding the Broaddrick rape case ... that "She should let it go because she has no chance of producing any results." ... "She is evince in the sense that she is a fanatic. She can't let it go." ... "She is insane just like evince is." ... "She needs to get a job and no, being crazy isn't a job." ... not defend the Clintons and protect the Deep State? How did you claim that Bill's impeachment resulted in "nothing good" prove you a conservative? The fact is you lied when you claimed you have never defend the Clintons, Fallopian. The truth is that time and time again you stepped in to defend them. All that (and I have more I could add) should make ANY real conservative distrustful of you. Because here's why a claimed GOPe supporter would defend the Clintons and Bushes ... and attack Trump: because ALL are part of the UNIPARTY, which Trump threatened. I don't think you are what you claim to be, Red. I think you've been lying to the forum ... pretending you're a conservative. A real conservative would not have defended the Clintons and not have attacked people like Prudhomme. A real conservative would not have suggested it makes no difference whether Trump or Hillary won in 2016 (but you did). And a real conservative would not be stepping into a discussion to defend the Bushes now, and acting like Fabian Socialism isn't a real thing ... acting like *I'm* the problem ... not after all that's transpired since Trump first entered the race for President. All of the above, including your current behavior, suggests to me you are just another member of the UNIPARTY. That you're the equivalent of the fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, The Trust, that the Soviets set up to destroy the efforts against them. Remember that *REDoctober*?
  10. I'm curious why you call yourself Redoctober?
  11. By the way ... those First Day EOs that Biden supposedly signed. Look at the video of him doing it. Sure looks like they gave him blank pages to sign ...
  12. The answer is obvious. Until they can find another scapegoat (probably us) for why nothing they try ever works out the way they claimed.
  13. That's a baldfaced lie and if conservatives should have learned anything from this fiasco, it's that establishment types ... like you, apparently ... lie. The fact is the threat of Fabian Socialism is very real as I've proven time and again. And when ever I do, tools like you either run or do what you just did ... call me a fanatic and then claim I think everyone is a Fabian. The fact is I always give my reasons for suspecting someone is a Fabian ... i.e. ... a stealth communist. And the reasons are clear where Bush is concerned. Now everyone should note, you never addressed or challenged the facts I noted above above about Bush. For example in this case, you failed to tell us what Bush's *conservative* agenda was, Red. In fact, you said this ... ... which only supports what I've been saying. The irony is that your first post attacked me for eating my own and now you admit that Bush wasn't a conservative ... not if he was a "crony capitalist" as you claim. Don't you get it? He's part of an fascist, communist oligarchy that has democRATS (who are communists now ... you want to argue that?) at the head. Why is he's so friendly with the likes of the Clintons, Obama and countless other hard left socialists? You want to answer that ... and then claim he's one of our own? Go ahead, prove to us that he serves OUR AGENDA, Red. We're waiting ... Yeah, excuse friendliness to our worst enemies, his coverups of their actions, his Deep State connections to the intel communities that did this to us, his liberal agenda, his duplicitous behavior where Trump AND the all of US are concerned. He is NOT acting in the interests of the country that our founding fathers created, Red. That makes him a traitor. It cast a blind eye to a phony election. That's makes him as big a traitor to the Constitution and country as any of the democRATS involved in it. And if you associate with communists, some of it's going to rub off. And it sure did in Bush's case as the inauguration photos prove. You must be blind to not see that. That's called a cheap shot where I come from, Red. But at least I had HOPE that Trump might be able to right the boat ... that there might be enough Republican politicians left who would back him ... that not every part of our government had already been corrupted ... that the people Trump picked to take over the DOJ and parts of the intelligence community and run the military were not be part of the Deep State. You ... you gave up long ago and refuse to see what's now staring you in the face ... that this country has been taken over by fascist communists who in the long run will create a living hell ... as has happened in every country where such a group has come to power. But you have a nice day and keep dreaming the dream of Republican *unity*.
  14. Speaking of eating their own, answer me this, Red. Where was Bush when Trump needed help to take down the left and the Deep State? For that matter, where were most of the establishment republicans? OPPOSING TRUMP. HELPING THE DEMOCRATS. What's STUPID is you thinking they were on our side. You have no excuse for that now. It's not like we OR YOU had no clues the last 12 years. These aren't the first photos to show George palling around with the very people we knew were our WORST enemies. In fact, George Bush has been a friend of democRATS since he got elected. The only reason Clinton didn't end up in jail for all he did is because George said we needed to "move on" (yes, he's the one who invented that phrase that became a leftist slogan) to further his agenda. Well what exactly was "his agenda", Red? Increasing the size of the department of education? Letting massive numbers of illegals into the country? Telling us we need to be "compassionate"? Doing nothing about the Social Security boondoggle. Sorry, Red, but looking back, it's clear he had the same agenda as the democRATS'. And now it's crystal clear. And the fact that you can't see that now, should make everyone deeply suspicious of who you claim to be now. Because your mistake is believing Bush and all the rest are conservatives. They're Fabian Socialists.
  15. Yes, drvoke ... be controlled. That's what you wanted all along, isn't it? Welcome to AmeriKa ... where all those things you claimed to cherish will matter NOT.
  16. More than that, it's miraculously not a problem that we can even open the border to accept thousands of illegal aliens without concern for spread of COVID-19. This despite the fact that the CDC has a travel advisory in effect (https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-4/coronavirus-mexico ) saying "Travelers should avoid all travel to Mexico." Despite the fact that Mexico (https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4952 ) "is one of the world’s worst hit countries by the pandemic. In mid-November it became the fourth country to record more than 100 000 covid-19 related deaths. Since then, another 19 000 people have lost their lives to the illness." No, folks, what's going on is that the UNIPARTY wants to keep Covid numbers in the US high because that allows them to do all sorts of things to further their agenda of control over all AmeriKans. They don't give a damn how many more people die. It's all about establishing control now before the fools that put them into office realize what a mistake they've made.
  17. I think you are right. China would not tolerate it ... so neither will the UNIPARTY. They are actually more a threat to their control now than we are now ... because they have many tentacles on the inside of their organization. And their actions could cause the millions of armed, law abiding conservatives to take up their arms and use them. Best to keep them law abiding and get rid of the RDL first. So they will be cut out first. Which I warned all the leftists around here would be the case.
  18. Now watch the gloves come off. As I warned, the UNIPARTY no longer needs Antifa or BLM to push their agenda. Ever. They don't need them to get out the vote. I predict they'll move quickly to crush these two groups because fascist, communists states do not tolerate such lawlessness ... unless it serves a purpose. Hmmmm ... maybe they'll keep them around a bit longer and use it as an excuse to hunt down older white conservative men like me. Just saying ...
  19. Correct OP Predictions so far … Day 1: The White House Press Secretary held a press conference to discuss the first day executive orders. Among them … US rejoined the Paris Agreement, reversed the Muslim Travel Ban, stopped building the border wall, stopped Keystone XL, and directed agencies to review racial equity. All predicted. Also ordered non-citizens be included in census (for apportionment of congressional seats), canceled expansion of immigration enforcement, and made sure that actual American history will not be taught. All that in just the first day. Welcome to AmeriKa. Oh yes, note that Michelle Malkin, GateWay Pundit and RSBN Broadcasting were all removed from Twitter ... continuing to purge anyone right of center from social media and blacklisting Trump supporters. All actions approved by the new regime.
  20. This ... ... by the way, to be accurate should be rolled up in the other corner to expose a Communist China flag.
  21. Speaking on fascists and communists ... there are gulags coming folks … https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2021/01/20/john-brennan-biden-nominees-and-appointees-are-moving-in-laser-like-fashion-to-target-and-root-out-political-opposition-including-libertarians/ ************ Former CIA Director John Brennan, the man who weaponized the CIA to target Hillary Clinton’s political opposition, appears on MSNBC to outline the intention of the JoeBama administration to identify political enemies; label them domestic terrorists; and remove them from the population. Amid the groups to be targeted are libertarians. WATCH: ... snip the MSNBC video ... ************
  22. How does putting them all in one post not make it spam? They have nothing to do with the OP topic ad you declared long posts quoting articles as spam because they make people have to scroll past them. Seems to me Scout's 7 posts with pictures are longer than the article in the OP would have been had I quoted it in it's entirety.
  23. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9169607/Clyburn-Bush-called-savior-boosting-Biden.html Bush, Clinton and Biden: Bush and Clyburn: George W. Bush, Jim Clyburn and Bill and Hillary Clinton: It's clear that George W Bush and the Bush Family are nothing but CIA connected stealth democRAT members of the UNIPARTY. Damn Them ALL To Hell for what they've done to this country. And Damn the Republican Party, too. It's DEAD. Because the only way Republicans will now keep someone in the government is by having the UNIPARTY fake votes for them during rigged elections. Don't get me wrong ... they'll do that just to maintain the illusion that there are 2 political parties. But there aren't, and there hasn't been for a long time (at least since 2000). America is now AmeriKa thanks to these people. They are the reason all of us are now going to live in a fascist communist hell. Even you rank and file democRATS. Most of you, thanks to the media, are absolutely clueless about what's happened. And what's going to happen. CURSE YOU TOO.
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