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  1. Yes, tommy, we know you're the kind of troll talked about in these two articles ... 

  2. I guess we'll call this one the tommy and whiteboy comedy thread ... since obviously no one want's to discuss the actual substance of the actual OP. Oh well ...
  3. Is this, XO? https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/330758-wow-if-this-is-true-the-election-is-over/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1062174081
  4. Now, tommy, nobody said anything about the moon landing or shape of the earth. Don't debate like a Truther on top of being a Troll (although Truthers tend to be trolls, too). And yes, what's being said is that the guy in the SEAL video who was shot was not bin Laden. He was a decoy. And as a result of getting fooled by that, Iran was then able to blackmail Obama and Hillary into giving them billions and billions of dollars. And as a result of that, Obama and company found it necessary to ensure that Seal Team 6 did not ever spill the beans. Seriously, tommy, don't you find it inte
  5. Wow! tommy's back just a third of a day and already has 87 posts in this thread alone. teacher must be ecstatic because we all know he thinks it's all about post count.
  6. Blah blah blah. The only *fact* on the table is that on one hand you said Barrett was Pro-Choice but then posted an article indicating she wasn't. Split personality. It might explain why you've been acting so strange of late. Just saying ...
  7. Actually, I'm beginning to think her's is splitting into two personalities. Lately I've noticed a tendency by her to post as if she supports both sides of issues. Just saying ...
  8. Wait! Didn't you and calguy begin this thread with the following exchange, Scout? Scout OP title: "Can I start a special room where only the brighter chatters are permitted entry?" Scout: "Is that possible?" calguy: "Not possible. There would only be a few of us." Scout: "ALL LIBERAL. " That sounds to me like you do want a room with only similar opinions ... all liberal. Or could it be that you're just developing a split personality? You see, I've notice recently a tendency for you to take both sides of an issue. Fo
  9. Don't pretend you don't know. For newbies to this forum, dontlooknow is a sock of tommy (a previous screenname) *one-liner*. 
 He's just TROLLING. 
 Notice his post count? 
 Most of those were one-line posts, hence the surname *one-liner*. 
 At one time or another he's taken just about every position one can take on every issue just to get a reaction ... ... just to stir the pot. That's what trolls do. 
 So it's a waste of time trying to engage him in an honest debate. 
 He's the kind of troll talked about in these two articl
  10. I see you are already planning on violating the rules, tommy.
  11. Question, XO. Did you read the OP article to see their reasoning or just dismiss it out of hand because it came from Townhall? Now be honest.
  12. What were you thinking, teacher? Answer me this ... is the old rule ... 5 new threads in a 24 hours period ... or luciferhammer's new rule ... 5 new threads since 12:01 am each day ... in effect?
  13. Are you a total moron, *Freethinker*? This one thread alone has nearly 2800 posts.
  14. Priceless ... https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/oct/13/joe-biden-says-donald-trump-won-ohio-and-florida-l/
  15. It's called the Liberals Only Room ... unless you're suggesting that only some of the *liberals* on this forum are "brighter chatters", SNOWFLAKE.
  16. Wow! There's even more material coming out ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/15sBJaQSlMaZijJKquAQYvjyD2VIxQSu6/view This is 15 pages of material documenting an exchanges between Ettinger and Parrot dated 2011. First, there's a letter from Parrot to Ettinger regarding 2 DVDs containing materials addressed to VP Biden about the presence of bin Laden and about 100 al-Qaeda member in Iran. The cover letter states Parrot has sent Ettinger only a portion of the proof that the Union for Conservation of Raptors organization “has obtained over th
  17. This is interesting. Apparently, someone has released a portion of the audio (with a transcript) of a phone call from Alan Parrot asking lobbyest and former UNIPARTY Republican politician Curt Weldon and Biden advisor Brian Ettinger why Osama is still alive in Iran in 2010. Here: https://vocaroo.com/17VJXD69hM97 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LFUg4Ejuho7vdFnYNYr_JSz2Pox6-PcN/view During the portion of the call provided, Ettinger basically acknowledges that bin Laden is in Iran and then states “he is being protected by us. We don’t really want to
  18. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/scoop-man-fired-first-shots-behind-kyle-rittenhouse-kenosha-charged/ The police go on to report that when speaking to Ziminski, and his wife who was present at the time, both admitted that he had fired off a “warning shot” into the air. This strengthens the case that Rittenhouse had reason to fear for his life and was acting in self defense when he shot and killed two rioters. A New York Times timeline of events of the shooting states, “while Mr. Rittenhouse is being pursued by the group, an unknow
  19. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/10/13/senators-grassley-and-johnson-demand-300-pages-of-hidden-mccabe-text-messages-fbi-has-refused-production-for-two-years/ There’s some really sketchy stuff going on in that answer. Why would SDNY need to get authorization for a search warrant from DC, if this is about Weiner’s laptop? Yes, you could argue it pertains to a tightly held Clinton investigation run out of DC but the Weiner prosecution issues shouldn’t require approval from DC. But let’s take Comey at face-value…. So there we discover it was justic
  20. Careful there, Golfboy. Money is meaningless to this ^^^^ COWARD. He's so filthy rich (aren't all elite democRATS) that his approximately $80,000 a year Navy pension is just "pocket change" to him. That's EXACTLY what he said.
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