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  1. What attracted me to this forum years ago was that a conservative owned it and, even though it was called a liberal forum, allowed conservatives to speak their mind with as little interference as possible. It made for a good place to debate the left and explore the truth about various issues. But the events of the past few weeks now prove that’s no longer the case. That era is clearly over. @kfools claims to own the site but out of the blue he made a new rule a few weeks ago that only 1 paragraph from any article could be posted. Instead of just accepting that like the rests of you meek members, I argued against the rule, vehemently providing reasons why it was not a good rule …at least in my case. In the end, kfools offered a compromise. He stated that I and I alone would be allowed me to post 1 article a day in it’s entirety sans 1 paragraph. I thanked him for that privilege, foolishly assuming that it was now set in stone. But yesterday I learned from teacher that luciferhammer hid one of the threads I started under that rule. Ok, I thought … he just didn’t get the word. So I showed him the post kfools made to me with the “compromise” and asked nicely that he unhide the thread. He refused. He said he doesn’t care what kfools said … that he’s not going to allow me to do what kfools gave me permission to do. I notified kfools of this and he never even made an appearance or sent a PM. So, I can only conclude that kfools is merely a figurehead now, and that luciferhammer is in complete control of the forum’s operations. It’s luciferhammer who has the final say on rules and their enforcement. Some posters tell me that kfools told everyone that recently. Maybe so, but folks, that means luciferhammer is going to selectively interpret and enforce the rules, as he has done in the past, without oversight. Remember when he unilaterally decided to alter the interpretation of the 5 new threads in 24 hours rule? He decided not to enforce it as it had been enforced for years and as kfools had clearly stated he wanted it enforced. Many of you agreed at that time that luciferhammer was changing the rule … it wasn’t just me. lh got his way. kfools bowed to lh. Groveled at his feet in fact. That was my first warning that things had changed around here. So, maybe I was a little slow on the uptake but clearly luciferhammer, a anti-Tea Party, anti-Gun, anti-Trump leftist, is now the boss of all things around here. And what happens every time a leftist gets in control of a forum like this? Censorship and rule changes that hurt conservatives follow. I’ve seen it happen time and again. And since kfools is just the joker everyone thinks he is … not the conservative he claims to be, that is the future of this forum. And by not even having the courtesy to respond to my protests, kfools has demonstrated to me that he has no integrity, and that’s not a good thing for the owner of a forum. If a conservative poster like me is nothing more than another target of his *jokes*, then it’s time to move on. As luciferhammer just told me, it’s my choice. At least I still have that freedom. But maybe the rest of you won’t, given what coming. Just saying …
  2. Then unless I hear @kfools say otherwise and see my thread unhidden, I won't be posting anything further.
  3. And I'm saying that if the owner has no ability to make his staff abide by an agreement he makes, then I'm gone. If that's the way it is, pretty soon lh will have you speaking Chinese, rippy. And I want no part of that.
  4. @kfools … as you must be aware by now, luciferhammer hid a thread I started under the above agreement. I learned about it because teacher wondered where one of my posts (which he said he liked) had gone: See ... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/22244-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on/page/1171/?tab=comments#comment-1062338316 . lh joined that thread and admitted that he got rid of it. I then showed lh the above post from you and asked that he unhide the thread because it abided by the agreement. He didn't. In fact, he has now explicitly stated that he is not going to follow the agreement. Here: Then in response to SixShooter posting this to me … … lucifershammer wrote So, is it true, @kfools? Are you really not the boss and owner of this forum? Is it really lh who owns it and decides the rules? Has this all been just another of your jokes? If so, I'm out of here.
  5. I did ... and I don't see at all where you covered the issue I raised, lh. Just saying ...
  6. Funny how you didn't think that applied when democRATS were doing it to Trump's administration.
  7. @kfools ... just so you know ... it appears that lh is going to ignore the permission you gave me to post 1 article a day in it's entirety sans 1 paragraph.
  8. So you are saying you are NOT going to resurrect the thread that you deleted. even though it is within the scope of something @kfools said I would be allowed to do? Seems that way since I see no sign of the thread being reinstated.
  9. My prediction is 45 days. That's how long they'll keep Biden around before making CommieLa president. They just can't afford to have him telling everyone the truth now and then.
  10. Then @lucifershammer, I would appreciate your unhiding the thread. I have permission from @kfools to post one complete article (sans 1 paragraph), no matter the length, each day. Here’s proof of that agreement: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/336273-nhb-new-rule-addition/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-1062326825 That was my one article for that day.
  11. Thanks. That is indeed one of the articles I posted under the rule modification that @kfools allowed me. I will contact calguy (assume he's the one who hid it) and see if he'll unhide the thread. If he won't you'll hear from me.
  12. Macronry, there has been a mountain of evidence presented on this forum indicating the election was rigged and that Biden is not a legitimate winner. I'm not about to try to argue all that again with some newbie foreigner who joins the conversation at this late date. And besides, I've accepted that hope is now gone for America. We now will be living in a fascist, communist oligarchy run by the UNIPARTY (there hasn't really been a Republican party for some time). We will be monitored and controlled just like the Communist Chinese. And because of the UNIPARTY's proven ability to rig elections and get away with it due their control of the media, courts, Federal government, most of the big state/city governments and the military, that is very likely to be a permanent state. You will see no more conservatives in control of this country. So congratulations if you're on their side ... you won. But know this ... it's not going to be good for the world or you. There no longer is a Shining City On The Hill where the oppressed can flee and there is no longer a savior for other countries when despots arrive at their doorstep. We are no longer a beacon of freedom or hope and our economy will soon be headed south due to socialist/communist medaling and insane policies. Plus, the new leaders believe in NONSENSE like AGWalarmism which will further cripple ours and the world's economy. We are either effectively a satellite of the Communist China now, controlled by them because of all the inroads they've made (like Biden being blackmailable) ... or if we're not under their thrall but still an adversary, then we will be two large communist states vying for world dominance ... just as the Communist Chinese and the USSR were in the old days, if you're old enough to remember them. And in that case, the threat of war will be much increased. I'm afraid that dark times are ahead that few can imagine. Have a nice day.
  13. You got a point. Besides, did the UNIPARTY really want 25,000 soldiers surrounding them with live ammunition? Hmmmm. I must have missed that happening. You have a link that would remind me what the OP was about? If so, then CalGuy didn't hear that I am now allowed by @kfools to post one entire article a day minus ONE paragraph. Here's the proof: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/336273-nhb-new-rule-addition/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-1062326825 Let me know what the thread was about (I start so many) because if it was hidden I then wouldn't know it, would I? Then I will contact Calguy and get the thread reinstated. Thanks. Glad you liked whatever it was.
  14. That will never happen if what happened to Hillary and Bill, two more criminals they defended, is any guide.
  15. The irony is that I tried to get her expelled from the forum after she revealed she was only 16 and projecting a sweet innocent facade at the time.
  16. There was a big announcement that they were issued live rounds ... because us deplorables were such a threat. The latest is some 10,000 are staying on after the inauguration and some 7000 may be there permanently. Just to make sure the fascist, communist, oligarchy remains in power ... FOREVER.
  17. I bet you that LF's leftists started more threads on Trump not wearing a mask at times than we've started about Biden. Thing is Trump's not the ones being hypocritical when he doesn't wear a mask. That would be you and Biden. And I've a question, Lion, ... if Covid-19 is as serious as you claim, how come the Harris/Biden administration just opened the borders to Mexico and invited them in given that Mexico is one of the most Covid-19 affected countries in the world right now? In fact, the CDC has a do not travel to recommendation to Mexico because of Covid-19. Seems a little inconsistent ... a little hypocritical ... if you ask me. What about you? You ok with that?
  18. Just so you know, Zero wasn't even old enough to vote when she first appeared on the site a few years ago. Said so herself.
  19. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/21/thousands-national-guard-troops-will-remain-duty-capital-inauguration/ Told you. There’s going to be a lot of very unpopular edicts coming The Regime the next few weeks. So I'm sure they'll feel they need protection from Joe (not that Joe because he's just a demented old puppet) Public. Note that the National Guard describes 7000 personnel as being on an “enduring mission” … meaning that they might be needed … FOREVER. Can you say POLICE STATE?
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