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  1. Wow ... almost as good as SHillary's, snowflake.
  2. I do ... after no one was prosecuted for all the crimes committed during the Clinton Presidency and after my eyes were opened regarding Fabian Socialists’ plans and the progress they’d made in achieving those plans the last 100 years. This didn’t just come out of the blue, IO, and it may break the Union unless the left is stomped on hard soon.
  3. No you're not. What you're doing is LYING because everyone (except the braindead) knows that Biden already has serious dementia. ALL the signs are there and even you could not have missed them. So you're LYING, XO. But then that's something you have lots of practice doing.
  4. LOL! Like the communist you are, you try to rewrite history. So XO, who are you REALLY voting for, because it's not Biden. You know full well that he won't be able to perform the duties of office. So who? CommieLa? Or the communists pulling her strings? Obama? Who?
  5. Because of your friends, the Communist Chinese, XO. And your party's complicity with them, XO.
  6. That's why the democRATS and Communist China concocted their plan to wreck the economy using COVID. Because those numbers would have guaranteed Trump's reelection in 2020.
  7. Well NEVER AGAIN, drvoke ... now that we know that it was the UNIPARTY that voted that way. Trump supporters ... that's half the country ... will fight your next Ginsburg to their dying breath from now on. Because we now know (thanks to your demonstration) that there is no negotiating with your side, no working with your side, nor appeasing your side. That part of the Republican Party better be dead or the Republican Party will be dead. If necessary, we'll start a new party ... the Trump Party ... to make sure we don't want to end up a comm
  8. Yep. Besides Respect is EARNED. And in my opinion, RBG did little to earn it. So may she rest in peace ... and let's get the Senate in session ASAP and get a replacement who will be worthy of respect ... ... AND NOT BEHOLDEN TO THE UNIPARTY OR DEEP STATE. Choose wisely President Trump. We're depending on you not to choose another Fabian Socialist, Deep State, UNIPARTY lackey.
  9. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/09/17/email-records-show-democrat-nashville-mayor-hid-covid-19-data-to-intentionally-inflict-economic-hardship-on-bars-and-restaurants/ This totalitarian power grab is a pattern amid blue states and blue regions where Democrats are in charge. The underlying ideology of democrats is based on government control over the lives of people; as a result these revelations only serve to highlight just how severe the ideological manipulation is. The democRAT base deserves everything that happens to t
  10. Scout's growing DESPERATE (like all the leftists around here). And we should all remember that ... Especially if they are COMMUNISTS.
  11. Biden is not someone you can possibly think will occupy the Oval Office for long. Maybe not even a day after being sworn in. And even if he lasts a month or two, we know you know that he won't be making the decisions, *Bill*. So who are you REALLY thinking will make those decisions? Don't weasel out like the COWARD we're all beginning to suspect you are, snowflake.
  12. Yep. Trump shouldn't listen to ANYONE he suspects of being a RINO, Never Trumper or Deep State member who is telling him he'd be smart waiting till after the election to do this.
  13. You're either an idiot, XO or a liar. If the former, then you're as delusional as SC. If the later, then just as dishonest. The verdict as to whether he's as much a communist as you is still out but you're both far, far to the left. No doubt about that. You pretend you're a capitalist and he pretends Hillary, his idol who he tried in vain to make president, is a moderate. Truth is you are both a joke and as time goes by more and more people are going to come to see that.
  14. LOL! An impeachment that most of America now sees a a JOKE by a TDS laden democRAT"ic" House headed by "cray-cray" Nancy. And the impeachment wasn't about Russia, moron. It was about something claimed with regards to the UKRAINE. The truth that you seem unable to accept, like so many truths, moron, is that Mueller's whole effort was shoved to the side during the impeachment. It hardly got a glancing reference in the articles of impeachment. The truth is that you jokers had your chance to impeach Trump for colluding with Russia AND YOU DIDN'T. You didn't even try because even you kn
  15. He certainly is, tunafish. He's a *cray-cray* COWARD.
  16. Yes it was, you moron. Otherwise, President Trump wouldn't now be President. Mueller's investigation would have come back with a finding that you leftists democRATS could used to impeach Trump. He came back with NOTHING. No finding that made even remotely possible. That horse is DEAD, SC. Stop being delusional. I never accused you of voting for Putin. I asked you who you are voting for, given that Biden obvious bad health means he will not be able to fulfill the responsibilities of President from Day 1. He is not going to be a "fine president" unless your de
  17. Even Muellers probe concluded what you claim is nonsense, snowflake. Why do you have so much trouble answering a simple question, SC? Do you imagine that this ruse will put Hillary in the Oval Office? That ship has sailed snowflake. So who are you really supporting here? Who do you REALLY want in the Presidents chair? Is it CommieLa ... and the interests she represents ... or who is pulling her strings? Are you a closet communist? Is that the agenda you're hiding, SC? Because even a
  18. Why the problem answering my question? Why can't you admit that Biden is just a Potemkin? That you're trying to sneak another person (or group) into the Whitehouse. That hiding the real agenda from the democRAT rank and file ... who the media is fooling into thinking Biden is cognitively all right?
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