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  1. The question is who is the traitor (still?) whispering in Trump’s ear? Pence? Hard to believe. But he was involved in getting Flynn fired and current Covid mess with Fauci. Former Chief of Staff Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus? He’s likely deep state and he was in position to recommend all the Executive placements that moved the Mueller Team into control of the DOJ. Might also explain why the RNC was so ineffective during Obama’s Presidency. And he was critical of Trump early in the campaign. Might also explain why Priebus had the shortest tenure of any non-interim White House Chief of Staff in American history. Trump caught on quickly. Priebus may have been caught leaking. Mitch McConnell? He has connections to the Chinese. He helped destroy the Tea Party effort. He’s part of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Gang of Eight (here are the members Adam Schiff , Devin Nunes , Marco Rubio, Mark Warner, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer ) and the only one I’m sure isn’t dirty is Nunes (McCarthy is probably ok). Mitch is a colleague of dirty Dan Coats. He has blocked many of Trump’s wishes. Never rebuked Romney. Let Burr to run amuck. Appointed Rubio. Controls Trumps nominee process. Now letting Senate be positioned to support mail in ballots. Easy to believe he’s deep state but does Trump really trust him? I certainly hope not but it is possible that he did when he first started. Pompeo? He could definitely be deep state. Connections to CIA, Senate Intelligence Committee. House of Representatives. Look who voted for him for CIA Director … Feinstein, Kaine, Klobucher, McCaskil, Schumer, Warner and Warren. Someone in Trump’s family? Remember, Jamie Gorelick was Ivanka Trump’s attorney and ethics advisor (maybe still is). Jared Kushner … who was also represent by Gorelick. And remember, Trump said he trusts Jared. But it’s a real stretch not believe this, however. Bet sundance knows and is Bidening his time.
  2. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/08/08/the-truth-doesnt-care-about-your-feelings-the-big-ugly/#more-197651 Every one of these people ... ... (and many more) should be charged with sedition. And if Barr and Durham won’t do something about this, we may need our guns for the purpose the Founders intended. Just saying …
  3. LOL! You know nothing about my education, GED. Because unlike you I've made no statements about it. And I won't. The less people like you know about me, the better. And do you really think you can convince the members of this forum that I'm a high school dropout? All they have to do is examine my NUMEROUS well written, fact and logic filled posts to have serious doubts about that claim. You, on the other hand, are claiming you got a GED and went to college. There are reasons to doubt that based on your own statements on this forum. For example, you said "I am only semi literate as I dropped out of high school." How exactly does someone who is "only semi literate" get a GED? And there is reason to doubt you have a GED based on claims you made in this thread: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/272496-extortion/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1061390658 Remember? I asked you (https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/272496-extortion/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1061390658 ) how you managed to get into a college engineering program. You answered the "GI Bill". I noted that "The GI Bill is about funding college, not about getting into college if you don't have ... as you say ... the credentials. The GI Bill funding programs require a high school diploma or equivalent. So do you have a GED?" And your response to that question was "I took college courses while I was in the service I was separated with 62 credits. No one cared whether I had a diploma or not. I'm a good test taker." Odd. Rather that claim you had a GED, you said they didn't care whether you "had a diploma or not". Leading me to suspect you didn't have a GED. So I challenged your claim and you responded "Nobody asked. They gave me a math test an English test and admitted me." So it seems you're claiming they broke the rules just for you because the GI Bill's own publications state you MUST have a GED or diploma. Here: https://benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/benefits-summary/Education_Overview_SinglePages_091911_1400_P.pdf "You may be eligible for MGIB-AD benefits while you are on or after you separate from active duty. At a minimum, you must have a high school diploma or GED." So by all means, clear this up for us.
  4. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/08/06/la-mayor-threatens-to-shut-utilities-to-homes-breaking-covid-compliance-rules/ It doesn’t matter if it’s Beverly Hills or not, the issue is nonsense. On the positive side, the more the idiots do this the more they push people into the freedom alliance. The only thing worse than dying is not living. Keep this ridiculous approach up and California might be in play for 2020. Note to CA: Buy a generator, I’ll bring the extension cords and the blender. Party on! And arm yourselves, because as Trump said …
  5. You KNOW you're being dishonest with those photos, SC. You really are a sick puppy. You going to be able to keep it together when Trump wins?
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/facebook-twitter-removes-post-trump-coronavirus-misinformation TIME TO BREAK FACEBOOK AND TWITTER UP. Because the President is just as entitled to express his views as Hillary and Joe Biden. Especially when FACEBOOK and TWITTER have not censored liberals who have made statements about the virus that are just as demonstrably false. The fact is … children ARE far less susceptible to the coronavirus. The data proves that. And they are not as likely to spread the virus if they do contract it. The data proves that. And keeping children out of schools is harming that. Expert after expert has said that to be the case. And who made FaceBook and Twitter the arbiters of truth, anyway. SO BREAK THEM UP.
  7. Give us the name of even one of those people, XO. BET YOU CAN'T. Provide us with an interview tape of them saying what is claimed. BET YOU CAN'T. It was nothing but GOSSIP designed to try and destroy Palin, dutifully reported by MSM talking heads who were democRATS or deep staters.
  8. And yet, again and again, we hear about teachers out protesting without social distancing. For example ... https://www.wtvq.com/2020/06/01/2020-kentucky-teacher-year-arrested-louisville-protest/ Here's a picture of him ... There wasn't a whole lot of social distancing going on at that protest, XO, even if they were wearing masks ... https://spectrumnews1.com/ky/lexington/news/2020/06/01/sunday-may-31-louisville-protest They stood side by side and chanted. Are you saying they don't care about staying alive and well? Are you suggesting that they do want to infect others in the crowd or be infected by others? You see, XO, the hypocrisy of your side on this topic is stunning.
  9. The teachers that need replacing obviously aren't qualified ... so your point is moot. See? Here's ^^^^ the result of a public education. Were telephones banned when Ma Bell was broken up, Lion?
  10. So that standard didn't apply to Palin? Bit of a hypocrite, aren't you, XO.
  11. Here's Biden in 2014, when he supposedly still had all his mental faculties, seemingly referencing "the nation of Africa" ... at a US/Africa summit, no less ... You're right. What a dolt! Of course, maybe he meant to say nations of Africa ... right? Now in Palin's defense, there's no recording of her (video or otherwise) calling Africa a country. NONE. The claim was simply a rumor apparently leaked by a unnamed (what a coincidence) staffer in McCain's (Deep State) campaign (whose staffers reportedly didn't like Sarah, by the way), to MSM outlets (that also didn't like her). What a paper trail. So, without actual hard evidence or a named source, I'm going to guess that the story was just fake news designed to influence the election. Prove me wrong ... because the anonymous source(s) in McCain's campaign never came forward and put his(their) name to the assertion. Governor Palin, however, denied it. So prove this slander, XO. Because without some form of actual proof it is slander. Oh ... by the way ... do you agree with Obama that there are 57 states? He said that, you know. DOLT. Just saying ... dolt seems to be a characteristic of the people you're party runs for President and VP.
  12. You're right. They wouldn't be. They'd just be the front "women" for those behind, pulling their strings. This is what democRATS are voting for if they vote for Biden.
  13. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/aug/5/shots-fired-latest-portland-riot/ I thought the protesters were peaceful and were only violent in reaction to the Federal police? This will only end when they release the
  14. It's going to be Rice because she was part of the coup attempt. Above all else, they have to keep the lid on that should their cheating put them in the WH.
  15. First of all, who said anything about "banning" them? You're the one using that word. What we're suggesting, at least where teacher unions are concerned, is returning to the days BEFORE Fabian Socialist FDR came along and pushed through the 1935 Wagner Act, which allowed labor union to organize and be monopolies. The result of that has been to make government workers and their unions parasites, sucking away the very health of the economy ... which is EXACTLY what the teacher unions are doing. The irony is that FDR opposed "collective bargaining" for government employees. He warned about the dangers of public unions having the right to collective bargain. Perhaps that was the communist in him speaking, forseeing the problems he'd have dealing with government unions having that *right*. But the Fabian socialist in him realized that collective bargaining could be a means to control of government. A source of political power to make further socialization possible. Another way to move the country towards control by socialists. So FDR granted the right of collective bargaining to workers not engaged in Federal employment. But what he really did is open the door to what we now have.
  16. Technically, true, but you're being dishonest Scout because whereas Redoctober wants folks to believe (rightly) that more blacks than not want no reduction in police forces, you want readers to believe that more blacks than not want to see a reduction in the police force. That's the agenda you've been trying to push on this forum. The poll shows, however, that 61% of blacks want the same amount of police presence. The want no reduction. And slightly more blacks want more police presence than want less (20% to 19%). So meme is a lie.
  17. I'm beginning to think she's a racist because over and over and over she makes statements that are racist in nature.
  18. Read what Scout said again, XO. She said "are", not were. She was claiming that was the present tense reality. And note that after I showed Scout she was wrong about recent casualties, she tried the same tactic as you ... claiming black casualties were greater in Vietnam. She wrote ( https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/221644-pedophile-better-than-a-democrat/page/21/?tab=comments#comment-1060113397 ) "Of all enlisted men who died in V'nam, blacks made up 14.1% of the total. This came at a time when they made up 11.0% of the young male population nationwide. If we add officer casualties to enlisted then the black percentage is reduced to 12.5% of all casualties." I pointed out that her source "shows that back in Vietnam there was no great disparity between the racial demographics of our population and that of casualties. 

Not on the order you wanted everyone to believe when you made your original claim." I repeat that to you, XO, since you seem to want to answer for her now that she's hiding behind the ignore filter. Why would I admit that when I've offered sourced proof for everything I've noted about the Fabian Society ... proof that you simply ran from, COWARD. EVERY TIME. In fact, in order to not debate the topic, you outright lied about them, remember? You stated Fabian Socialism "was a program in the UK that ended long, long ago." Here where you did that: https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/228578-why-does-the-communist-party-usa-support-the-democrat-party/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1060310228 . Which I then proved a outright lie (read my response in that thread) ... just like I proved Scout was lying about her statements. Maybe I should reassign the image I settled on for Scout ... ... to you, XO?

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