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  1. Funny thing, Shaman ... you're link doesn't mention Brown or Foster. Wonder why?
  2. BeAChooser

    Apologies to President Trump

    There's nothing crude about that at all. It's a stake directly through the heart of your argument, bludog. And I just want "fairness" in the way we look at these things. Aren't you idiots all about *fairness*? And it is most certainly related to your allegations since it involves the Clintons who were the instigators of this Russian Conspiracy lie to begin with. Also, there is no statute of limitation on murder ... or, I believe, covering up a murder. So this isn't "out-of-date". So if you insist on claiming Barr is hiding something (with no evidence whatsoever to back up that claim), I'll just point out that considerable evidence does suggest the Clintons and DemocRATS have been hiding something too ... for close to 25 years. Just saying ...
  3. Courtesy of Sarah Sanders (I think) ... (enlarge https://media.breitbart.com/media/2019/03/26n.muellermadnessbracket.jpg )
  4. BeAChooser

    Apologies to President Trump

    Hey bludog, there must be something pretty damning in the Vince Foster photos to keep them secret. Especially given that the top investigator for Starr said the photos didn't show what was claimed in the Fiske/Starr reports. Especially given that not one witness who saw the injuries to Foster said they saw what the Fiske/Starr reports claimed. Especially when many witnesses said they saw something quite different than what the Fiske/Starr reports claimed. Also ... there must have been something pretty damning to not do an autopsy (as required by law) on Ron Brown's body. Especially when EVERY forensic pathologists who made a statement said the x-rays and photos suggested a gunshot wound so one should have been done.
  5. BeAChooser

    Apologies to President Trump

    Sedition is ... and I don't think being press protects them from that.
  6. He didn't accuse him of anything either, SC. Even after a 2 year $35 million (they're predicting) fishing expedition. Your side's problem is now Trump is free to do this ...
  7. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/03/25/obama-and-pelosi-rally-the-troops/ And things are about to get even worse ...
  8. BeAChooser

    This is a Test...

    Sorry, XO, but he makes a lot of sense. What part of what he said is wrong?
  9. LF leftist statements regarding Avenatti … slideman - “One smart lawyer.” slideman - “Avenatti is demonstrating to Trump et al what a competent lawyer can do” MeWiseMagic - “Avenatti and Stormy will force Dumb Donald out of the WH before Mueller will!!!” MeWiseMagic - “Mueller and Avenatti are gonna catch him in IMPEACHABLE LIES!!!” RollingRock - “Avenatti is a better attorney than all of Trump's "attorneys" combined.” DemoMan (Isabel) - “Not only is Avenatti a brilliant, relentless and fearless attorney, he is clearly also a master of psychological warfare.” DemoMan - “Mueller andAvenatti are like some top gun crime fighting duo.” laripu - “Michael Avenatti, her lawyer, is intelligent, articulate, and as persistent as a dog chewing on a bone.” Oliver - “Everything thatAvenatti says appears to be based on the truth” Hex2 - “One thing for sureAvenatti is a lot smarter then the Trumpos” bludog - “I like MichaelAvenatti [for president]. His political positions are mostly progressive” LOL!
  10. Like I've been saying ... TDS has driven leftwinger NUTS!
  11. That doesn't involve a gallows or a long time in prison for a bunch of people? Not sure there is one. It's Trump's turn.
  12. https://www.conservativereview.com/news/russian-collusion-hoax-began-continued-ended-hillary-clinton/ Haven’t I said over and over that this was a Clinton plot? But I disagree with the author that it was just shoddy reporting from the MSM that kept the lie alive. It was DELIBERATE reporting. As sundance pointed out in another thread I started, the MSM are very much a participant in the seditious conspiracy to topple Trump. After all, many of them are Clintonistas. So it’s time to not only hold Hillary (and Bill) accountable, but also the mainstream media. Some of them need to go to jail to teach the rest to behave. Or they’ll do it again, thinking there’s no punishment for trying. Just saying …
  13. TDS has caused leftwinger to turn into a total NUT.
  14. Because many of the reps are stealth democrats ... members of the UNIPARTY ... Fabian Socialists.
  15. It won't be total until they AND THE CLINTONS are in jail.