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  1. NO! NO! NO! It's NOT time to "move on", Rep Jordan. It’s time to PROSECUTE all those involved in this attempted coup. Time to prosecute ALL those involved in protecting Hillary and her cabal from their crimes. Time to prosecute Hillary and her cabal for those crimes. Time to prosecute Obama and his staff for there part in all the above. For their part in illegally spying on Americans. Remember, Rep Jordan, in 2001 the GOPe (like Bush and company) said we should move on. Move on from the crimes committed by the Clint Administration back in the 90s. And that included crimes by member of the FBI and DOJ (the beginning of their corruption). And look where that got us! No more "moving on". Do that and you are just as culpable as them. Just as culpable as the criminals in these matters.
  2. Like I've posted to you several times already, splunch ... to the cowardly sound of {crickets} from you ... https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/269848-breaking-nasa-says-climate-change-is-real/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-1061344775 Yes, One Note. NASA NASA NASA NASA. Home of James Hansen and his bogus hockey stick. Here's his magic hockey stick at work on the database, One Note ... Can his/NASA's tampering with the database get any clearer? Here's how much he altered temperatures over the above period from 1880 to 2000. He/NASA not only DOUBLED the warming by altering data, but he hid the warmth prior to 1880. Yet you trust NASA? But it gets worse, One Note. The 2016 version of their data shows a very rapid increase in temperature after the year 1998. Yet satellites showed little warming during that period. There was and is no reason to think the satellite data is incorrect. Satellite measurements agreed with ground based measurements when they first began recording ... ... before NASA and other AGWalarmists altered the ground based data. Ah yes ... NASA ... home of James Hansen and JUNK HOCKEY STICK SCIENCE. Here's more proof of NASA/Hansen's dishonesty ... This (from http://www.climate-skeptic.com/category/temperature-measurement/page/3 ) is data from a temperature measurement station ... this temperature station in Lampassas, Texas. It was part of the USHCN and GISS data base (meaning it was part of the official global warming record). Here's what the station looked like (Anthony Watt went out and took pictures) ... As the link notes, "the temperature instrument is in the white louvred cylindar in the center. This installation is wrong in so many ways: in the middle of a urban heat island, near asphalt, next to a building, near car radiators, near air conditioning unit exhausts. Could we possibly expect this unit to read correctly?" You do see the problem, don't you, One Note? And as pointed out in the link, the USHCN data base says that this station moved there in the year 2000 ... just when the temperatures suddenly went up. But instead of considering the possibility that it had to do with the move, the GISS (NASA) called THIS global warming. You do see the problem here, don't you, One Note? But it gets worse. The link goes on to note that "James Hansen and others at the GISS defend this station and others to the death. In fact, the GISS extrapolates tem[pera]ture trends not only for Lampassas but for hundreds of kilometers around this location from this one station. Hansen has opposed Anthony Watt’s efforts to do a photo-survey of these stations, saying that his sophisticated statistical models can correct for such station biases without even seeing the station." Then the link shows how Hansen adjusted the temperatures at this station to correct for the OBVIOUS siting problems with it. Here was Hanson's adjustment for the temperatures at this station: The link notes: Splunch, you do see the problem here, don't you? Can it be any clearer that NASA AGWscientists have been deliberately tampering with the temperature measurements to ENHANCE AGW claims? Indeed, it was Hansen's manipulation of the GISS database that destroyed his credibility. Here's another example of his (NASA's) fraudulent "adjustments": http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/hansen-busted/ Do you finally see the problem, One Note? Or do you want to keep chanting NASA NASA NASA? Because if you do, here are some more observations about Hansen's/NASA's so-called temperature "adjustments" for heat island effects: http://www.globalwarmingclassroom.info/us_heat_island_error.htm Even Forbes could see the obvious problem with what AGWalarmist temperature measurement gatekeepers have been doing ... http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2012/04/18/more-global-warming-alarmist-games-doctoring-the-temperature-record/ And you wonder why we don't trust NASA now? Seriously? In that case I have a bridge to sell you, snowflake.
  3. That's a false statement. What Japan said is "We are not aware of any information that points to Iran". But there's a lot that Japan is not aware of, merrill.
  4. No, what I think is happening is they're being blackmailed by the DemocRATS using information from the illegal spying effort started by Obama back in 2012.
  5. Oh ... this should be reported. After all, mm is a big stickler about the rules, remember?
  6. For a liberal, it's curious how often mm turns to insults involving gays. Before he disappeared behind the ignore filter, he called me gay. In fact he called me a "gay creeper". Then he boasted he was "straight". I'll say what I said back then. I think he protests to much. Perhaps because he secretly fears he might be gay ... not that that's a bad thing. Even leftist media outlets commented on this phenomena ... http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2012/04/homophobic_maybe_you_re_gay_the_new_york_times_on_a_new_study_of_secret_sexuality_.html Just saying ...
  7. Oh yeah ... sure it works. Do you know that Medicare advocates originally sold the program with the promise that by 1990 it would be costing about 9 billion a year (in 1990 dollars)? In 1990 it was costing 8 times that amount. Do you know what it's current unfunded liability is, COWARD? As I already pointed out, President Obama himself stated that Medicare is threatening to BANKRUPT the US. And you want to expand it? YOU'RE INSANE living in your 0.1%er bubble, mm.
  8. Maybe, but only through lies and deceit on the part of you and the left.
  9. You COWARDLY LIAR. Both are disasters. Obama himself said Medicare threatens to bankrupt the government. And most people contributing to Social Security in the future and over the past few decades will get back LESS at retirement than they contributed. They could have done MUCH BETTER if the money had been simply put in T-Bills with their name on them. I've challenged you bozos a hundred times regarding Social Security and you ALWAYS run the numbers. And you, Mr 0.1%, were one of the first to run, hiding behind the ignore filter and thinking you're something special. What you are is a LYING JOKE.
  10. LIAR. They got free health care. They could walk into any emergency room in the country and get treated for free. What they didn't get is health insurance.
  11. Easy because it's a matter of comparing apples and oranges. Those other countries don't have the disadvantages this one has, COWARD.
  12. You haven't kept us safe from communism, you COWARDLY FOOL. You turned a blind eye to the Fabian Socialists (i.e., communists) in the ranks of the DemocRATic Party. And you are trying your best to elect them. Just saying ...
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