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  1. He may not be a DemocRAT, but DemocRATS are starting to see the writing on the wall. But I think for them to really get it, the wall is going to have to hit them first. Cue in The Big Ugly ...
  2. See? Another one who simply hasn't been paying attention. You're right Golfboy. These people are living in a hermetically sealed (against news) echo chamber.
  3. Can DemocRATS do that? I really don't think so anymore. And right now I'm not sure that Republicans will be willing to do that either. You don't really understand the chasm that has been opened here by this attempt to tamper with the election process. And this has been ongoing for nearly 30 years ... all the way back to Chinagate ... by the same group of people. Until DemocRATS take it upon themselves to really rid their party of these people, none of us are going to believe an offer to put the past behind us. And surely you don't expect Trump to just forgive and forget, do you? I think Trump is about to savage the DemocRATS for what they've tried to do to him, his family, his friends, his businesses, his associates and his supporters. The Big Ugly is coming ...
  4. I believe that is the problem here, Golfboy. CopOut hasn't been paying attention AT ALL to recent news. So he's woefully uninformed.
  5. What I did, snowflake, is show reasons why your claim that Mueller didn't strong arm anyone is OUTRIGHT FALSE.
  6. Cop Out ... and more proof that you don't really want to discuss this honestly. Learn to read. I said the "DNC server" ... you know, the one that John Podesta exposed because his password was "password". Cop Out ... and more proof that you don't really want to discuss this honestly. Cop Out ... and more proof that you don't really want to discuss this honestly. Hahaha... yes, I could. Cop Out ... and more proof that you don't really want to discuss this honestly. That you at heart are a partisan. Not an independent. Fox is just one out of how many MSM outlets? Your answer is just another Cop Out. We might have found your nickname, jrock. But I'm right. Trump hasn't fired Mueller or interfered in his investigation. Mueller has been allowed to proceed in every way that's legal (and some that aren't quite legal). Sure he is. He could end Mueller's investigation tomorrow with a stroke of the pen. But that doesn't mean he can't end Muellers investigation. And were Mueller really on to something, do you think Trump wouldn't take his chances with impeachment? Because my guess is that he'd win that fight too, SNOWFLAKE. That's ABSOLUTELY FALSE, as all the material now being discovered has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Haven't you been paying ANY attention, snowflake. FALSE. That's the problem with this meme you are regurgitating, SNOWFLAKE. It's already collapsed. And now the Big Ugly is coming. He hasn't fired anyone on Mueller's team except for Comey, who clearly deserved it. If others have been fired, they've been fired by others ... again, for good and proven cause. See what I mean about you being partisan? And apparently clueless, but then most DemocRATS are these days. If you think that's what's been going on, you are only proving how utterly uninformed and clueless you choose to be, jrock. Or proving what a dishonest partisan you really are. Because what Trump has revealed is that any "republicans" involved in this coup attempt are not what the base thinks "Republicans" should be. The base voted for Trump. The GOPe are revealed to be either statists or stealth DemocRATS. What Trump has revealed is that the never-Trump GOPe is the handmaiden of the DemocRATS ... a place holder to keep the illusion alive that there were 2 parties, when in fact the purpose of the Republican Pary under modern GOPe leadership was to prevent rollback of DemocRAT gains. What we now know is that these people don't really care about conservative principles ... or the law ... or the Constitution. They'll sacrifice ANY principle to remain in control ... even if the control is under the thumb of socialists in the background. They are just part of a Uni-Party. Which explains things like the Bilderberger Group, to which so many of them belong. That's a group of EXTREMELY influential people that have met every year (in secret ... not even their wives are allowed to attend these meetings) since it’s founding in 1954. Some of it’s US members over the years are … Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Sandy Berger Timothy Geithner Dick Gephardt Henry Kissinger Richard Perle Colin Powell Condolezza Rice George Schultz Paul Volcker George Bush Gerald Ford Tom Daschle John Edwards John Kerry Sam Nunn Lindsey Graham Kathleen Sebelius David Rockefeller (who studied economics at the Fabian Society’s London School of Economics, and then helped found the Bildergergers) Jeff Bezos Bill Gates Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook) Eric Schmidt (CEO and Chairman of Google) William F Buckley, Jr George Stephanopoulos Bill Kristol RIchard Perle George Soros Dianne Feinstein Vernon Jordan Ben Bernanke Bill Richardson In short, all the usual suspects of the GOPe and the DemocRATS. And there is a strong connection between the Bilderbergers and the Fabians. For example, Joseph Retinger (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Józef_Retinger ), one of the Bilderberger Group’s founders, collaborated with the Fabian Society. This is acknowledged on the Bilderberger’s own website which notes that "he enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science (the LSE), where he studied for a year. During this time he came into contact with reformist ideas promoted by the Fabian Society; it was three members of the Fabian Society (Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw) who in 1895 had created the LSE, in order to shape minds in favor of a political model which would be a synthesis between communism and capitalism, between the planned economy and the market economy." You know darn well whose investigation I was talking about. The context made that clear. Your response again just shows that you don't want to honestly discuss this. See? You aren't paying attention to the news, snowflake. I was referring to Concord Management which right now has Mueller over a barrel.
  7. Flynn certainly was, snowflake. They were deliberately bankrupting him. And that's not the only way of strong arming someone. Here, you *might* want to read this before you say another word: http://thefederalist.com/2018/05/21/9-ways-muellers-investigation-epitomizes-legal-system-crisis/ Now how many of those describe Mueller and his gang? Nearly all of them. Just saying ...
  8. Heck, they're a liability behind the scenes now too.
  9. That works both ways, snowflake. Why didn't the DNC allow their server to be examined by the FBI? After all, that is presumably the event that started this whole thing? What were/ARE THEY hiding? And if they have nothing to hide, why have the refused to let even Congress see the documentation surrounding this affair? And I could go on and on and on with questions just like those. And you know it. So if anyone is hiding someone here, it is Hillary, Obama, the DNC and the coup plotters. Oh ... and the MSM, who appear to have been part of the plot. And by the way, Trump has allowed Mueller's investigation to proceed. He has not interfered. Indeed, I'm all for his investigation continuing, since we wouldn't know a lot of what we now know about the coup attempt had it not. Every day it continues we learn something. As I've said, I think Mueller is doing a fine job of destroying the DemocRATic Party. And even some DemocRATS are beginning to agree with me. Also, the longer it continues, the more likely it will be that his own actions will destroy his investigation. How's that Concord matter coming, SNOWFLAKE? Just saying ...
  10. BeAChooser

    Whoa! A Second Mole?

    Remember this? I suppose that applies to moles, too.
  11. Watch this ... So Byron York says Lynch was briefed by Comey in March 2016 that Trump had named his foreign policy advisors to the New York Times. Trump released he names because he was criticized for not being serious in his election bid. This briefing gave Lynch the names of Page and Papapdopulous (remember them?) ... and then those two were approached by Halper. If true, Lynch is in even more trouble than I imagined. Sleep well, Loretta. NOT.
  12. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/21/whoa-michael-caputo-drops-second-trump-campaign-agent-provocateur-bombshell-during-interview/
  13. By the way ... this might make CNN an unindicted co-conspirator. Or perhaps CNN will be indicted? They certainly deserve it.
  14. Drip, drip, drip … it’s ALL going to come out, snowflakes. Your political party is sooooooo screwed. And you can thank Hillary and Obama for THAT. http://thefederalist.com/2018/05/21/breaking-e-mails-show-fbi-brass-discussed-dossier-briefing-details-cnn/ It's coming, snowflakes.