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  1. Obama did pay his respects when Scalia lied in state and Presidents do not usually attend former first lady's funerals , usually the First lady and other living first ladies attend and Michelle Obama attended...... JFK was the exception he attended the funeral of Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. Could be....Trump sues everyone BTW mail-in has been in effect in Washington State since 2005 with 0.004 percent voter fraud......
  3. So you think that the mail-in ballots will have chads ? LMAO .....how quaint
  4. True dat ......but he is trying to use it as an excuse to delay the vote
  5. Trump is the one voicing safety concerns over voting in person......
  6. Nope Trump said it was unsafe to vote in person You do obey him right ?
  7. Trump himself said it was not safe, so logically mail-in is the way to go. Get them extra postal workers hired now to help boost the economy.
  8. And he also admitted that it is unsafe to vote in person, a self defeating comment.
  9. The train is almost off the tracks.....brace for impact trumpista
  10. So you say rightly that businesses take paying taxes into account for their bottom line, then what about when they do that and pay no or very little taxes, the consumer is then paying twice to compensate for their "creative accounting". So, as I said before, in essence who pays the taxes they don't pay ?
  11. Ancient history......we are dealing with the current clusterf&*k.......try to keep up
  12. So you are saying that no businesses pay taxes ?
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