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  1. Congratulations dumbass
  2. Mueller has told him go ahead, you will be facing 10-12 yrs if you do because tax evasion, conspiracy and money laundering charges will follow.
  3. Wow, you are quite the dumbBad word
  4. I won't need to, the Bad wording pedophile lost.
  5. maybe because they know the country is going to shove it down their throats before long so why bother? Why do you idiots want to keep subsidizing so many peoples healthcare instead of raising taxes from them to pay for it? They can pay SS out of every paycheck why can't they pay at lest some of their healthcare? You have shown us that the repubs aren't getting rid of Obamacare and they aren't going to stop the subsidy and they aren't going to cut medicare. You assholes are nothing but hot air and bullshit.
  6. Except that costs are what they are because we don't have a UHC system making all your babble worthless.
  7. I thought you assholes were going to repeal Obamacare, what happened? You have all 3 houses and still can't do it? That's what I call pathetic
  8. This certainly is good news.:)
  9. Don't worry, they are disappearing in Baltimore quickly. The mayor has the right to protect the city so no need to ask anyone, just get rid of them now. I imagine other mayors will do likewise if they are smart. Kinda like one of trumps executive orders except constitutional.
  10. Quit acting like a fucking dumbshit. It is the confederacy stupid. Were those persons involved in the confederacy? And there is no one more responsible than racist shitheads. Dylan Roof caused a spur of them to come down and the fucking jackasses in VA have really gotten the ball rolling. You should thank them.
  11. Probably about as many as there are dumbfucks out there who don't think it should be
  12. And dumbfucks like you load their posts with a bunch of juvenile shit.
  13. Go fuck yourself. Nobody listens to a dumbfuck who uses a painted Obama face as his avatar unless he's a fucking juvenile dumbshit.
  14. Transgender is not a social issue

    The military told the dumbfuck trump that it's business as usual and don't bother listening to his tweets.