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  1. The right to present a opposing view on the Holocaust. I'm not defending what they are saying BUT thier right to believe it. Personally...I do not believe it is healthy teaching kids lies. When I was a kid my dad had a friend who liberated a death camp. My dad told me...Cole Slaw* told him he saw a pile of bodies a story high. * He had a unpronounceable Eastern EURO name.
  2. Everybody needs something in thier life. For some it's bowling or fishing or collecting stamps. And for others...it's going over board on holidays.
  3. Freedom of speech. BUT that is not always a good thing. I wonder if the advocate is a JOO hater ?
  4. You're a hack ! And President Is a billionaire.
  5. drjoke I wanna see the President Trump Pee Tape the satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media talked about so much about...do you know when will it be released ? Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said that "something close" to the long-rumored “pee tape” exists, saying ''it's likely Putin has something on President Trump." A Media Research Center study found at the height of the Trump scandal CNN talked about the non-existent “pee tapes” 77 times in a mere five-day period.
  6. Bill Clinton is in Hospital: Finally…the lying racist POS is dying…Good riddens asshole There is a place in Hell for people like you Lots of ultraliberals already there…like Bubba the Pervert Bubba is as evil a person as ever lived in the White House. I am glad to see we finally might rid of him. NO WAY he deserved that medal. Lets hope for one less Hater in the world Somebody will piss on his grave some day I think that we will see this clearly. Bubba is a rare example of a pervert with a sense of humor. People like Bubba need to be shot.
  7. I read...one of those "personality's" owned stock in the company and that is why he was doing a commercial.
  8. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/education/halloween-parade-cancelled-seattle-school-over-complaints-it-marginalizes
  9. Naked woman walks through Denver Airport asking passengers, ‘Where are you from?’ https://www.yahoo.com/news/naked-woman-walks-denver-airport-200300221.html
  10. Hackafarian...I am from Philly and I knew a lot of Muslims from Africa and they were all hard working fine people. I guess you just can't understand these EURO frustration of these White People taking in Muslims and than they act up because they don't like the culture. ultraliberals don't seem to understand that people are evil. When a guy becomes a cop or a soldier...things like rape aren't still going to happen. I have broke bread with Muslims and I'm not talking those jail house Muslims. (I stay the FK away from them) BTW: They did not like Afro-Americans...in fact in high school they "wared." ‘Muslim Town’: A look inside Philadelphia’s thriving Muslim culture https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/07/21/muslim-town-how-one-american-city-embraced-a-muslim-community-in-decline/
  11. Listen kids if you going to go into a fast food joint and cause a scene watch momma and see how it's done. The suspect entered the McDonalds restaurant on October 2, placed her order and when the food took longer than she expected, she went behind the counter and punched an employee with the metal fry scooper. The assault left a gash on the victim’s forehead. The suspect left with a friend and her now wiser children in a silver Chevy Impala.
  12. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Residents in Philadelphia's Hunting Park section are expressing concerns as rats continue to run rampant in the neighborhood. It's happening on the 3600 block of Germantown Avenue and they say Trump let them loose there to keep people away from the polls. Right next to the lot is a barbershop owned by Deejay Da Singa says right now, we're on their turf. It's more than a problem... it's like a catastrophe," said Da Singa. "How do we bring in people safely if there's going to be rats in the ceilings?" He asked. A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said officials have been in the neighborhood to inspect the rat issue and it is absolutely Trumps fault.
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