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  1. Hey remember the time Bubba Clinton admitted he really did have sex with that woman ..........................................................that was awesome.
  2. wowguy...you're the square that made a out of text statement and can't defend it. You know one thing I notice about you...you do that quite often around here.
  3. And now a quote from Old Mack: The agenda says...when face with irrefutable facts the dedicated must divert, clamor, be repetitious, equivocate or just totally ignore the argument. And now another quote from Old Mack: The agenda says...the dedicate must never admit to being wrong and when all avenues are exhausted; resort to personal attacks.
  4. Show me the actual quote where Bannon admits he helped plot Jan. 6th. If you told me you were going to pull down your pants in church and I said that would be crazy BUT still it be funny. And when you do pull down your pants in church...does that mean I helped you ?
  5. unclick: For once you're right ! (eg) When I'm looking for my keys...she hides them. Than puts that back where I already looked click
  6. Based on what Lab Rat (my squeeze) told me...you're a hack ! No actual quote !
  7. Petito family lawyer sends cease and desist letter to Brian Laundrie's lawyer after a picture of Gabby Petito appeared on his Yelp page https://www.yahoo.com/news/petito-family-lawyer-sends-cease-171036931.html
  8. Gabby Petito's uncle rips the law firm representing Brian Laundrie's family as 'beyond disgusting' https://www.yahoo.com/news/gabby-petitos-uncle-rips-law-152009345.html
  9. You're kidding wowguy...the poster who bust on other peoples sources. Federal Judge Greenlights Nick Sandmann’s Defamation Lawsuit Against the New York Times https://lawandcrime.com/lawsuit/federal-judge-greenlights-nick-sandmanns-defamation-lawsuit-against-the-new-york-times/
  10. Haven't you been around long enough to know she is cyber using you to try and make me cyber jealous ? She can't take that I put her on shun and that is how she always cyber reacts to it.
  11. How about the adult of the house ? Come on drjoke...you gotta know by now when you're being feed BS. Trump was right...the commie news network ratings are going down without him around...look what they are stooping to.
  12. You're kidding ! It's safe to say without fear of contradiction ultraliberals are delusional, detached and in denial.
  13. Them JOOs will run with anything they can...that lift the ratings . Kato would you trim Paris Hilton ?
  14. Missing white woman syndrome is a term used by social scientists and media commentators to refer to the alleged disproportionate media coverage, especially in television, of missing-person cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls compared to the relative lack of attention towards missing women who are not white, women of lower social classes, and missing men or boys. Although the term was coined in the context of missing-person cases, it is sometimes used of coverage of other violent crimes.
  15. I don't know...alot of American troops got killed there % wise. Maybe it was after the second wave besides those guys were probably REMFs.
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