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  1. When I posted at Expecting Rain if you did it you got a time out...if you did it again you got banned. I always wondered why they didn't just make it so you couldn't.
  2. The dog is shot as soon as he / she / it shows any aggressive behavior and the actor is charged with attempted murder. (at least where I grew up)
  3. drjoke...I'm not going to read all that BS BUT how many times have you read me post That story is for people who just read the headlines. (and not just the satanic ultraliberal agenda driven media and their pet parrot bloggers do it)
  4. ultraliberals don't care about facts...only the agenda matters to them.
  5. What...covering the Trump fleeing America in a jet...story ?
  6. The face she made when President Trump said to Congress he was going to pour $$$ into stopping human sex trafficker's. The face she made when she realized she was on camera.
  7. You're kidding. It's like baby stuff...crying over not voting for one of our strongest allies ? This bitch & HO is running out of attention whore stunts...she might have to give zarHO a call.
  8. Snoop Dogg says the only person that has ever "out-smoked" him was Willie Nelson.
  9. Посетители бара в центре Москвы становятся гомосексуалистами после секса с zarHO
  10. Why do ultraliberals care what other people do with thier lives or $$$ ? If someone expresses disdain with killing babies...youse get all worked up. (It's a womans body-FK that clump of cells)
  11. HMMMM The Biden Administration plans to distribute one-time $600 pandemic relief payments to U.S. meatpacking and farm workers, expanding an agriculture aid program that so far mostly has benefited farm owners to also include a low-income, largely immigrant food-chain workforce that’s been hit hard by Covid infections.
  12. Of course the ultraliberals will defend it until someone says it is intrusive to illegals. I can see the day coming when even your home garden will be against the law. Bob Dylan
  13. If convicted, Bahrullah Noori faces a mandatory minimum penalty of 30 years and a maximum of life in federal prison on the charges alleging use of force and a maximum penalty of 15 years on the other two charges. Mohammad Haroon Imaad faces a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted. https://www.yahoo.com/news/two-afghan-evacuees-charged-crimes-021100217.html
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