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  1. Come dano...cut it out ! If these scandals were Bush you'd be setting yourself on fire. Remember the outrage when the Bush administration was intercepting terrorist phone calls without a warrant ! Ultraliberals every where were going crazy ! Like I said...cut it out !
  2. I wonder how he got at a computer in jail...oh wait there he is !
  3. Ultraliberals pop'd blood vessels when they heard that Michelle Obama was heckled. Ultraliberals pop blood vessels whenever they hear that some referred to Michelle Obama as a ‘angry black woman.' Ultraliberals are jealous of the kids who got to go gardening with Michelle Obama. Ultraliberals don't think this was a staged picture.
  4. The ultraliberal agenda driven media is not going to let the first Afro-American president fail...no matter what ! Hi...I'm not a baby, I'm just a lump of ultraliberal cells !
  5. My news is better than your news ! I know you are but what am I ?
  6. Ultraliberals do not use leaf blowers. Ultraliberals do not own fly swatters.
  7. Why are ultraliberals so detached and in denial ? Why are ultraliberals so full of hate and rage ?
  8. Ultraliberals think Medea Benjamin was a National hero when she heckled George Bush. Ultraliberals think Medea Benjamin was a National disgrace when she heckled Barack Obama.
  9. Ultraliberals have anxiety attacks when ever they hear the words “traditional families.” Ultraliberals think the term The IRS is now a Republican racist code word in their on going war against the “black man in the White House" Ultraliberals take advice from sycophants if it’s what they want to hear concerning the agenda.
  10. Come on you know as well as me the answer to that question...ultraliberals and megaultraliberals.
  11. Hiring an artist to paint portraits of Bono and Michael Jordan is just one of the unique ways the Internal Revenue Service spent $49 million on employee conferences over a two year period, according to a just-disclosed audit report. http://washingtonexaminer.com/irs-pays-artist-17k-for-portraits-of-jordan-bono/article/2531122
  12. I can't get the video to play...did it sound anything like this: Testimony from Sue Martinek, president of the Coalition for Life of Iowa, to the House Ways and Means Committee today: “The IRS continued questioning us,” Martinek continued. “On June 22, 2009, IRS Agent Richards sent us additional written requests, as follows: ‘Please explain how all of your activities, including the prayer meetings held outside of Planned Parenthood are considered educational as defined under 501©(3).” She added: “Organizations exempt under 501©(3) may present opinions with scientific or medical facts. Please explain in detail the activities at the prayer meetings. Also, please provide the percentage of time your organization spends on prayer groups as compared with the other activities of the organization. Please explain in detail the signs that are being held up outside of Planned Parenthood and explain how they are considered educational.’ The ultraliberal agenda driven media is not going to let the first Afro-American President fail, not matter what he does !
  13. Ultraliberals think there is nothing wrong with fake alarmist messages directed at African-American voters. Ultraliberals collect Paul Krugman memorabilia. Ultraliberals really believe Obama when he says the war on terror is over and al-Qaeda is on the run.
  14. I use to go a Bob Dylan message board where this post would have been removed and earned you a banning by the partisan ultraliberal moderator. Well at least if you were on the right ! This place is message board heaven compared to there...I once got a warning for reposting two ultraliberals post expressing a desire to physically harm me solely based on my opinions...figure that one out. Here's a sample of the moderation : Lately the Off Topics forum has become littered with useless threads. We all know what I'm talking about. Surely we have better things to contribute than what's been posted here lately and, as such, we will be locking them. If you aren't familiar with the part of the Terms of Use that covers this, please re-read them. A portion of them read, "Topics should have a purpose". If you would like to contact me about this, please PM me with your thoughts. Otherwise, any comments about this action on the boards will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation.
  15. The ultraliberal agenda driven media is claiming Republicans Fuming Over Chris Christie's Decision to have a special election, instead of appointing another Republican to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg but they have no hard data to support their claims and depend on their imagination as the source of information. Yeah, I can hear Keith Olbermann now...The brilliant rookie scores after returning the kick almost the length of the field. Speaking of scoring...did I mention he supports same sex marriage or the fact he almost didn't make it to college because of George Bush's cut backs in scholarship funding so he could give tax brakes to his rich buddies.
  16. Ultraliberals what their 10 year daughters to learn about anal sex from the Government. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/03/Obama-Administration-10-Year-Olds-Ready-For-Sex Ultraliberals hope Keith Olbermann never gets another show because he said Eric Holder should resign.
  17. heck guy...your having a problem accepting reality and acting in typical ultraliberal fashion ! You should be on MSNBC as a guest commentator...maybe even have your own show. BTW: If someone did this to you and you were carrying a gun, what would you do ?
  18. Barack Obama could get caught getting a car date from a minor White House intern and the ultraliberals would blame the REPUBs... saying he was set up and forced into it. And in their minds they would really believe it !
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