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  1. Yo Chuck, If your going up I-75 to get to Knoxville...stop by and see me. I live 10 minutes from the Interstate. I'll throw some chicken and such on the grill !

  2. I just humored them and string them along. They can say whatever they want...like wish cancer on my mom. It doesn't mean a thing...it just proves how shallow they are.

  3. They will get tired of bothering you...if they don't get a rise. I've been at this stuff for 10+ years now (since I don't work) I have been bothered (tryed to at least) by plenty of ultraliberals in the past because of political stance.

  4. My advice to you is don't take any advice BUT if your going to...just ignore the guy; unless you enjoy getting into dumb stuff with nuts on the WWW. And if your going to respond to anyone else...just keep incorparating into your responce...I'm being stalked.

  5. PopUp...youdidn't handle that well. First rule of dealing with nuts / harassment on the WWW is never let them see you sweet.

    The first rule of a amush is...if the enemy is in your range your in theirs. You should have did like the politicans and just hammered away that your being stalked.

  6. They had a seperate section for politics and still the censorship was unreal. As a advocate of freedom of expression I couldn't take it. I think your post are pretty objective and I'm not just saying that because you don't shun me.

  7. RE: Idiot Mods

    People around here don't know how good they have it. I asked to be banned at another site because the ultraliberal MOD arbitrarily enforced the rules and removed any conservative post she deemed politically unfit based on her agenda.

  8. I have a 1982 FXE and it is a real head turner. I'm trying to sell it by word of mouth. It's not legal now but I think I might get it on the road just for a ride or two more...before it gets cold.

  9. My bike has basiclly been sitting for a long time. I just spent about $800 to get it back up and legal and when I took it out for a spin...I found out the thrill was gone. Moving down here in The Sticks has something to do with.

  10. Thanks for the bump ! But really I wanted to say I like your picture. That is a whole lot of motorcycle. I have a 'Old School Shovel' !!!

  11. Tho I served in peace time, I was stationed in a really dangerous place...MDW ! (Military District of Washington-did 2 years in DC)

  12. What was your MOS ? I was a 64C10...Land Transportation Operator. Thats the Army's way of saying 'a driver' !

  13. Sounds like you were pretty busy over there.

  14. Tho I served in the Army durning the 80's, I know what LBJ was.

  15. Spirit were you the one that said he wanted to move to Tennessee ?

  16. The ultraliberals are so easy because they take themselves so seriously. My screen name at other sites use to be Mack The Finger (from Highway61) than I had a milestone birthday.

  17. Thanks for your post...I just try and have a little fun and not take things to serious.

  18. Thanks...just trying to have a little fun, try not to take things to seriously !

  19. Welcome aboard ! if you don't already know...there is no PMing here !

  20. Ko King I moved from Philadelphia to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mts in Tennessee and it is great here.

  21. I wish they had PM arround here !

  22. Tiger...they make those Hitler videos all the time. I came across that at some rightwing website I look at. I take them all with a grain of salt. http://weaselzippers.us/ http://newsbusters.org/blogs


  23. YO...I live in East Tennessee now of days but I'm originally from Philly. Years ago I went to Memphis in May and really had a good time. (except it was to crowded)

  24. I'm doing fair...thats in between good and bad ! I wish you could PM arround this place...but I really can't complain, this place is great as far as censorship is concern. Unlike alot of other message boards where the MODS agenda rules the airwaves ! 64C10 !

  25. I wish I could figure this place out !

    [#10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system.

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